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Tropical Storm Maria's run is nearly done, hurricane center says


NASA's Aqua satellite and NOAA's GOES satellite provided different views of Hurricane Lee that showed the storm was being adversely affected by wind shear and is not as strong and organized as it was earlier in the week. An acceleration toward the northeast is forecast to continue through Saturday. Maria - now a tropical storm - is on track towards the United Kingdom, according to the latest map from the NOAA's NHC. Read More »

Mexico Earthquake: Over 240 dead, frantic search for survivors continues


Mexico City's emergency crews now desperately pick through rubble to get to any survivors trapped in any of the 44 buildings that collapsed in the quake. Volunteers worked throughout the night to rescue as many people as possible. Rescuers are continuing to search for survivors with footage from the capital Mexico City showing volunteers joining the effort . Read More »

S Korea says 'more provocation' expected of North soon


There is no doubt that North Korea's missile tests are concerning. In his speech Thursday, Mr. Moon said his government was accelerating work on three military programs: a pre-emptive strike system known as "Kill Chain" that would target North Korean missile sites; an air and missile defense system; and a program created to launch devastating strikes against North Korea's military and political leadership should it start a war. Read More »

Saudi women rejoice at end of driving ban


It is believed that beyond the effects it could have on Saudi Arabia's image overseas, letting women drive could help the Saudi economy. King Salman issued the decree last Tuesday, according to a royal court statement carried by the Saudi Press Agency (SPA). Read More »

Trump to visit five Asian countries in November

The trip is scheduled from 3-14 November and the president will be joined by his wife, Melania. Asian leaders who met Trump at the United Nations General Assembly in NY last week persuaded him to attend in unity with key Asian allies, a U.S. Read More »

North Korea seen moving missiles from development center


The threat is now at increased attention of the media and governments across the globe due to persistent testing of nuclear missiles under the command of North Korea's leader Kim Jong-un. Professor Hultquist reminded us of the importance of understanding what is going on with North Korea crisis. "If the worldwide community can unite and pretend there's going to be a real war, there is a chance that North Korea will freeze its nuclear tests ", Wang Peng, research fellow at Fudan ... Read More »

Retired Assam soldier asked to prove citizenship


He said that before joining the Indian Army police verification is mandatory, which was done in his case as well. "After 30 years of service I have to face such insult", told retired soldier Mohd Azmal Haque talking to NDTV . It may be mentioned that in the month of June, Assam police constable Abu Taher Ahmed received a letter from the Foreigners' Tribunal asking him to prove his Indian citizenship. Read More »

Donald Trump to visit five Asian countries


During the trip, president will participate in a series of bilateral, multilateral and cultural engagements- including the Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation summit in Vietnam and the Association of Southeast Asian Nations summit in Manila, the Philippine. Read More »

Police officer injured in attack near Commonwealth Stadium


The vehicle had a ISIS flag inside the windshield from unconfirmed reports . A police officer was in his auto when it was rammed by a van on 107A Avenue, around 11pm local time. A heavy police presence covered Edmonton's inner city after the incident. Then, just before midnight, a UHaul was pulled over at a Checkstop on Wayne Gretzky Drive and 112 Avenue - an officer checking the driver's licence recognized the name, and the UHaul fled the scene. Read More »

Donald Trump to confront North Korea issue on first trip to Asia


Trump is also expected to discuss trade and economic ties to the region and will attend the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation summit in Vietnam and the Association of Southeast Asian Nations summit in the Philippines. VIDEO: At the UN General Assembly, Donald Trump warned that the U.S. will be forced to "totally destroy" North Korea unless Pyongyang backs down from its nuclear challenge, mocking North Korean leader Kim Jong Un as a "rocket man" on a suicide mission. Read More »

Here's 15 of the best signs from yesterday's March for Choice 2017


With cries of "my body, my choice" thousands of demonstrators marched on Saturday afternoon to Dublin for the 6th annual walk organised by the supporters of the right to abortion. The Pro Life Campaign is holding awareness events at 21 locations nationwide today to warn against a relaxation of the current law. Abortion is now illegal in the Republic of Ireland, except in cases where the mother's life is in danger. Read More »

Rex Tillerson in China for top-level talks on North Korea

Tillerson, meanwhile, has been more cautious on North Korea and has said on repeated occasions the United States does "not seek the collapse of the regime". This report claims that citizens in North Korea sought to become a member of the army to defend socialism and the leader and crush the imperialists from the USA who run amuck to destroy the Democratic People's Republic of Korea. Read More »

Trump to skip India in Asia tour, but could meet Modi

Political science professor David Faris said North Korea has been back to their nuclear weapons development program since the Agreed Framework (a deal between the us and North Korea signed in 1994 to interrupt North Korean engagement in the development of nukes) was broken by the Bush administration in 2002. Read More »

Ruth Davidson warns of Brexit 'over-optimism'


Attempting to shift the focus from Brexit to a good news domestic agenda, Mrs May announced that tuition fees will be frozen at the current £9,250 level until 2019, rather than increase with inflation by £250. The comments came as the Observer reported that Communities Secretary Sajid Javid declined to reply when asked if Mrs May should lead the Tories into the next election. Read More »

New Haven community raises money for Puerto Rico


He says the hurricane "totally destroyed" Puerto Rico and that "the military and first responders, despite no electric, roads, phones etc., have done an fantastic job". Telecommunications are back for about 30 percent of the island, almost half of the supermarkets have reopened at least for reduced hours and about 60 percent of the gas stations are pumping. Read More »

Hurricane islanders want us to do everything for them, claims Donald Trump

He said his agency has a list of about 40 drugs that it's concerned could be in short supply, 13 of which are made only in Puerto Rico . Trump has pledged to spare no effort to help Puerto Rico recover from Maria's ruinous aftermath, and tweeted that military personnel and first responders have done "an unbelievable job", despite having "no electric, roads, phones etc". Read More »

Puerto Rico angry at Trump official 'good news story' remark


Duke on Friday afternoon added to her assessment earlier in the week, saying that while she is "proud" of the federal response to the destruction on the island , the situation on the ground is still "not satisfactory". Ricardo Rossello announced his government will buy cargo containers from private companies if necessary to make sure goods are distributed. Broadway star Lin-Manuel Miranda straight up told Trump to go to hell while saying he's been "GOLFING". Read More »

President Trump Advocates Tax Plan For American Manufacturing


An alternative minimum tax repeal would be very welcome to many , whereas the repeal of the state and local tax deduction would hit folks in this demographic hard. In 2018, all income groups would see their average taxes fall, but some taxpayers in each group would face tax increases , it found. The response to this change, which took effect in 2013, was quick and large. Read More »

Monroe coach says he won't stop students from taking a knee

Some even accused National Football League players and owners of only acting out in the fear of losing money. Time will tell if players who planned to take a knee before chose to instead heed the president's advice. "I don't mind locking the arms at all". In fact, don't take my word for it, let's take a look at the often overlooked, never sung last paragraph of the lyrics of our nation's anthem, "O thus be it ever, when freemen shall stand Between their loved homes and the war's desolation". Read More »

Alabama primary runoff shows Trump's base had a different idea


Trump allies argue that McConnell has more at stake in Alabama than the president. He loses. What happened here? The Republican Party is experiencing a nationalist revolt, as Bannon says. Jones told on Tuesday that he believes he will win. "One thing's for sure", said a Jewish organizational activist, "they made clear they have real political power". Read More »

Australia warned to prepare for nuclear attack from Kim Jong


The US has communicated directly with North Korea at times through its mission to the United Nations - known as the " New York Channel". North Korea's Romeo-class sub, seen in this photo of Kim Jong Un released in 2014, are part of Pyongyang's fleet of 80 submarines, a South Korean analyst says. Read More »

Illinois National Guard sending more help for hurricane relief in Caribbean


While that measure might help speed cargo shipments, Puerto Rico is struggling to move supplies around the island once they arrive. The storm killed more than 30 people across the Caribbean, including at least 16 in Puerto Rico. The government's response had been "shamefully slow and undersized and should be vastly upgraded and increased", he told the Senate. "The Baker-Polito Administration is committed to meeting the needs of disaster survivors who seek temporary or permanent ... Read More »

Baxter Springs Burn Victim Dies in Hospital and Injures 3 Officers


Sheriff David Groves says the suspect broke into the home of 65-year-old Sharon Horn at 1007 W.11th Street in Baxter Springs just before 1:30 a.m and was physically assaulting her. When two police officers arrived, he threw fuel on them and Horn, setting all three on fire. The Cherokee Sheriff's Office, which is investigating the incident, reported that a third officer arrived on scene and also suffered injuries. Read More »

Baylor trails Kansas State 20-3 at halftime


Baylor coach Matt Rhule reveres Kansas State coach Bill Snyder. Baylor's sophomore cornerback Marques Jones recovered the fumble, giving the Bears the ball back on the Wildcats' 14-yard-line. Ertz completed 7 of 17 passes for 119 yards and an additional score with Isaiah Zuber catching the touchdown pass. Zuber caught four passes for 79 yards. Read More »

In hurricane-hit Puerto Rico, a stunning silence


Cruz's comments came after Acting Secretary of Homeland Security Elaine Duke told reporters at the White House on Thursday that the administration's response so far "is a good-news story in terms of our ability to reach people". " We are dying and you are killing us with the inefficiency". What the Congress has done, what the president of the United States has done, what the judicial system has done, is they have unveiled to everyone, the worldwide community and everyone in Puerto Rico, ... Read More »

Jamal Bryant Explains Why He's Calling on Americans to Support Colin Kaepernick


He went on to say that the whole National Football League felt called out by President Trump. "I think he gave us an opportunity to make something positive come out of it", Reid said . "I have not heard one soundbite of a player being anti-military, of a player outwardly attacking the fundamentals of what this country is supposed to be", he said . Read More »

No. 15 Oklahoma State escapes with 41-34 win over Texas Tech


After the teams exchanged field goals, Texas Tech drove 70 yards for a touchdown, scoring on a 1-yard run by Justin Stockton to cut the margin to 34-27 with 14:53 left in the game. As the statistics showed, the Cowboys offense was the story early on. Oklahoma State took a lot of those big, downfield plays away. OSU made a return to the end zone again as Rudolph threw in another touchdown. Read More »

Vettel will come back stronger, says Hamilton


But the Malaysian government said in April that this year's race - which takes place on Sunday - would be the last. "I don't remember the last time he has faltered under pressure, so I don't know how he will react and if he feels pressure". Read More »

Trump races to catch up as Puerto Rico crisis escalates


That means global shipments of aid to Puerto Rico either have to pay heavy tariffs or reroute them onto a USA ship at a different port - which costs valuable time and money. Trump also noted his plans to visit Puerto Rico on Tuesday. "We will not rest, however, until the people of Puerto Rico are safe", he added . Read More »

All foreign flights to Iraq Kurd capital to stop Friday


The United Nations Security Council had warned Kurdish authorities against holding the plebiscite. However, after Erdogan said that Iraqi Kurds would go hungry if Ankara halted the cross-border flow of trucks and oil, it has said that any measures it took would not target civilians and instead focus on those who organised the referendum . Read More »

Tory poll shows Davidson just behind Boris in leadership stakes


Yes, absolutely. Do I want the delay to go on longer than two years? On Friday, he praised a speech by May in which she set out her plan for a roughly two-year transition period after Brexit . Number 10 - rather like the Labour leadership - want to keep Brexit off the agenda at party conference, and instead focus on domestic issues. Mr Johnson said the minimum wage - at £7.50 an hour rising to £9 in 2020 - was "not enough". Read More »

Rutgers battles its flaws in No. 11 Ohio State at home


While the results are not where Ash or Rutgers fans would like them to be, Ash's former boss at Ohio State was effusive in his praise of his former assistant in his press conference on September 25. Ohio State beat Rutgers 58-0 last season and the Buckeyes are 3-0 all time against the Scarlet Knights. Rutgers intercepted Nebraska's Tanner Lee twice in their game last week. Read More »