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Jury Awards Family Of Black Man Killed By White Police Officer $4.00


The family of a Florida black man who was fatally shot by police through a garage door in his own house was awarded just four cents in compensation for the loss of his life. "I think they were trying to insult the case", attorney James M. Phillips told the Times . Phillips suggested that the wording of the instructions may have confused the jurors. Read More »

IISc in top 100 world university list again


After making major gains in recent years, both China's top two universities, Peking and Tsinghua, have held steady this year, while other stars from mainland China have slipped. The Times list is one of the world's most respected university ranking league tables, alongside the QS World University Rankings . American institutions took out the top three spots, with Harvard University claiming the top spot again, followed by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and then Stanford. Read More »

White House to impose 25% tariff on $50bn worth of Chinese goods


He said they expect to see a big increase - 35 percent to 45 percent this year alone - in USA farm sales to China. Also on Tuesday, a White House official said the U.S. These actions were announced following a report of the Office of the US Trade Representative regarding China " s practices with respect to technology transfer, intellectual property and innovation. Read More »

Republicans in key midterm races caution against Trump's new tariffs

There has been strong condemnation overseas and in the US. The move has angered the European Union as well as Mexico , who have threatened to retaliate against the USA measure. The US is the second biggest export destination after Turkey - 4.9 million tonnes of steel went there past year. Mexico said it would penalise U.S. Read More »

Pentagon warns Damascus against attacking USA backed SDF


Assad's threat to use force against USA allies in Syria and about 2,000 American troops providing them with air support and training prompted a warning from the Pentagon. The moves were reportedly tied to a clandestine deal between Moscow and Tel Aviv, allowing Damascus to send government troops to territory in southern Syria. Read More »

Kim Kardashian West meets Donald Trump to talk prison reform


Noah continued: "I'm not saying that being an asshole is reason enough not to pardon someone, but what I am saying is that maybe Trump pardoned D'Souza because he is an asshole". "I think that she really deserves a second chance at life ", Kardashian told Mic. The 1994 indictment describes dozens of deliveries and drug transactions, many involving Johnson. Read More »

British man falls to his death at Dalaman Airport


The man died in hospital a short time after the incident today. When he finally got on Board the vessel, and began to argue with the crew. After boarding a flight at around 3am, he is said to have become involved in an argument with cabin crew, it is reported. Read More »

U.S. Vetoes U.N. Resolution on Gaza


Diplomats said negotiations were continuing on whether to put that measure to a vote. It called for the "consideration of measures to guarantee the safety and protection" of Palestinian civilians in Gaza and the Israeli-occupied West Bank, and for a halt to "the use of any excessive, disproportionate and indiscriminate force" by the Israeli military. Read More »

Did the Trump Administration Lose Immigrant Children?


Human rights groups planned protests in dozens of cities across the United States Friday against the Trump administration's policy to separate asylum-seeking Central American immigrant children from their parents. The law on that issue was a bipartisan initiative, approved by unanimous consent and signed by Republican President George W. Bush, as CNN's Jake Tapper and FactCheck.org have reported . Read More »

Visa payment disruption hits Europe


Retailers including Marks & Spencer and Sainsbury's confirmed they were affected, with Sainsbury's commenting at the time: "We are aware that Visa are now experiencing problems". "We will keep you updated". The problem mainly appears to be when using chip and pin, however ATM transactions are not affected. Visa, which acquired Visa Europe in 2016, is a vital backbone for payments in the United Kingdom and the rest of Europe. Read More »

Rick Scott returns to Puerto Rico for sixth visit since Maria


CNN followed with just under 10 minutes of coverage, and Fox covered the report for just 48 seconds. The agency said this time around, it's stocking up with seven times the amount of food and water it had last time and is increasing the number of critical infrastructure generators from 800 to 1,100. Read More »

Knife attack at Flensburg train station in northern Germany


Then the attacker is said to have injured the female police officer and her colleague then shot the man. A fight broke out on the intercity train travelling north to Flensburg via Cologne and Hamburg. Police said terrorism didn't appear to be a motive in the attack. The officer eventually fired her weapon to take down the assailant. The area around the train station was evacuated and closed off following the incident. Read More »

Cosmetics firm Lush criticized over 'police spies' campaign

Che Donald, vice-chairman of the Police Federation of England and Wales, called on customers to boycott Lush, claiming that the "poorly thought out campaign" is "damaging to the large majority of police who have nothing to do with this undercover inquiry". Read More »

Tragedy as two teenagers drown in Ennis quarry


They were airlifted to University Hospital Limerick but were pronounced dead shortly after arrival. Ennis Community College , where Jack was a second-year student, said in a statement they were deeply saddened by his death. Dave Sheehan wrote: 'Jack & Shay, two fantastic rugby players, totally committed, you will truly be missed, condolences from Young Munster RFC U15. Read More »

North Korea nuclear talks get underway


He added: "It's a get-to-know-you situation", and in the process, "we've gotten to know their people very well". He told reporters on the White House lawn: 'We will be meeting on june 12 in Singapore. The Russian diplomat cautioned that the ultimate goal of Korean denuclearization can not be reached as long as sanctions against Pyongyang are in place. Read More »

Florida jury awards $4 in police killing


As the door was closing, Newman fired his handgun four times . This image shows bullet holes on the garage door where Gregory Hill Jr. was shot. Newman discharged his weapon a total of four times , hitting Hill three times , including once in the head, according to court and police records. Read More »

How Trump's election shook Obama: 'What if we were wrong?'


The Times piece spoke at length of President Obama's mental state in the weeks following Trump's victory over Hillary Clinton in the 2016 presidential election. Rhodes served as Obama's deputy national security adviser. In his memoir, Rhodes writes he should have predicted that outcome. 'I couldn't shake the feeling that I should have seen it coming, ' he wrote. Read More »

Italian populists reach last-ditch deal to take power


It is branded "the government of change". "The 5-Star Movement is set to govern the country". "My commitment will regard the security of 60 million Italians", Salvini said. Professor Tria is now a member of the Italian Economic Society; Member of the American Economic Association; President of the Italian National School of Public Adminiistration; Full professor of Political Economy, Faculty of Economics, University of Rome "Tor Vergata". Read More »

Visa says it is suffering service disruption in Europe

The Visa card payment system is now down across Europe. The Visa payment system has crashed across Britain. HSBC bank's UK Twitter account replied to a customer query saying: "From what we understand there are still intermittent issues but services are slowly recovering ". Read More »

Trump Confirms North Korea Ex-Spy in U.S. to Talk About Summit


His trip to the USA was confirmed by Trump, who wrote in a tweet on Tuesday morning that Kim was traveling to NY. Kim may see a meeting with Trump as necessary to easing pressure from crushing sanctions and to winning security assurances in a region surrounded by enemies. Read More »

Mike Pompeo cites 'real progress' after high-level talks with North Korea


The US president now says he still hopes to meet Kim in Singapore on June 12 and pressure him to give up his nuclear weapons, although he conceded on Thursday that might require more rounds of direct negotiations. The State Department says Pompeo will be in NY through Thursday. More recently, the general has been at the center of North Korea's diplomatic engagements. Read More »

Deadbeat son called cops on dad before finally moving out


The 30-year-old upstate NY man who was evicted from his parents' home has finally left, hours before a court-ordered deadline. Rotondo had never contributed to any household expenses or assisted in any household chores after moving back in eight years ago, according to papers filed with the NY court. Read More »

Trump wants a total ban on German luxury auto imports ars_ab.settitle(1316879)

An exclusive report from German magazine WirtschaftsWoche cites several unnamed US and European diplomats. Germany is the biggest European Union exporter of vehicles to the USA, and automakers based there - among them BMW , Mercedes-Benz, and Volkswagen's Bentley, Porsche and Audi brands - account for 90 percent of premium new auto sales in America. Read More »

Rep. Gowdy on Trump "Spygate" claims: Informants used "all day, every day"


At least 18 lawmakers support a resolution calling on U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions to appoint a special counsel to investigate what they describe as "misconduct" by the department and the Federal Bureau of Investigation. Sessions first recused himself in March 2017, saying he "should not be involved in investigating a campaign I had a role in". Responding to the Times report on Tuesday, legal expert and former federal prosecutor Renato Mariotti argued in a series of tweets ... Read More »

Study Hikes Puerto Rico's Hurricane Maria Death Toll To 4645


One of them was by Alexis Raul Santos, a demographer at Pennsylvania State University, and independent researcher Jeffrey Howard. That could result in an overcounting of deaths, he said . Rep. Luis Gutiérrez (D-Ill.)-who has also sharply criticized the administration's response and spent months advocating for greater government investment in recovery efforts-said the Harvard study "confirms my worst nightmares", calling it "confirmation of an American tragedy". Read More »

Canada/US on verge of trade war?


U.S. Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross dropped a bombshell when he said Washington would proceed with 25 per cent tariffs on Canadian steel and 10 per cent tariffs on Canadian aluminum, using a national-security clause in U.S. In response to the announcement , European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker lamented that today is a bad day for world trade, adding that it is " totally unacceptable that they impose unilateral tariffs on trade - countermeasures will follow". Read More »

Pedro Sanchez set to become Spain's prime minister


Rajoy, one of Europe's longest-serving heads of government, lost the vote following corruption convictions last week involving former members of his conservative Popular Party. The Madrid stock exchange was up almost 1.6 percent after Sanchez won the vote, earning a standing ovation from his party's lawmakers. Sanchez, often criticized as lacking a feel for the moment, pounced and left lawmakers with the choice of keeping a party thoroughly tarnished by corruption in charge or making a ... Read More »

Warning as lions, tigers and jaguar loose at German zoo


According to Sky News , it's unclear what circumstances lead to the bear's death. It is reported that a river overflowed and wore down fences, allowing the unsafe animals a way out. Numerous police, zookeepers, and firefighters are combing the zoo looking for the animals before they wandered into the town. Wildlife lovers said the case showed wild animals should not be kept in cages. Read More »

Bishop urges Russian Federation to admit guilt on MH17


At that time, the region was under the control of Russian occupation forces. The team to investigate the incident announced on Thursday that "the plane had been destroyed by a Russian-made Buk missile, adding that it had been supplied by the country's 53rd Anti-Aircraft Brigade in Kursk". Read More »

Scottish First Minister to Meet EU Brexit Negotiator in Brussels


Following a meeting at 10 Downing Street on Wednesday, the business bosses issued the prime minister with a warning that "uncertainty causes less investment". Experts say the chance that Brexit won't happen is very slim, but the lack of progress and ever tighter deadlines are worrying investors and business executives. Read More »

Mexico beat to death a local journalist


Gonzalez was the local correspondent of national daily newspaper Excelsior . According to information released by the Tamaulipas government, Gonzalez was beaten to death. Journalist Juan Carlos Huerta was gunned down at his home in Tabasco on May 15, just one year after reporter Javier Valdez was riddled with bullets in the streets of Sinaloa. Read More »

Spanish PM Rajoy forced out of office

Spain's lower house is now debating a motion filed by the main opposition Socialist Party (PSOE), which is looking to unseat Rajoy and replace him with their leader Pedro Sanchez. Less than two years ago, the man poised to become Spain's new prime minister was staring at the premature end of an unremarkable political career. Market-friendly Ciudadanos, leading in the national opinion polls, was the only major party that said it would support Rajoy. Read More »