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Korea treble amid tougher sanctions: ministry

Pyongyang has "largely ignored China's efforts" to resolve the situation with dialogue, said Jia Qingguo of Peking University, in an article entitled "Time to prepare for the worst in North Korea". "I'll fix the mess", Trump said. File image of Donald Trump at UN General Assembly. Twitter's latest announcement comes as it, and other social networks, have been removing tens of thousands of accounts globally because of users violating content rules by promoting violence or hate. Read More »

'War on Korean peninsula will have no winner,' says China


While Ri's interpretation of Trump's tweet was promptly dismissed by the White House , North Korea has continued boosting defenses on its east coast, states South Korea's Yonhap news agency today. It was not the first time North Korea has spoken about a declaration of war between the two countries. Kim responded with the first-ever direct statement from a North Korean leader against a US president, lobbing a string of insults at Trump and calling him a "mentally deranged USA ... Read More »

Obamacare repeal Bill 'dead' as key Republican opposes Trump


But she did offer praise to both Graham and Cassidy for their work, while highlighting the "unique challenges" Alaska faces as a sparsely populated state and the difficulty of getting real data on the effects of the Cassidy-Graham bill in such a short period of time . Read More »

Trump Bashes NFL During Remarks With Spain's President


The "totally prepared" for "devastating" military action against North Korea should that be necessary, President Donald Trump declared Tuesday, further ratcheting up tensions between the two nations. "Many, many people. Many people are so horribly injured ..." "They were fighting for our country", he said, "they were fighting for our flag, they were fighting for our national anthem". Read More »

Dems urge immediate bill to help Puerto Rico


Washington [U.S.A.], September 27: United States President Donald Trump has said he would travel to storm-ravaged Puerto Rico next Tuesday. Why? According to CNN , which the President describes as "fake news", Trump has a finely-tuned ear for what will resonate with his political base. Read More »

North Korea FM Says Trump Has Declared War On His Country


This is not the first time the Pyongyang regime has accused the United States of declaring war, and it has previously shot down United States aircraft, a navy surveillance plane in 1969, killing 31 servicemen and an army helicopter in 1994, killing a pilot. Read More »

Settlers attack Palestinian vehicles, level land in West Bank

He shot his victims - two security guards and a border policeman - at close-range and seriously wounded another person, before being shot by security forces. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said in public remarks to his Cabinet that the man's house would be demolished and any work permits issued to his relatives would be revoked. Read More »

Iran vows to stand with Baghdad, Ankara against Iraqi Kurds' independence push


Final results are expected by September 27. Mr Barzani said the referendum would not draw borders, and that afterwards there could be talks with Baghdad for a year or two. Turkey , which has a sizable Kurdish population and is facing a Kurdish insurgency, is fiercely opposed to the vote, with Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan hinting on military intervention on Monday. Read More »

'We Are Totally Prepared' for Military Action Against NKorea


North Korean Foreign Minister Ri Yong Ho on Monday accused Trump of declaring war on the North and threatened that Pyongyang would shoot down United States warplanes flying near the peninsula after American bombers flew close to the Korean peninsula last Saturday. Read More »

DEA Head Resigning, Apparently Over Trump


Mr Rosenberg forcefully rejected Mr. Trump's comment, sending an email to all his staff telling them that they should not mistreat suspects, reports The New York Times . A person familiar with the move says Chuck Rosenberg will leave the post October 1. Fuentes had been a vocal critic of some Obama administration policies, including a deal reached in January between the US and Cuba because it did not require the return of a woman convicted of killing a state trooper. Read More »

German FDP reject Macron's call to create joint euro zone budget

Analysts suggest she is likely to require to form a coalition with a Eurosceptic partner, limiting her ability to promote her view - similar to Mr Macron - of a stronger, more unified Europe without Britain . In Berlin , Merkel alluded to Macron's speech, saying it was important to move beyond "slogans" such as eurozone budget and eurozone finance minister, and to focus on details. Read More »

North Korea vows to shoot down US bombers


US Air Force B-1B Lancer bombers escorted by fighter jets flew east of North Korea in a show of force after a heated exchange of rhetoric between Trump and Kim. Ten days after the Security Council imposed new North Korean sanctions on September 11, the U.S. announced additional unilateral sanctions under which any institution that does business with Pyongyang will lose access to the United States financial system. Read More »

More Quakes Rattle N.Korea's Nuke Test Site


The quake was detected in an area around Kilju, in northeastern North Korea, just 3.7 miles northwest of where the North conducted its sixth and most powerful nuclear test on September 3, according to an official from Seoul's Korea Meteorological Administration. Read More »

USA slaps sanctions on North Korean banks, executives


It's because he's the president. "Among the considerations is its "newsworthiness" and whether a Tweet is of public interest". US President Donald Trump tweeted over the weekend that North Korea's top leader Kim Jong Un " won't be around much longer ", which was interpreted by Pyongyang as a declaration of war . Read More »

The US is not at war with North Korea - White House


ET today. Ri also vowed that Pyongyang would fire at any US aircraft near the country, even in worldwide airspace. "Our goal is still the same". He points the finger at US President Donald Trump's speech to the United Nations, where he threatened to "utterly destroy" North Korea, saying it may "well come to be viewed as "historic", but not in a good way". Read More »

First refugees held on Manus Island leave for US


The flights come following extensive vetting of the asylum seekers, after the deal struck between Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull and former United States president Barack Obama threatened to unwind after the election of Donald Trump. "While it is heartening to see refugees who have endured so much uncertainty, pain and misery find safety in the U.S., we can not ignore those still mired in Australia's cruel offshore detention system". Read More »

Trump ignores pleas to calm North Korea tensions


In response , Kim issued a long statement in which he took the rare step of using the first person - and in which he vowed, "I will surely and definitely tame the mentally deranged USA dotard with fire". The flight underscored "the seriousness with which we take DPRK's reckless behavior", the Pentagon said, using an acronym for North Korea's official name, the Democratic People's Republic of Korea. Read More »

White House denies Trump `declaration of war´ on North Korea

President", Ri said, warning that his country was "finally only a few steps away from the final gate of completion of the state nuclear force". And while North Korea touted in May that it's ready to deploy new surface-to-air missiles that analysts say could potentially hit targets as far as 150 kilometres (93 miles) away, it's questionable how much of a threat the unproven system could pose to US aircraft operating far off the country's coast, Moon said. Read More »

Twitter tries to explain why Trump's posts aren't like others


Mr Trump's post, in which he said that the North Korean leadership "won't be around much longer", was said by North Korea's foreign minister to be a declaration of war . The U.S. president is very vocal on Twitter and is often involved in controversies online. The company said it plans to update its public-facing policy soon to better reflect some of those other internal factors. Read More »

Border wall prototype construction could start this week


Local, state and federal security forces were scouting the proposed land where several border wall prototypes are expected to be built between the US-Mexico border. Eight of them will be made of concrete while the others will be made of "other material". On the campaign trail and early in his administration, Trump had said repeatedly that Mexico would pay for the wall's construction - a proposition that has also been repeatedly rejected by Mexican leaders. Read More »

USA slaps sanctions on 8 North Korean banks


Over the weekend, the US sent warplanes into global airspace east of North Korea, in a show of force that included B-1B Lancer bombers and F-15C Eagle fighter escorts. Kim's government said it had the right to shoot down United States warplanes flying in worldwide airspace as a result. Trump said in the same speech that Kim Jong Un, North Korea's leader, was a "rocket man" who was "on a suicide mission for himself and for his regime". Read More »

Baby left on side of Oklahoma freeway in vehicle seat with cash


The driver of the van said he at first thought he saw a doll in the vehicle seat, but he immediately stopped the van to check when he saw "two little feet" kicking. According to Sgt. Gary Knigh, officers also found a Social Security card, cash, and a birth certificate with the baby. A spokesman for the Oklahoma City Police Department said charges will likely not be filed. Read More »

Catalonia's separatists defy Spain with ballots for vote


Spain's Interior Ministry didn't respond to repeated requests for comment. Spain's government on Saturday announced measures to exert more control over police forces in Catalonia in its latest move to stop an independence referendum scheduled for October 1. Read More »

Russia's Lavrov Tells Trump And North Korea to Cool it

Whereas Trump had said Kim Jong-un was on a "suicide mission", Ri alleged that it was Trump who was on a "suicide mission". On Monday, North Korea, which has pursued its missile and nuclear programs in defiance of global sanctions, said it "bitterly condemned the reckless remarks" of Trump. Read More »

Korea's declaration of war comments 'absurd'


She responded, "I think the focus has long since changed". In a troubling effort to conflate Trump calling an American citizen exercising his First Amendment rights an "SOB" with the flag, White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders tried to frame President Trump's attacks on National Football League players protesting on their knee as attacks on the flag, claiming the president sees it as his job to promote and defend the flag. Read More »

Register to vote using the touch of a finger


Visit National Voter Registration's Day voter help page . Think about the power we would have to make the changes we need in our communities if everyone was registered to vote! But if you can't attend, you can still register or update your information online at the OH secretary of state's website . Read More »

White House defends Trump over National Football League row


Most of the players participating in the protests, which were started by former San Francisco 49ers player Colin Kaepernick last season, are African-American. In so doing, he put them in straits far more hard to navigate than anything Colin Kaepernick has wrought: Stand and they are seen to obey a man who just abused his office, and millions of Americans will view them as a sellout not just to the political cause they love but also to the Constitution itself; kneel and they defy a rogue ... Read More »

All ministers including me visited Jayalalithaa in hospital, Sellur Raju says


Jayalalithaa death video: TTV Dhinakaran has claimed that jailed AIADMK leader Sasikala had shot video of late former Tamil Nadu Chief Minister before her death. Addressing the media outside his residence on Monday, TTV Dhinakaran said that the footage shot by Sasikala was available with the hospital. "We have footage shot by Chinnamma (Sasikala) when she questioned Jayalalithaa over her weight loss", Dhinakaran said. Read More »

Referendum on the eighth 'agreed' for May or June 2018, says Taoiseach


On Tuesday, the Irish government also announced a timetable for a number of other referendums, including votes on blasphemy, the woman's life within the home, and the introduction of directly-elected mayors. The State has spent over €133m on referendums since 2000. What is the Eighth Amendment? The vote will take place in May or June 2018, just a few weeks before Pope Francis visits the country. Read More »