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Rescuers scramble to reach tsunami-hit Indonesian city


People including dancers were still busy on the beach in Palu (population: 335,000), preparing for a festival, and were caught when waves up to 3m in height swept in. On Saturday, authorities were still having difficulties coordinating rescue efforts without power and communications as the area was rocked by aftershocks. Read More »

The United States first applied the newest fighters in Afghanistan


Essex amphibious warship and the operation was carried out in support of the USA counterterrorism mission in Afghanistan, dubbed Operation Freedom's Sentinel . Model of the F-35B is the only one of three in the line, which is able to perform vertical landing. The operation involved Marines from the 13th Marine Expeditionary Unit , based out of Camp Pendleton, and the USS Essex , which is homeported at Naval Base San Diego. Read More »

Four undecided Senators meet privately on Kavanaugh vote: 'There's some concerns'

The timing matters because Republicans are keen to get their Supreme Court nominee confirmed before the U.S. mid-term elections on 6 November. On Friday morning, he announced that he would support Kavanaugh's nomination. Judge Stephen Breyer, also nominated by Clinton, has been a Supreme Court judge for more than 24 years now. The Democrats on the committee didn't care who their dirty tricks or sleazy accusations hurt - Ford and her family, Kavanaugh and his family or Kavanaugh's high ... Read More »

FBI investigation into Kavanaugh is 'uncharted territory,' expert says


Flake indicated he would take the next steps - leading to full Senate approval - only after the further background probe, and there were suggestions that other moderate Republicans might join his revolt. The Delaware Democrat, also 55, afterward told reporters in the Capitol, "As I was preparing my remarks today, I at one point turned to my counsel and said: 'Am I trying to make an argument that could possibly persuade my friend, Jeff Flake?' " They decided that he was. Read More »

'Many dead' as Tsunami hits Indonesia


Road access to Palu from the east and the south are disconnected, making relief efforts hard, authorities said. A shopping mall in the paralyzed city of more than 380,000 people had been reduced to a crumpled hulk. "All the things in my house were swaying and the quake left a small crack on my wall", he said. "Last week we felt an natural disaster that had a stronger tremor so this time we didn't panic, just avoided the buildings and now everything has returned to normal", Mr Fikri said. Read More »

Kavanaugh FINALLY voted out of committee after Flake drama


Unfortunately, Judge Kavanaugh couldn't find time to discuss these concerns with me in person, so the only information I have is from what he said in his hearings. Grassley read a letter that Judge delivered to the committee, under penalty of felony, on Thursday stating again that he does "not recall the events" described by Ford. Read More »

Trump's Supreme Court nominee, accuser face scrutiny at Senate hearing


Some on Twitter have dismissed Swetnick's claims as far-fetched, suggesting it was odd that she and others continued showing up at parties where they knew a gang of serial rapists were terrorizing girls. A number of Democrats have embraced the idea that the onus is on Kavanaugh, as he is up for a promotion. Sen. Deborah Ramirez, who claims Kavanaugh exposed himself to her at a party in the 1980s at Yale University, has signaled through her attorney she's willing to provide information to ... Read More »

New allegations against Kavanaugh submitted to Senate panel


According to a committee aide, in an email to Avenatti on Wednesday, Republican committee staff said that "yesterday committee investigators interviewed Judge Kavanaugh again, under penalty of felony". Ford later said only two males-Kavanaugh and Judge-were present , and that the four people at the party besides herself included a woman, Keyser. She said in her statement that there are two witnesses who can attest to her account, but she has not identified them publicly. Read More »

F-35 military plane crash reported in Beaufort County, South Carolina


The Beaufort County Sheriff's Office said the crash took place at 11:45 a.m. local time near Clarendon Road and Joe Allen Drive in Grays Hill. A day earlier, CBS says the Marines announced its first use in combat in Afghanistan. The aircraft, which cost more than US$100 million, belonged to Marine Fighter Attack Training Squadron 501, which trains Marine pilots for combat with the F-35. Read More »

Graham plans to explain Kavanaugh delay to Trump

Deborah Ramirez's allegations about Kavanaugh exposing himself and touching her, published in the New Yorker , must be investigated. The only two undecided GOP votes are Senate Energy and Natural Resources Chairwoman Lisa Murkowski of Alaska and Sen. Read More »

Trump shaken by Ford, but backs Kavanaugh after hearing


The White House would be open to having Deborah Ramirez, the second woman to publicly accuse Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh of sexual misconduct , to testify before the Senate Judiciary Committee on Thursday. In all honestly, it was a little amusing. After delivering an answer he seemed especially pleased with, Trump paid tribute to one of his favorite artists and some advice he'd taken to heart. Read More »

Video shows tsunami hitting Indonesian city after 7.5-magnitude quake


The area was hit earlier on Friday by a magnitude 6.1 natural disaster that based on preliminary information killed one person, injured 10 and damaged dozens of houses. "There is a ship washed ashore". Buildings have collapsed and power has been cut off following the 7.5 magnitude quake on Friday. Indonesia is prone to quake as it lies on a vulnerable quake-affected area popularly known as "the Pacific Ring of Fire ". Read More »

On Eve Of Kavanaugh-Ford Hearing, Anita Hill Remembers Her Own Testimony


The most powerful moment came when Prof Ford was asked what most stays in her memory from the attack, and she said it was the laughter: Kavanaugh and his friend Mark Judge, laughing as she was gripped by terror. Concerned about the optics of having the all-male Republican members of the committee interrogate Ford, they brought in an outside prosecutor, who spent little time going through all the details of the alleged assault. Read More »

Flake makes dramatic intervention as Senate panel backs Kavanaugh


Kavanaugh called his previous appearance before the senators for his confirmation hearing "just a good old-fashioned attempt at Borking" and asserted that the sexual assault allegations were "a new tactic" from Dems. If there was one Republican who might have voted against Kavanaugh, it was Sen. Either way, his agreement that the Federal Bureau of Investigation should be allowed look again into Judge Kavanaugh's background and the allegations against him was a significant moment. Read More »

Trump’s open to changing mind on Kavanaugh


Christine Blasey Ford has accused Kavanaugh of assaulting her at a party when they were teenagers. On the eve of Thursday's high-stakes Senate hearing that is likely to determine whether Kavanaugh is confirmed to the high court, Trump appointed himself the judge's principal character witness and moved to personally navigate one of the most acute crises of his presidency. Read More »

Danish Capital is Cut Off Due to 'Major' Police Operation


Great Belt Bridge, which links the Danish islands of Zeeland and Funen, was set to be opened to allow one lane of traffic to pass through in the direction of Sjælland (Zealand), Funen Police said. Police did not confirm the report. Danish officers said they were hunting a Swedish-registered black Volvo V90 containing three people who are wanted for a "very serious crime". Read More »

Quake strikes off Indonesia, bringing down 'many buildings'


The country's national disaster agency briefly issued a tsunami warning before cancelling it. Other official agencies did not issue tsunami alerts following the temblor. The earlier quake destroyed some houses, killing one person and injuring at least 10, authorities said. More than 600,000 people live in Donggala and Palu. Read More »

American Bar Association: Delay Kavananugh Confirmation for FBI Investigation


Trump called the Democratic opposition to his candidate and a slew of sexual assault allegations over the last week "a total sham and effort to delay, obstruct, and resist". Ford alleges Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh and his Georgetown Preparatory School classmate Mark Judge locked her in a bedroom at a party in 1982. Read More »

Donald Trump defends Supreme Court pick but says he could change mind


Ford in the summer of 1982 that is the basis of her allegation ", Everett wrote . Later, the judiciary committee said it had received a fourth allegation, this time in a letter from an anonymous source who said their daughter and others had witnessed Kavanaugh physically assault a woman while intoxicated in Washington in 1998, shoving her "up against the wall very aggressively and sexually ". Read More »

Dutch police arrest seven and say they have foiled extremist attack

The gang, led by a 34-year-old man of Iraqi origin, is alleged to have plotted to attack the site of a large event using auto bombs, suicide vests and assault rifles. "But they were quite far in their preparations". The men were to be brought before an investigating judge on Friday at a behind-closed-doors hearing. Read More »

Passenger plane lands in ocean after overshooting runway


A Papua New Guinean plane has sunk in a lagoon after overshooting the runway in the Federated States of Micronesia. Video shows plane sinking into a lagoon in the Federated States of Micronesia. They were all taken to a local hospital for a medical check. The airline did not immediately say how many people were aboard the plane, where it was travelling from, or what caused the crash. Read More »

After a historic Senate hearing, what comes next for Brett Kavanaugh?


Trump missed hardly a moment of the proceedings, relying on DVRs to keep up on the Senate Judiciary Committee hearing Thursday from his private office on Air Force One as he traveled from NY to Washington , and continued monitoring back at the White House , where Ford's voice echoed from TVs around the building. Read More »

IISc Bengaluru highest-ranked Indian institution in list of world’s top universities

The Top 10 positions were dominated by British and United States universities, with the University of Oxford in first place followed closely by the University of Cambridge and Stanford University. "If Tsinghua is that strong now, imagine where it will be in five years with the continued increases in funding under the Double World-Class Project and more support from China's enterprises for research. Read More »

Kavanaugh denies two additional accusations to Senate Judiciary Committee

Circuit Court judge. Julie Swetnick said she saw Mr Kavanaugh engage in sexually abusive behavior as a teenager and claimed she had been gang-raped at a party he attended in the early 1980s. Kavanaugh, who has two daughters, said one of his girls said they should "pray for the woman" making the allegations against him, referring to Ford. Read More »

Donald Trump says he prefers to keep Rod Rosenstein, may delay meeting


Rosenstein denied the report and Justice Department officials said he was being sarcastic. "But they are both committed to speaking with each other and resolving this once and for all". Mr. Rosenstein ultimately kept his job for the time being after a Monday meeting with White House Chief of Staff John F. Kelly. After Rosenstein's much-publicized meeting Monday at the White House, Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders said Rosenstein had spoken to Mr. Read More »

Third Woman Accusing Kavanaugh Of Sexual Misconduct Steps Forward


But on Fox News on Monday, Kavanaugh denied engaging in such behavior, describing himself as a virgin in high school and saying, "I've always treated women with dignity and respect". Swetnick, a resident of Washington, D.C., said she was a graduate of Gaithersburg High School in Maryland. Her attorney, Michael Avenatti , called Vinneccy's allegations "complete nonsense" and said Swetnick caught him using her resume to apply for jobs. Read More »

Trump Blasts 'Con Artist' Dems He Says 'Laugh' at Kavanaugh Allegations


For a time, Trump told confidents that he did not need to wade into the specific allegations since they did not involve him, although they did evoke sexual misconduct allegations against him. Trump called Kavanaugh "one of the highest quality people I've ever met" and said he thinks the women who have come forward to accuse the judge of sexual misconduct are making "false accusations". Read More »

The UN was laughing WITH me, not at me


This year, 133 world leaders have signed up to attend this year's assembly session, which ends October 1, a significant increase from the 114 leaders last year. President Donald Trump addresses the 73rd session of the United Nations General Assembly, at U.N. headquarters, September 25, 2018. Venezuela's President Nicolas Maduro addresses the 73rd session of the United Nations General Assembly at U.N. Read More »

Philippine president's fiercest critic posts bail after being arrested


Outspoken critic Senator Antonio Trillanes IV has become the second opposition senator to be arrested under the Duterte presidency. "However, Sen. "Trillanes's arrest today sends a chilling effect among other critics of the Duterte administration". Trillanes has strongly denied the president's claims and has provided news reports and defence department documents to counter them. Read More »