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Facebook shuts down accounts for inciting political, social tension


Facebook did not want to talk about who could have been behind these accounts because they said that there isn't enough evidence to point the finger at Russian Federation. For example, "they used VPNs and internet phone services, and paid third parties to run ads", the statement said. For example, while IP addresses are easy to spoof, the IRA accounts we disabled past year sometimes used Russian IP addresses. Read More »

Korea Remains Could Be Army Troops Who Fell at 'Frozen Chosin'


Late Wednesday, he addressed Chairman Kim in a tweet, saying he was "not at all surprised that you took this kind action". "The ongoing correspondence between the two leaders is aimed at following up on their meeting in Singapore and advancing the commitments made in the US-DPRK [North Korea] joint statement", Press Secretary Sarah Sanders said in a statement. Read More »

Brett Kavanaugh Hits Hurdle On Road To Supreme Court


Bush White House until the end of October. Republicans are calling Democrats' request for more documents a delay tactic, but the letter from the National Archives shows that Kavanaugh's confirmation may be delayed even without Democratic action. Read More »

White House press briefing


A day earlier, when asked if the White House condemned the jeering Acosta captured on video at the rally, Sanders said the relationship between the White House and the press is a "two-way street". Coats also said: "The intelligence community continues to be concerned about the threats of upcoming us elections, both the midterms and the presidential elections of 2020". Read More »

Names of members of same family missing in NRC final draft


The BJP president added that the Centre will fully implement the Supreme Court's directives in the matter and that "no Indian citizen" should be anxious about the NRC draft. The BJP said the NRC was monitored by the country's top court and there was no question of discriminating on the basis of religion. Under the Assam Accord, an agreement signed by then Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi in 1985, all those who can not prove that they came to the north-eastern state before March 1971 will be ... Read More »

Thousands of firefighters struggle to contain giant blazes in California


The California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection said Thursday firefighters made some gains and the blaze is now a third contained. Brown's remarks reflect a growing body of evidence and scientific opinion that supports a link between warmer temperatures due to climate change and more fires of greater intensity that occur for more months out of the year. Read More »

Trump touts his popularity with Republicans at Florida rally


Ron DeSantis as he wades into Florida's competitive gubernatorial primary. In that tweet, Trump highlighted DeSantis's Ivy League pedigree (Yale, then Harvard Law) and his policy positions that mirrored those of the president, including support for tough border security measures and tax cuts. Read More »

White House says Trump Russia tweet just opinion


She is a professor at Harvard's Kennedy School, a former assistant secretary of the Department of Homeland Security in the Obama administration and CEO of Zemcar. They seriously stepped up their game though in 2016, Coats explained. "Whatever happens, we want to assure Americans their vote was counted and counted correctly", Nielsen said. Read More »

Bush's doctor's killing may have been act of revenge


As the search continues for the 62-year-old suspect, law enforcement have released new details about him. State records show Pappas had license from the Texas Commission on Law Enforcement for 30 years. Follow Courtney Fischer on Facebook and Twitter . "If he's alive, we need to find him". Pappas was not home when officers went there on Wednesday but Mr Acevedo said they found evidence linking Pappas to the killing. Read More »

Man hits woman in the face after wolf whistling


Marie Laguerre , 22, was walking in the 19th Arrondissement, when a man began abusing her and making suggestive noises. In response, Laguerre insults him and he approaches her again. "I will not tolerate this, and if it meant being hit and putting up a fight, then so be it". In a Facebook post about the incident, Laguerre said it happened July 24, on her way home. Read More »

Russian Military Police Announce Joint Patrol of Israeli-Syrian Border


Russian Federation will deploy its military police on the Golan Heights frontier between Syria and Israel , its defense ministry said on Thursday, after weeks of mounting volatility in the area. Netanyahu stressed the "extraordinarily important" link between the two countries. In a nod to his battlefield gains, Israel described victory by Assad, who is on a last push to restore his rule after more than seven years of civil war, as a fait accompli that could calm the Golan Heights. Read More »

Donald Trump calls for Attorney General Jeff Session to end Russian Federation inquiry

Session recused himself from overseeing the investigation into Russian interference in the 2016 US presidential election over conflict of interest concerns, because he had served as a surrogate for Trump's campaign. In view of the tweet, "I think it would be helpful to have the debate on that bill", Collins said. "The president has made it clear that he cares deeply about it and he expects them to do their job". Read More »

Ivanka Trump: Family Separations Were A 'Low Point'

Donald Trump's daughter has said that she regards the separation of families at the United States border as a " low point " in her time at the White House. She went on to say that immigration is an "incredibly complex topic", using her mother as an example. The president's hardline policy led to the separation of thousands of children from their parents. Read More »

Trump urges Jeff Sessions to end Russian Federation probe 'right now'


After the presser, Coats released a statement firmly reiterating that Russian Federation did meddle in the 2016 election and that the adversary is continuing to try to influence 2018 elections. Postings from Facebook and other social media are used in criminal cases, Rodgers said. Mr Manafort's charges stem from his consulting work in the Ukraine , in which he allegedly received millions of dollars that he failed to report to the USA government. Read More »

Trump celebrates Kelly's first full year as chief of staff


Kelly, a retired four-star Marine general who served as secretary of the Department of Homeland Security during the first months of 2017, took over from former White House chief of staff Reince Priebus last July. If Kelly were to fulfill his commitment, he would extend his tenure as Trump's second chief of staff in a position that frequently churns through seasoned pols in a year or two. Read More »

Iran currency drops 18% in two days, hits record low


The Iranian rial has plummeted in recent days as the country anxiously awaits the re-imposition of full U.S. sanctions, the first of which will snap back starting August 6. Having announced in May that it was pulling out of the 2015 nuclear deal, the USA is set to reimpose its full range of sanctions in two stages, on August 6 and November 4. Read More »

Pope Francis declares death penalty inadmissible in all cases


The Vatican explained in a letter that the new policy follows an evolution of thought rather than a contradiction, the AP reported . Perhaps the most famous Roman Catholic anti-death penalty campaigner is Sister Helen Prejean, whose book "Dead Man Walking" - about her spiritual ministry to a man on death row - helped fuel opposition in the United States to capital punishment. Read More »

Company agrees to block 3D downloadable guns in Pennsylvania


The settlement agreement allegedly allows Defense Distributed to freely publish its gun designs beginning August 1, but according to a release from the Washington State Attorney General's Office, the agreement, which wasn't made public until July 10, was done "in an arbitrary and capricious" fashion by the Trump administration and violates the Administrative Procedure Act. Read More »

USA condemns 'senseless' Tajik tourist attack


The department said it could not provide more information about the USA citizens due to "privacy concerns", but that US officials were working closely with Tajik authorities. The two Americans, a woman and a man, were killed along with a Swiss man and a Dutch national. He said the Tajik police are looking into all possible causes of the attack, including terrorism. Read More »

Mexico plane crash: Investigators find 'black box' flight recorders


The flight was headed from Mexico's northern state of Durango to Mexico City . After the plane crashed, "the smoke was unbelievable", he said, "a burning sensation when breathing". Durango state Gov. Jose Aispuro said passengers reported a loud bang as the plane's left wing hit the ground and the engines tore loose. "Yes, we took off but there was a lot of rain", she said, adding that she believed the pilot had tried to slow down the plane after it made impact with the ground. Read More »

Van driver fired for 'deliberately splashing pedestrians'


The video caught the attention of Ottawa Police Sgt. Mark Gatien, who asked the company to contact him as part of his investigation. On three separate occasions within 45 seconds, the van moves to the right edge of the road as pedestrians approach on the sidewalk, sending up a large amount of water from a puddle and leaving the pedestrians soaked. Read More »

Research: Largest king penguin colony has shrunk nearly 90%


The decline "is completely unexpected, and particularly significant since this colony represented almost one third of the king penguins in the world", coauthor Henri Weimerskirch, an ecologist at the Centre for Biological Studies in France, tells Agence France-Presse. Read More »

Rudy Giuliani keeps moving the bar on the Mueller investigation


Trump echoed comments by one of his lawyers, former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani , about collusion not specifically being an offense in the US legal code. He didn't pay for the hacking". In Trump's case, collusion is not a crime-it's many crimes. Giuliani also denied that top Trump campaign officials held a planning meeting days before meeting with Russians offering dirt on Clinton. Read More »

Kentucky Soldier Killed In Korean War Identified

Vice President Mike Pence hailed the remains' arrival in Hawaii as evidence of the success of President Donald Trump's landmark summit in June with North Koran leader Kim Jong Un . With little public sign of progress toward Trump's aim of Korean denuclearisation, the White House said the letter followed up on the pair's Jun 12 summit . Read More »

Federal judge blocks release of 3-D printable gun designs


Wilson posted on Twitter that attorneys general from 21 states had filed lawsuits against him. Lawmakers cited safety concerns, considering the guns are made entirely of plastic, making them undetectable by metal detectors and untraceable, as they can be printed without registration. Read More »

Wildfires destroying homes, land, and California’s annual budget


Despite the 13,000 firefighters on the fire lines, Cal Fire officials are calling in back-up from other states and even other countries. And new fires continue to erupt in Northern California. Twin fires also burned in Mendocino and Lake counties, affecting 14 homes and threatened 12,000 more. The fire was burning in federal forest land and a handful of residents in the area were warned Tuesday night to evacuate, said Mendocino County sheriff's Lt. Read More »

Prison sentence was 'mental torture', says Tommy Robinson after release

The judge upheld the appeal and quashed the conviction from Leeds crown court due to the number of criminal procedure rules that were bypassed and broken. The Court of Appeal found that the legal process had not been properly followed when Mr Robinson was convicted. In his live-streamed commentary on Facebook outside the Leeds trial, he identified the defendants and the charges against them despite an order from the judge that nothing should be reported until the end of subsequent trials. Read More »

At least 14 killed as strong quake hits popular Indonesian tourist island


The National Disaster Mitigation Agency said more than 680 people are stranded on Rinjani based on figures from its entry gates where visitors are registered. The Meteorology, Climatology and Geophysics Agency (BMKG) reported that in the four hours after the quake, the islands experienced 66 aftershocks and the natural disaster was also felt in the neighbouring Bali. Read More »

'ANC move on Land Expropriation Bill is a reckless policy position'

South Africa's President Cyril Ramaphosa speaks after his meeting with Britain's Prime Minister Theresa May in Downing Street, London, April 17, 2018. Speaking at an ANC media briefing in the wake of its two-day lekgotla in Tshwane, Godongwana said, "We have identified land which we will be testing whether it permits for land expropriation without compensation". Read More »

Basic income program cut 'devastating' for recipients


The Liberals, she said, spent money the province didn't have on "handouts that actually do little if anything to break the cycle of poverty". "The pilot project started in April 2017". The project had been launched last year by the previous Liberal government as what was supposed to be a three-year trial to determine whether it would be an effective way to help move low-income people out of poverty. Read More »