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Bangladesh improves in Global Competitiveness Index


The WEF noted that South Korea was one of the few advanced countries that showed a continuing decline in the rankings over the past decades and that there was a clear imbalance between the 12 sectors. The report said the UAE improved its absolute assessment and continues to lead the Arab World in terms of competitiveness, but it lost one place on a year ago as other countries post even larger gains. Read More »

Malaysia bans citizens from travelling to North Korea


An envoy from the North Korean Embassy in Kuala Lumpur met with officials of the Malaysian squad recently, pledging to protect players and officials at the upcoming match, which has been postponed twice so far this year due to the killing of Kim Jong Nam . Read More »

US Senate opposition to Obamacare repeal bill grows


The Graham-Cassidy healthcare bill proposed by Senator Lindsay Graham, a Republican from SC and Bill Cassidy , a Republican from Louisiana, is the latest Republican attempt to repeal and replace Obamacare. And she says she's undecided, too, in part because of the Medicaid cuts. GOP leaders revised the measure several times, adding money late Sunday for Alaska, Arizona, Maine, Kentucky and Texas in a clear pitch for Republican holdouts. Read More »

Toddler shoots two other children at MI day care


Nearly 1,300 children die by gunshot wounds in the United States every year. Dearborn Police Chief Ronald Haddad stated, "This is a catastrophe that influences the whole group and we wish the best for the casualties included". Her sister was not licensed to operate a daycare, but babysat the children of family and friends at the home, Escobedo said. Ms Escobedo told WXYZ Detroit her sister's own children range in age from two to 15 and insisted Mrs Eubanks hates guns. Read More »

9 local schools win coveted National Blue Ribbon honor


The process to earn the designation started five years ago when the Texas Education Agency informed the Los Fresnos school district that Rancho Verde was in the running for the award, school district officials said. The recognition is based on the school's overall academic performance, and according to records provided, is the first time a Hampshire County School has won the award. Read More »

Shah Rukh, Akshay great hosts: Salman Khan


Instead of charging for a whole season, Salman Khan host the Bigg Boss show on the basis of per episode. He has also got an incredible comic timing and is quite witty. I get learn a lot form the show I get to learn how to react sometimes and how not to react. In 2016, it was Celebs & commoners, and now Bigg Boss 11 has a concept of Love thy neighbour. Read More »

South Korea expects more provocative acts by North Korea in mid-October

The DPRK foreign minister also said that the DPRK reserved the right to take countermeasures, including shooting down U.S. bombers even if they are not in its air space. declared war on our country, we will have every right to take countermeasures, including the right to shoot down USA strategic bombers even when they are not inside the airspace border of our country", Ri said. Read More »

Sending our love to the lovely island of Puerto Rico


Barea to fly to his hometown in Puerto Rico to deliver supplies. Puerto Rico had pressed the U.S. to lift the act, which limits shipping between coasts to US-flagged vessels. Of the island's 69 hospitals, only 11 have fuel and power. "We are American citizens too", Anthony said. San Juan's mayor, Carmen Yulín Cruz, told ABC News on Tuesday that FEMA officials in Puerto Rico are doing a good job. Read More »

China Limits Oil Exports to and Textile Imports from N. Korea


The Chinese commerce ministry has chose to ban shipments for the rest of the year when it is alerted that oil exports to North Korea have neared the ceiling advised in the resolution. "However, confrontation between the two is likely to occur". President Donald Trump has put China at the forefront of US efforts to rein in North Korea's nuclear program. Read More »

ISIS leader 'killed' by Russian Federation resurfaces in audio recording


Baghdadi added in his speech that America, Europe and Russian Federation are "living in a state of terror fearing the strikes" of what he called "mujahideen". He also called on IS followers across the world to continue their jihad and urged Syria's Sunni Muslim majority not to accept the rule of the country's minority Alawites, whose faith is a branch of Shiite Islam. Read More »

Trump says supplies streaming into storm-tossed Puerto Rico

The Jones Act requires that all goods shipped between US ports be carried by ships built by Americans and operated by Americans. President Donald Trump's administration has so far not granted his request. One constraint that officials anxious would really start to bite as the recovery stretches on is an almost-century-old USA law meant to support a robust domestic shipping industry, known as the Jones Act. Read More »

U.S. stands ready to use devastating force against North Korea, says Trump


Trump went onto say that North Korean leader Kim Jong-un is "acting very badly", adding, "And we're replying to those things ..." "If we intervene and the Chinese run into our people and if we run into their people, what are we going to do?" defence researcher Bruce Bennett at Rand Corp, who wrote a 342-page report in 2013 on policy recommendations in case North Korea collapses, said by phone. Read More »

China takes issue with Japan over N. Korea; calls Abe 'belligerent'


While McMaster said the threat from Pyongyang is "much further advanced" than anticipated and the Pentagon said the president has a "deep arsenal" to draw upon if needed, USA officials dismissed North Korean Foreign Minister Ri Yong Ho's comment that President Donald Trump's warnings to Pyongyang at the United Nations amounted to a declaration of war. Read More »

LAPD officer arrested after fiery freeway crash


Tuesday just north of Washington Boulevard when his sports vehicle struck a 2014 Nissan and a 2010 Scion from behind. The Nissan burst into flames on impact, leaving its three occupants - believed to be a teenager and his parents - trapped inside. Read More »

Emmanuel Macron lays out dream of closer ties for European Union nations


He portrayed Europe as needing to relaunch itself after almost a decade of stalled economic growth, a migration crisis and tensions between east and west. Her reserved tone may unsettle Macron, 39, who since his own election victory in May has spoken of working with Merkel, 63, on a fundamental overhaul of the European Union, including the possibility of creating a eurozone budget, a eurozone finance minister and a preemptive fund to help countries in trouble. Read More »

US Ambassador Friedman: Israel 'only occupying 2% of the West Bank'


Reporting on the developments in several Palestinian villages northwest of Jerusalem , which have come under the wrath of the Israeli military following the killing of three security men outside an illegal West Bank settlement, the papers said Israel is in the process of demolishing homes and water wells under the pretext of being built without permit in clear reprisal action and collective punishment for the attack by a local resident. Read More »

Modi greets nation on Durga Ashtami


Similarly, people throng the various goddess temples throughout the country today to offer worships, sacrificing goats, ducks and roosters. "May the blessings of Maa Durga bring joy, peace in our society and remove all forms of injustice", Modi tweeted. Read More »

Celebrate National Coffee Day Friday with a free drink


At participating Krispy Kreme shops in the United States and Canada, java queens can order any sized hot brewed or a small iced premium blend coffee at no cost. No coupon will be needed to redeem the second offer. Also, there are coupons for a free medium McCafé with any purchase in the McDonald's smartphone app . Read More »

Trump tweet: McCain has taken 'complete turn' on repeal and replace


The sources said Trump mentioned McCain's "thumbs down" vote but did not physically mock his gesture. "A few of the many clips of John McCain talking about Repealing & Replacing O'Care", the president captioned the tweet. White House Director of Legislative Affairs Marc Short said Sunday on NBC's Meet The Press that the administration is not put off by the setbacks and is still planning to push for a vote on Cassidy-Graham this week, with a target date of Wednesday. Read More »

Supreme Court to hear Pennsylvania rental vehicle search case


The latest appeal is from a state employee in IL. The Supreme Court has agreed to take a case about the rights of someone driving a rental vehicle not in his or her name. Gorsuch was confirmed on April 7. Public employees who do not belong to the union can not be required to pay fees the union would use for political activity like lobbying or union organizing. Read More »

Accused NSA leaker told feds she smuggled docs in pantyhose


Solari said investigators had learned victor inserted a portable hard drive in a top-secret Air Force computer before she left the military a year ago. But she insisted she dropped the report in a bin used for papers that were to be destroyed. "Folded in half in my pantyhose", victor responded, adding she "wasn't trying to be a Snowden or anything". Read More »

Scalise: Doctors did a 'phenomenal job of rebuilding'


I mean, there were, there was a lot of damage inside that had to get fixed". Scalise, the House majority whip, was critically injured when a gunman, identified as James T. Among them: the iliac blood vessels that include major arteries branching off from the aorta - the main route that carries blood to the body. Scalise underwent surgery that day as the bullet traveled across his pelvis and injured internal organs. Read More »

European countries 'fail to meet refugee resettlement quotas'


After German Chancellor Angela Merkel was punished by voters for her liberal refugee policy and amid growing fear of cross-border terrorism and the rise of the far-right across Europe, many leaders are looking for ways to limit the free movement between European Union nations enshrined in the Schengen Agreement. Read More »

Korea shows off key weapons in Armed Forces Day event


Defense officials at the highest levels of South Korea's government told Yonhap News on Wednesday that the USA would deploy "strategic assets" to the peninsula amid tensions with North Korea. "North Korea should be pressured through South Korea-US cooperation, but room for dialogue must be left open", Moon was quoted as saying by parties' officials. Read More »

W/Cup : HRW battle Qatar over heat related deaths


In a statement, the Supreme Committee for Legacy and Development said it was still trying to improve how it assesses heat-stress risk and has been consulting with worldwide experts, including HRW, on how to do so. "To date there have been two work-related fatalities and nine non-work related deaths of workers engaged on our projects". The SC explained that it does not have the authority or mandate to determine cause of death, which is reflected in death certificates issued by the medical ... Read More »

IN man arrested in Colorado could be tied to Delphi killings


A man arrested near Colorado Springs could be involved in a double murder case in IN in February that captured the world's attention. A man arrested in Colorado this week has authorities in IN investigating a possible link to the disappearance and murders of two teen girls last February. Read More »

FBI Director Answers Questions About The Flathead Valley Cyber Threats


Two weeks ago, the Columbia Falls School district received cyber-threats promising harm and demanding ransom. He added that drones have become more of a threat very recently. Daines: "So I understand it's an active investigation and you're limited in finding details however looking back at the big picture, what is the F.B.I. Read More »

Trump's Tax Plan Blueprint, Explained

Trump's plan would also increase the child tax credit , something his daughter and White House adviser Ivanka Trump has pushed for . Currently, the lowest tax bracket is at 10 percent. That's because of the personal exemption and standard deduction standards now in place. Rates are too high. " Some actually encourage companies to ship American jobs overseas". Read More »

LBC host ROASTS Jeremy Corbyn for 'STINKER' leader's speech at Labour conference


It basically consisted of all of these different things: Tories bad, Tories useless, Labour good, government-in-waiting, hit the rich, media bad, big companies bad. We have a leadership contest which is being conducted in a comradely way - that's how it started and that's how it should continue. He has not backed either candidate publicly, insisting that as interim leader he "remained neutral" in the contest to replace Ms Dugdale. Read More »

Korean stocks open lower on US-N. Korea tension


South Korea says it worries that North Korea would take more "provocative action" in the Korean Peninsula region next month, when the anniversary of the establishment of its communist party arrives. There would be 2,811 fatalities in the initial volley and 64,000 people could be killed that first day, the majority of them in the first three hours, he wrote. Read More »

PTI, MQM agree on electing new opposition leader in NA


The PTI has launched a drive recently to dethrone the incumbent Opposition Leader Khursheed Shah and got its man elected in his place. The PPP Chairman said that powers of the Parliament to appoint Chief Election Commissioner, Chairman NAB and caretaker government can not be altered at any individual or groups wishes or whims. Read More »

United States takes tough stand on trade deficit in NAFTA talks


In Mexico, Trudeau is expected to meet President Enrique Peña Nieto, while in Washington D.C. he must meet with USA officials, according to a report from CBC News. Negotiators said they had wrapped up one chapter on small and medium-sized enterprises in Ottawa and expected to finish another on competition before the next round. Read More »

Cruz, GOP colleagues back away from Obamacare repeal bill

Senate Minority Leader Charles Schumer was careful not to appear too exultant as Democrats chalked up another victory when Senate Republicans on Tuesday canceled a vote on the measure proposed by Republican Sens. Senator Paul voiced his opposition to the new Bill for an altogether different reason, saying it did not go far enough in repealing Obamacare. Republicans had until Saturday to gather the 51 votes they need to pass the legislation before a rule allowing a simple ... Read More »