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Trump says too soon to talk with China on trade


A USA official, speaking on the condition of anonymity, said Mattis was no longer going to China. Recent tensions between the USA and China are rooted in trade and tariff disputes, but the conflict has begun spilling over into the military arena. Read More »

Dairy Farmer: Trump’s USMCA Trade Deal Will Have 'Huge Impact'


He says that while he's optimistic the United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement will create opportunities, he's anxious about the impact on Ontario's agriculture sector. Vancouver Island with its 40 dairy farms will "be milking less cows" and there will be fewer jobs in that sector as a result of the deal, he said. "He traded us away", he said. Read More »

President Trump announces new trade deal with Mexico, Canada


The new trade agreement , Trump asserted, would usher in a new dawn for the country's auto industry and transform North America into a manufacturing powerhouse and allow the U.S. "I plan to sign the agreement by the end of November". This is about 12 percent higher than what was mandated under the original NAFTA. I then will submit it for approval to Congress where in theory there should be no trouble, but anything you submit to Congress is trouble. Read More »

Pentagon: Suspicious substance in envelopes was castor seeds, not ricin itself


The envelopes addressed to Defense Secretary Jim Mattis and the Navy's top officer, Adm. John Richardson, were isolated at a mail screening facility and sent to the Federal Bureau of Investigation. The Pentagon's remote mail facility was set up after the 9/11 terrorist attacks and the subsequent anthrax scare, to ensure that letters and packages can be screened for risky substances before they enter the Defense Department's headquarters. Read More »

Support for Trump higher in Israel than nearly any other nation


In turn, the image of the United States remains high in the Philippines, Israel and South Korea - in these countries about the country welcomed more than 80 percent of respondents. Many of those questioned in US-allied and partner countries were particularly critical of Trump. Since taking office in January 2017, Mr Trump has pulled the United States out of worldwide agreements like the Paris climate accord and Iran nuclear deal, cozied up to authoritarian leaders like Mr Putin and North ... Read More »

Russian spies charged for 'malicious' cyber-attack on Canada, allies


The Australian government added that Russia's actions violated its global commitments to "responsible state behaviour" in cyberspace. Russian spies attempted to hack computers at the Foreign Office and the Porton Down military research facility days after assassins tried to murder the Skripals in Salisbury . Read More »

Melania Trump Steps Out in $2,000 Dress for Hospital Tour in Africa


She accompanied Mrs Trump to the hospital where she donated a phototherapy machine, teddy bears and assorted baby items to those seeking treatment. She is the first naturalized and second foreign-born United States citizen to become the First Lady, after Louisa Adams, wife of the sixth president, John Quincy Adams. Read More »

McConnell sets Friday test vote on Kavanaugh nomination


The Senate Majority Leader filed a motion for cloture Wednesday night setting up a Friday vote on whether to end debate on Kavanaugh's nomination and move forward with a vote. Trump told the crowd they should do an online search for "Patrick Leahy slash drink". Ford's lawyers said it is "inconceivable" that the FBI could conclude its investigation, which could happen as early as Wednesday, without interviewing either her, Kavanaugh or all of the other witnesses whose names she has ... Read More »

Wife of Malaysia's ex-PM Najib charged with money laundering


Rosmah was arrested on Wednesday after being quizzed by the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) for almost five hours at its headquarters in Putrajaya. Malaysians have been outraged by the seizure of around $275 million worth of cash and goods, including a vast collection of Hermes Birkin and other designer handbags, jewelry and watches from properties linked to Najib and Rosmah. Read More »

Who sees it? Senators, staff to have access to FBI report


That means if all the Democrats vote against Mr Kavanaugh , Mr Trump could not afford to have more than one Republican oppose his nominee, with Vice President Mike Pence casting a tie-breaking vote. Trump said. "And a man's life is in tatters!" "Vote him up or down". Speaking on the Senate floor on Wednesday, McConnell again took aim at Kavanaugh opponents. Read More »

Gender-Reveal Party Sparked an $8 Million Massive Wildfire


The target was meant to explode in a burst of colour which would indicate the sex of his unborn child. "Dickey had placed Tannerite, a highly explosive substance, inside the target, intending for it to detonate when shot by a high-velocity firearm bullet", the USA attorney's office for Arizona explained in a statement . Read More »

Republican women in hot seat over Trump mocking Ford

Lindsey Graham , a Republican from SC, said Sunday that testimony would be taken from Ramirez and Kavanaugh's high school friend Mark Judge, who has been named by two of three women who have accused Kavanaugh of sexual misconduct. He had originally called her testimony to a Senate committee about the events "credible" and "compelling", but at a political rally in MS, he instead blasted her for forgetting certain details. Read More »

Trump says Saudi King wouldn't last two weeks without United States support


However, Mr. Trump's comments on Saudi Arabia implied the kingdom's Al Saud monarchy, which oversees the holiest sites in Islam, would collapse without American military support. "We're meeting every single demand for barrels", Al-Falih said. "We want them to start lowering prices and they must contribute substantially to military protection from now on". Read More »

Israel ready to hit Russian S-300 missile systems in Syria


Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov announced the deliveries had started during a United Nations press conference. "What's important to us is that the weapons defense systems that the Russians transfer to Syria are not used against us". Russia announced the S-300 delivery to Syria after the September 17 downing of a Russian reconnaissance plane by Syrian forces responding to an Israeli air strike, a friendly fire incident that stoked regional tensions. Read More »

Volcano erupts on Indonesian island days after quake, tsunami kill 1,300 people


Indonesian Red Cross officials have told the BBC that 34 Indonesian students whose bodies were found under a church buried by a mudslide were among those killed. Johnny Lim, a restaurant owner reached by telephone in Donggala town, said he was surviving on coconuts. "Logistics are in and continue to spread, there are places that we haven't reached", he said. Read More »

Kavanaugh accusers' lawyers question FBI's work so far


The atmosphere on Capitol Hill turned especially tense Wednesday amid mounting protests from demonstrators in the halls of Congress, as lawmakers await the release of the FBI's report on its Brett Kavanaugh background investigation and prepare to vote on his polarizing nomination to the Supreme Court. Read More »

Trump's evolving statements on Christine Blasey Ford

The FBI's yet-unfinished findings into misconduct allegations leveled against Supreme Court nominee Brett M. Kavanaugh will be the most sought-after documents in Washington once the bureau completes its investigation in the coming days. Read More »

U.S. ordered to lift sanctions on 'humanitarian' goods


Iran challenged the sanctions in a case filed in July at the court. "It shows that worldwide law is behind the European Union as it seeks to keep the Iran Deal alive, and that it is Trump that's violating global law". Iran apparently requested that the ICJ force the United States to rescind measures banning the sale and transport of certain "humanitarian goods" to the region, including medical supplies, emergency food, and mechanical and airplane parts. Read More »

U.S. warns Iran after France alleges bomb plot


A joint statement from France's interior, economic and foreign affairs ministries, said: "A planned bomb attack was foiled at Villepinte on June 30". An internal French foreign ministry memo in August told diplomats not to travel to Iran, Reuters revealed, citing the Villepinte bomb plot and a toughening of Iran's position towards the West. Read More »

UK's May seeks to rally party as Brexit pressures mount


She promised to "make markets work in the interests of ordinary people again", citing initiatives to toughen corporate governance rules, provide protection for gig economy workers and cap energy prices. As March 2019 draws nearer, the British premier, if she does manage to stay on, will have to bite the bullet at some point and decide between a soft Brexit that would split her party and a hard Brexit that would split her country. Read More »

Malaysia's former first lady Rosmah arrested on money laundering charges


She will be charged on Thursday, a source with direct knowledge of the matter said. Effective July 2018, access to full reports will only be available with a subscription. Rosmah, widely reviled in Malaysia due to her profligate spending and imperious manner while her husband was in power, arrived at the MACC headquarters in a two-car convoy late Wednesday morning. Read More »

Iran says missile attack in Syria killed 40 ‘leaders’ of Daesh

Russian Federation blamed Israel for the incident - a charge denied by Israel. Israel has warned that providing the system to Damascus is "irresponsible" and will expose the region to more danger. "We have embarked on a number of activities aimed at strengthening the air defense systems of the Syrian Arab Republic in order to ensure better protection for our military personnel". Read More »

Boris Johnson calls on prime minister to ‘chuck Chequers’


Mr Johnson said Chequers would leave the United Kingdom "locked in the tractor beam of Brussels", and warned that the only winners from a Chequers-style Brexit would be the far-right and far-left in British politics. In her keynote speech, the PM will tell delegates that Britain's "best days lie ahead of us" as countries across the world stand ready to trade with the UK. Read More »

Trump mocks Kavanaugh accuser Christine Blasey Ford


Imitating Ford at one point, Trump said: "How did you get home?" 'How did you get there?' I don't remember. I don't remember. Where was the place? But I had one beer. "He is a profile in cowardice", Bromwich said. 'Judge Kavanaugh's doing pretty well, it seems to me, over the past 24 hours. "My bet is that this will just make Trump and the Republican Party even more radioactive with women voters". Read More »

Fan Bingbing Breaks Silence in Response to Government Fines


The official announcement is a complicated one and doesn't make clear what proportion of the fines she'll personally be responsible for, but together with her "representative companies" and other "guilty parties", the total amount of related fines is likely to be over 800 million RMB and could come to nearly 1 billion RMB (145 million USD). Read More »

Trump helped parents shield millions from taxes NY Times


Although Democrats are likely wishing this surfaced in 2016, it's here now, and will likely be used as a means to advocate for the release of Trump's tax returns and to poke a hole in Trump's fabricated self-made persona. Trump's father saved the family hundreds of millions of dollars by undervaluing properties they gifted to their children. While The New York Times made it clear the investigation did not include Donald Trump's personal returns, the paper said the findings show how ... Read More »

'Very scary time for young men in America'


US President Donald Trump said on Tuesday (Oct 2) the reaction to decades-old allegations of sexual assault against his Supreme Court pick Brett Kavanaugh makes it "a very scary time " for young men in the United States. They came forward in the wake of a 2005 " Access Hollywood " tape that was released in October 2016 in which he is caught saying on a hot mic: "And when you're a star, they let you do it". Read More »

Former classmate says Trump court nominee lied about his drinking


He told The New York Times that he "never, ever saw Brett Kavanaugh black out" from drinking and "never, ever saw him act inappropriately toward any woman in the 35 years that I've known him". I have credibility. Just because something happens a long time ago, because a rape victim doesn't want to personally come forward , does not mean something can't be true. Read More »

NAFTA REBOOT FOR DUMMIES: How does new trade impact Canadians?

It praised the new agreement for providing "improved labor rules, including detailed obligations to eradicate Mexico's protection contracts, in the main body of the text ", as well as new rules to prevent non-NAFTA countries from "free riding" on the reduced tariffs laid out in the original agreement. Read More »

Trump Mocks Kavanaugh Accuser Christine Blasey Ford at Mississippi Rally

It's common for sexual assault victims to remember the attack in great detail, but experience other memory gaps. Lemon went on to show the video of Trump reacting to Ford's testimony in front of the Senate Judiciary Committee last week in-which he called her a "very credible witness" and a "very fine woman". Read More »