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Trump helped parents shield millions from taxes NY Times


Although Democrats are likely wishing this surfaced in 2016, it's here now, and will likely be used as a means to advocate for the release of Trump's tax returns and to poke a hole in Trump's fabricated self-made persona. Trump's father saved the family hundreds of millions of dollars by undervaluing properties they gifted to their children. While The New York Times made it clear the investigation did not include Donald Trump's personal returns, the paper said the findings show how ... Read More »

'Very scary time for young men in America'


US President Donald Trump said on Tuesday (Oct 2) the reaction to decades-old allegations of sexual assault against his Supreme Court pick Brett Kavanaugh makes it "a very scary time " for young men in the United States. They came forward in the wake of a 2005 " Access Hollywood " tape that was released in October 2016 in which he is caught saying on a hot mic: "And when you're a star, they let you do it". Read More »

Former classmate says Trump court nominee lied about his drinking


He told The New York Times that he "never, ever saw Brett Kavanaugh black out" from drinking and "never, ever saw him act inappropriately toward any woman in the 35 years that I've known him". I have credibility. Just because something happens a long time ago, because a rape victim doesn't want to personally come forward , does not mean something can't be true. Read More »

NAFTA REBOOT FOR DUMMIES: How does new trade impact Canadians?


It praised the new agreement for providing "improved labor rules, including detailed obligations to eradicate Mexico's protection contracts, in the main body of the text ", as well as new rules to prevent non-NAFTA countries from "free riding" on the reduced tariffs laid out in the original agreement. Read More »

Trump Mocks Kavanaugh Accuser Christine Blasey Ford at Mississippi Rally

It's common for sexual assault victims to remember the attack in great detail, but experience other memory gaps. Lemon went on to show the video of Trump reacting to Ford's testimony in front of the Senate Judiciary Committee last week in-which he called her a "very credible witness" and a "very fine woman". Read More »

Trump aided family members in tax fraud


The findings of "dubious" practices by the Times were based on a "vast" amount of tax returns and financial records, according to the report . The Times says the Trump family hid millions of dollars of transfers from the father to his children through a sham company owned by the children called All County Building Supply & Maintenance, set up in 1992 ostensibly as a purchasing agent to supply Fred Trump's buildings with boilers, cleaning supplies and other goods. Read More »

'It's a very scary time for young men in America'


The FBI investigation into allegations of sexual misconduct against Kavanaugh - all of which he's denied - is the crucial factor in determining when a vote could begin. But when none of these tactics worked - when Judge Kavanaugh demonstrated his widely-acknowledged brilliance, open-mindedness, and collegiality at his confirmation hearings - some chose a darker road. Read More »

Donald Trump's new NAFTA: A fact-checker's guide to the trade deal

Following the Cabinet meeting, Trudeau said it was "a good day for Canada", while Jesus Seade, the trade negotiator for Mexico's incoming president, tweeted that the deal meant "the door closes on trade fragmentation in the region". Previously, Canadians buying online from the US could only purchase up to $20-Cdn. worth before having to pay import duty. "Any trade agreement proposal must be judged by whether it improves the wages, working conditions and well-being of America's workers and ... Read More »

MS officers killed in the line of duty


Brookhaven Police Department officers Zack Moak, 31, and James White , 35, were killed in the early hours of Saturday morning when they went to respond to calls of shots fired. but like any place, we have crime". "I want the families to know that we're going to keep on doing what we do in Jesus' name". The Mississippi Bureau of Investigation is working the case, in addition to other agencies, the Associated Press reports . Read More »

A horse walks into a bar ... and everyone runs


A horse ran into a bar and no, it's not the beginning of a joke. Customers were sitting in a PMU bar, which features betting terminals, last Monday when a horse came bucking through the establishment, forcing them to move quickly to evade the panicked animal. Read More »

US Calls Iranian Missile Strike Targeting Syrian Militants 'Reckless'


Iran has fired missiles at militants in Syria blamed for an attack in southwestern Iran on September 22, the Revolutionary Guards said on Monday, in what it called a sign of Tehran's readiness to punish its enemies' "wickedness". In announcing the launch, Iranian state media said the missiles targeted both " takfiri " militants - a term it often applies to the Islamic State group - and Ahvazi separatists. Read More »

Ricin detected in mail sent to Pentagon


All mail delivered to the Pentagon on Monday has been quarantined for inspection. Pentagon police referred the matter to the FBI for investigation. "Those envelopes are now undergoing further testing". The department said the letters did not enter the Pentagon building, but rather the mail sorting facility on the Pentagon campus but away from the main building. Read More »

America's image worsens under Trump, survey shows

The image of the United States has deteriorated further among its traditional allies after a year in which President Donald Trump ratcheted up his verbal attacks on countries like Canada and Germany, a leading survey showed. "Large majorities say the USA doesn't take into account the interests of countries like theirs when making foreign policy decisions", the Pew report said. Read More »

As Clock Ticks on Brexit, May’s Nemesis Closes In


The former Mayor of London quit Mrs May's Cabinet in July in protest at the Chequers plan and in his speech he urged Tories to persuade the Prime Minister to "chuck Chequers" and return to the hard Brexit blueprint she set out at Lancaster House in 2017. Read More »

Canada, buoyed by trade deal, to push USA on metal tariffs


Speaking to reporters in Ottawa, Trudeau said repeatedly that Canada's quota-based farming system for dairy, eggs and poultry remains intact. At nearly literally the 11th hour, Canada and the United States came to an agreement on free trade that joins one announced earlier last month between the US and Mexico (together, they form the United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement). Read More »

Trump has sharp words for ABC’s Cecilia Vega, CNN’s Kaitlan Collins


After Trump took several questions on trade, CNN's Kaitlan Collins attempted to ask another question on Kavanaugh and, like he did with Vega, Trump berated her and talked over her before calling on someone else. The updated transcript reads, "I know you're not thinking , you never do ". "I mean, he talked about things that happened when he drinks - this is not a man that said... Read More »

Macedonia PM wants to proceed with name-change despite low turout


Western officials warned before the vote that Moscow was trying to depress turnout in the referendum in order to invalidate the outcome. State Electoral Commission head Oliver Derkoski provided the updated turnout figure as of 5 p.m. Macedonian Defense Minister Radmila Sekerinska, speaks during interview with Reuters at government offices in Skopje , Macedonia October 1, 2018. Read More »

US First Lady Melania Trump touches down in Africa

Mrs. Trump also cradled an infant and declared the baby a "beautiful boy" as she handed him back to his mother. Her trip comes five months after she launched her " Be Best " campaign which demands she travels to meet with children all over the world in a bid to promote successful organisations and programmes that share her goal and work closely with the U.S. Read More »

Brett Kavanaugh's Harvard course on the Supreme Court is shelved

Kavanaugh has adamantly denied the allegations. While the first ethics complaint focuses on the transparency issues about Kavanaugh's service in the George W. Several students said last week they were not satisfied with Manning's response, particularly after Heather Gerken, the dean at Kavanaugh's alma mater, Yale Law School, released a statement declaring that she, along with the American Bar Association, supports an independent investigation of the assault allegations before a ... Read More »

Vivek Tiwari's murder: UP Police issues rare apology, calls killer constable 'rogue'


Khan said that after they were fired at, Tiwari got scared and drove the SUV into an underpass pillar, further sustaining injuries. Tewari was taken to Lohia hospital, where he succumbed to his bullet wound during his treatment. "It is the tyranny of the police ". Chief minister Adityanath, who has openly supported police encounter killings in the past, said that this was a "sad incident" and immediate action had been taken. Read More »

New US Policy Tears LGBT UN Staff From Partners


But the policy could pose a major problem for some diplomats and employees because in many countries, same-sex marriage still isn't allowed, with less than 15 percent of countries in the world recognizing it as legal. Globe, a U.N. LGBTI staff advocacy group, in a statement . A new U.S. government policy may make it impossible for some LGBT UN staff to live together with their partners in the United States. Read More »

Democrats question Kavanaugh's credibility and temperament


His remarks followed criticism by Democrats that he and other Republicans were trying to limit the scope of the Federal Bureau of Investigation probe. Kavanaugh's testimony contained some iffy statements , like his definitions for "Devil's Triangle' and "boofing", Kimmel said". The FBI has completed an initial round of interviews as part of its reopened background check of the Supreme Court nominee, and more are likely in the coming days, people familiar with the matter said. Read More »

Chinese destroyer extremely close to US warship, alleges US


China expressed anger on Tuesday after a U.S. Navy destroyer sailed near islands claimed by China in the disputed South China Sea , saying it resolutely opposed an operation that it called a threat to its sovereignty. Nevertheless, China expanded some land features in the reefs through sand dredging in 2014 and 2015 and then militarized the reefs with anti-aircraft and naval guns and radars. Read More »

Yale classmate recalls Kavanaugh as frequent, heavy drinker

Trump initially blew off several questions about Kavanaugh, saying he wanted first to answer questions about his newly announced trade agreement between the U.S., Canada and Mexico. "If we took 10 years, they'd want more time", he groused. As the investigation is not a criminal one, the FBI will not say whether they believe the allegations are true. Read More »

Mass burial planned for Indonesia quake victims as death toll reaches 832


In the meantime, portable generators and other supplies are being sent to the area aboard two C-130 Hercules cargo jets, according to Nugroho. "Our funding has been going down every year", agency spokesman Sutopo Purwo Nugroho said . On Monday, they returned, and recovered eight bodies. Mechanical earth-movers waited to push soil on top of the bodies. The death toll from the twin disasters has surpassed 800 and was expected to rise further, prompting authorities to announce mass burials ... Read More »

Kavanaugh faced police questioning over 1985 bar brawl

Charles Ludington said he was "deeply troubled" by Judge Kavanaugh's "blatant mischaracterisation". Ludington also said he would be sharing this information with the Federal Bureau of Investigation. Kavanaugh claimed during the hearings that he has never blacked out or suffered memory loss from drinking. Blasey testified to the Senate Judiciary Committee on Thursday that she was certain Kavanaugh was the one to pin her down, force himself on her, attempt to take off her clothes and then ... Read More »

Tariffs won us new trade deal, claims Donald Trump

U.S. President Donald Trump hasn't lifted the 25 per cent tariff on Canadian steel or the 10 per cent tariff on Canadian aluminum, which has stressed out stakeholders. He said the deal now faces scrutiny by lawmakers. And with that, after almost 14 months of tense negotiations, we now have a newly named regional trade agreement. Read More »

Iraqi Model And Instagram Star Murdered In Baghdad


Iraqi Instagram model gunned down in Baghdad amid spate of female activist assassinations Iraqi social media star Tara Faris has been killed by unidentified gunmen in Baghdad , according to reports , amid a string of murders across the country targeting female activists. Read More »

N.C. State professor offers statement to Federal Bureau of Investigation on former friend, Kavanaugh


Jeff Flake told hundreds of young people at the Forbes Under 30 Summit. Asked about the interaction during Monday's summit in Boston, Flake said Ford's testimony "really emboldened a lot of women to come forward". "Nobody is going to ever figure out what happened". Trump said the one thing he wants is speed, because drawing it out is "unfair" to Kavanaugh's family. Read More »

Details of the new North America free trade deal


But it still faces a lengthy path to congressional approval after serving for two decades as a political football for American manufacturing woes. US administration officials said the deal provides increased access to Canada's dairy market for USA producers and limits the American impact of Canada's controversial supply management system for dairy and poultry products. Read More »