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Korea denuclearisation talks ongoing, no timeframe set


The United States will provide cases for the remains, and a US delegation will go to North Korea to retrieve them, flying them out on July 27 either to Osan Air Base in South Korea or to Hawaii. " Russia has agreed to help with North Korea, where relationships with us are very good and the process is moving along", Trump said on Twitter. Read More »

Iran Nuclear Deal: US Pushes Europe's Back To The Wall


Iran has said both are non-negotiable, and the other signatories to the 2015 nuclear deal including major European allies Britain , France and Germany , as well as Russian Federation and China , remain committed to it. "The delegation will meet with related institutions, including from the foreign and finance ministries". "Iran is committed to the rule of law in the face of USA contempt for diplomacy and legal obligations", Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif said in a tweet ... Read More »

United States to alert public to foreign efforts to undermine American politics


His speech followed a week in which Russian influence was once again shown to have a transformative impact on modern American political life. Robert S. "If this disclosure requirement had been around in 2016, I firmly believe that it would have served as a meaningful deterrent after Russia's interference was first discovered, and it would have informed voters more quickly and more forcefully that a foreign government was trying to affect their vote", said Rep. Read More »

Video shows deadly shooting over parking spot


Despite the fatal injury, police who arrived on the scene of the shooting didn't arrest Drejka due to the state's "Stand Your Ground" law , which allows people to defend themselves with weapons in the face of a perceived threat. "I'm not saying I agree with it, but I don't make that call", Gualtieri told reporters, adding that his agency will now forward the case to the State Attorney's Office for a final decision. Read More »

Russian warship with $130b worth of gold found in S.Korea


Shinil Group estimates the gold to be worth 150 trillion won ($176 billion) in today's value. Shinil Group, a recently founded company based in Seoul, released submarine footage of what its analysts believe could be the shipwreck of the Dmitrii Donskoi , a Russian cruiser that vanished 113 years ago during the Russo-Japanese war. Read More »

PM begins two-day visit to NI in Belleek, Fermanagh


Ireland and the European Union are very frustrated at the UK Government's shifting positions on Brexit, the country's deputy premier has said. "The economic and constitutional dislocation of a formal "third country" customs border within our own country is something I will never accept and I believe no British Prime Minister could ever accept", May is to tell a crowd at Belfast's Waterfront Hall on Friday, according to the extracts of the speech provided by her office. Read More »

Israeli parliament to vote on contentious Nation State…


This is our country. Israel passed the "nation-state" law earlier on Thursday after months of political argument. The bill designates the state of Israel as the national home of the Jewish people, Jerusalem as its capital and Hebrew as its official language. Read More »

Rohingya report more violence, persecution in Myanmar: U.N


The report is based on interviews with more than 250 eyewitnesses, survivors, military and police personnel, former and current members of ARSA, worldwide and local aid workers, and physicians during a 21-month period. The government has denied visas to a United Nations delegation tasked with investigating alleged abuses and barred Professor Yanghee Lee, the UN's rights envoy to Myanmar, from entering the country, claiming that she has made "biased, one-sided and unfair accusations". Read More »

Spain drops extradition of Catalan minister Clara Ponsati from Scotland


In its decision earlier this month on Puigdemont's extradition, the German court argued that the closest legal equivalent to rebellion, high treason, did not apply because his actions last autumn were not accompanied by violence. Puigdemont's lawyer, Jaume Alonso-Cuevillas, declared triumph, writing on Twitter: "It looks like we have a memorable summer". But under European law, if that extradition were to go ahead, Spain could not then try him on the more serious charge of rebellion. Read More »

Senators plan to resurrect resolution backing intelligence community on Russian Federation


Bernie Sanders, I-Vt., that would support intelligence agency assessments that Russian Federation interfered with the US elections in 2016 and shield the Mueller probe from "interference". The Flake-Coons resolution was meant to show support for US intelligence agencies, commending their work and the work of the Justice Department in the probe and agreeing with their finding that Russian Federation interfered in the election. Read More »

Concern in White House over intelligence chief's Russian summit surprise

Still, Trump has expressed a preference for the White House setting for major meetings, including floating an invitation to Washington for North Korea's Kim Jong Un after their meeting in Singapore last month. There are hopes inside the administration that the next summit will be more traditional, with USA and Russian negotiators meeting ahead of time to set up an agenda and try to reach agreement on some issues. Read More »

United States automotive industry to warn about impact of tariffs


The exercise appears to be less an impartial effort to understand the facts than it is a policy hunting for a justification, and a solution in search of a problem", he said . In an open letter to President Trump, the seven auto groups urged the president that "raising tariffs on autos and auto parts would be a massive tax on consumers who buy or service their vehicles - whether imported or domestically produced". Read More »

Trump raises questions over seized Cohen recording


New York, where the taping reportedly took place, legally requires only one person's consent for such a recording. "In addition, Trump's attorneys have not claimed the recording is a privileged attorney-client conversation, a person familiar with the investigation told The Washington Post on Friday". Read More »

Australian PM Malcolm Turnbull urges Pope to fire archbishop


Wilson is appealing against his conviction. "As far as Philip Wilson is concerned, he should have resigned, and the time has come for the pope to sack him", Turnbull told reporters Thursday. On August 14, the Australian judiciary is set to announce if the archbishop should serve his detention under house arrest or in jail, since the sentence mandated that he has to serve six months of the sentence without a parole option. Read More »

Preparations start to evacuate pro-regime Syria towns


Fuaa and Kafraya, the only two places in Syria now designated as besieged by the United Nations, are home to an estimated 8,100 people, majority Shia Muslims. It was part of a deal reached recently between the rebels and the government that was backed by Iran and Turkey. According to source, the convoy shall move to government-held areas in southern Aleppo in one batch for security considerations. Read More »

Cohen Lawyer: 'Spin' Can't Change What's On Tape

The FBI is also investigating Cohen's payment of $130,000 to adult film star Stormy Daniels in the weeks leading up to the election in exchange for silence about an alleged one-time encounter with Trump. The existence of the audio recording was first reported by the New York Times , which said Trump and Cohen discussed a potential payment to McDougal. Read More »

Novichok victim discharged from British hospital


Salisbury District Hospital say their thoughts are with the family and friends of Charlie's partner, Dawn Sturgess at this time 'as they go through the hard process of coming to terms with her death'. Government departments and the Metropolitan Police, whose counter-terrorism unit is investigating the poisoning, refused to comment on the report when contacted by AFP. Read More »

Nine members of same family killed in Missouri duck boat sinking


Six patients were admitted to the Cox Medical Center Branson, hospital officials said in a press conference Friday afternoon. Footage from Paul Lemus published by local news outlets shows a number of adults and children inside the boat. The boat sank in a severe storm on Thursday evening, according to the office. Investigators said stormy weather contributed to the crash. "He said it when we were in the water", she told Fox59. Read More »

More Tapes! Trump Shocked To Learn Cohen Recorded Number Of Their Calls


Cohen recorded the conversation with Trump, which was seized by federal agents now investigating Trump's longtime confidant for potential bank and campaign finance crimes, according to multiple people familiar with the probe. Giuliani also denied Trump had an affair with McDougal. While, such tapes do not necessarily imply guilt on the part of Cohen or the President, Trump's reaction certainly doesn't sound like something coming from an individual with nothing to worry about. Read More »

Perpetrators of Skripal attacks identified - British media


Government departments and the Metropolitan Police, whose counter-terrorism unit is investigating the poisoning, refused to comment on the report when contacted by AFP . Sky said the investigators were sure the perpetrators were Russian . Moscow has repeatedly denied any involvement and accused the British intelligence agencies of staging the attack to stoke anti-Russian hysteria. Read More »

Singapore govt health database hacked - Security


However, while the attack was detected on July 4, it was later established that data "was exfiltrated" from June 27. Government officials did not say who might have been behind the attack, but a joint statement by the health and communications ministries suggested a high degree of sophistication. Read More »

Diplomat says Russian Federation "open" to Putin visit after Trump's invite


The Trump-Putin summit in Helsinki on July 16 was unique and significant, taking place, as it did, during turbulent times of rising confrontation between Russian Federation and the West. The U.S. and Russia have been on opposing sides of the conflict in Ukraine, unleashed after a popular uprising against a pro-Russian president and Russia's annexation of Crimea in 2014. Read More »

White House rejects Putin idea for Ukraine referendum

The back-and-forth came as the White House outlined the agenda for a proposed second summit between Trump and Putin - in Washington this fall - that would focus on national security. If Putin did take the risk and come to the USA for a summit, it will not be his first visit since he has ruled Russian Federation, something the White House was emphasising this week. Read More »

Trump, Putin discussed Syria crisis, returning refugees: Pompeo


You may remember... that was the meeting where the two world leaders came to some sort of "international security" agreement that the Pentagon doesn't have any clue about. presidential election. No Russian leader has visited the White House in almost a decade and it would be a diplomatic coup for Mr Putin, who has been isolated by the West for activities in Ukraine, Syria and the nerve agent attack in Salisbury. Read More »

TIME cover morphs Donald Trump into Vladimir Putin


Trump's administration has sought to control the damage from Monday's summit in Helsinki, where the president astonished the world and drew sharp criticism at home by siding with Putin over USA intelligence agencies on Moscow's meddling in the 2016 presidential election. Read More »

Trump Questions NATO Mutual Defense Pact, Citing Montenegro


Russian Federation was vehemently opposed to Montenegro's joining the alliance, issuing statements of opposition. The only time Article 5 was invoked was on behalf of the USA following the 9/11 attacks in 2001. And Montenegro, a small Balkan nation southwest of Serbia, is considered particularly vulnerable. Infuriated that the west should encroach on areas long viewed as falling within its own sphere of influence, Moscow reacted with barely concealed fury, going so far as to ... Read More »

Trump Fed critique sends dollar lower

The president repeated his criticism of the Federal Reserve for raising interest rates while the USA dollar continued to get stronger. In a CNBC interview that aired earlier on Friday, Trump said he's "ready to go" with tariffs on $500 billion of Chinese goods, roughly the value of all US imports from the Asian nation a year ago. Read More »

Who’s Thrilled With The Helsinki Summit, Besides Russia? Israel


It comes after Trump held a press conference with Putin in Helsinki on Monday, in which the United States leader was accused of not pressing his Russian counterpart on the election meddling that both the Central Intelligence Agency and the Federal Bureau of Investigation have concluded was conducted by Moscow . Read More »