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Moving lava sparks immediate evacuations in Hawaii


Residents downslope of the region of fissures should heed all Hawaii County Civil Defense messages and warnings. Multiple fissures continue to spew up hot lava flows, which have blocked roads and damaged dozens of buildings on Hawaii's Big Island. Read More »

Russian journalist and fierce Kremlin critic is slain in Ukrainian capital


Ukrainian police said Arkady Babchenko's wife found him bleeding at their apartment building in Kiev and called an ambulance, but Babchenko died on the way to a hospital. At the event, he also shared his fears prior to leaving Russian Federation, comments that would prove to be eerily prescient given Tuesday's shooting outside his home: "For years I thought I'd be arrested", Babchenko said then. Read More »

Yahoo hacker whose work compromised 500M accounts sentenced to 5 years


Akhmet Tokbergenov, left, and Dinara Tokbergenova, parents of alleged Yahoo hacker Karim Baratov, leave the court after their son was denied bail, with lawyer Deepak Paradkar, right, in Hamilton, Ont. The same agents were also allegedly responsible for the 2014 hack of Yahoo that compromised 500 million user accounts. Baratov and his lawyers also said his work with the Russian Federation spy agency was unwitting. Read More »

Puerto Rico death toll from Hurricane Maria exceeds 4,600

The study , released Tuesday, calls the official government estimate a "substantial underestimate" while saying that an adjusted statistic could point to as many as 5,740 excess deaths. The U.S. government's disaster response came under heavy criticism in the hurricane's aftermath. Puerto Rico has still not fully restored its power grid, wrecked by Hurricane Maria. Read More »

Trump Rips Mueller's 'Rigged Witch Hunt' - Again


One of Trump's lawyers, former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani, told CNN on Sunday that he believed the "basis on which [Mueller] was appointed was illegitimate" and explained the president was very much open to an interview with Mueller because he's innocent. Read More »

Israel minister threatens occupation of besieged Gaza as tensions soar

The Israeli Navy, meanwhile, intercepted a Palestinian Authority boat with approximately 17 PA activists - including Hamas soldiers - attempting to breach Israel's legal naval blockade. Palestinian media reports have also said that Israeli forces attacked targets in Gaza. The protests have called for Palestinians who fled or were expelled in the 1948 war surrounding Israel's creation to be allowed to return to their former homes now inside Israel. Read More »

Vertical plume of ash explodes from Hawaii volcano


The plugs protect against the release of gas that could turn toxic when mixed with lava. Molten rock from the erupting Kilauea volcano continued to relentlessly bulldoze through homes and backyards nearly a month after it began. Authorities continue to urge residents in lower Puna to be prepared to flee quickly, either because of the risk of lava flows or higher levels of sulfur dioxide. Read More »

White House puts $50 billion worth of tariffs on China

After significant back-and-forth over the past few months , the White House intends to follow through with a pledge to place tariffs on imported Chinese technology goods while also tightening restrictions on investments by Chinese firms into American companies. Read More »

Almost 5,000 killed by Hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico, new study estimates

The Harvard University-led study was based on a survey of 3300 households that was compared with official figures to determine how many excess deaths took place up to the end of previous year. The study notes that its total of 4,465 deaths is likely an underestimate. A new report says that estimate is off - by about 4,600. The Buckee team also said that in the aftermath of the storm households went, on average, 68 days without water, 84 days without electricity and 41 days without mobile ... Read More »

Trump Claims Mueller Team 'Will Be Meddling' With Midterm Elections


The president has made it a routine of his to periodically call out the Russian Federation probe, claiming it to be a "witch hunt" and faulting his predecessor for not taking strong enough action when it was announced that Russian Federation did, in fact, meddle in the 2016 presidential election. Read More »

Roman Abramovich moves to Israel


Abramovich's spokesman John Mann refused to comment, saying it was a personal matter. He has owned the team since 2003 and has been present at almost every game, until his visa problems began. The Russian oligarch, who is worth an estimated £8.6 billion, instantly became Israel's wealthiest person after receiving his citizenship on Monday. Read More »

Russian journalist Arkady Babchenko shot and killed in Ukraine

His wife found him and had called the ambulance. Russian journalist Arkady Babchenko was fatally shot at his apartment in Kiev, Ukrainian police said Tuesday. His murder follows the earlier death of Ukranian-Belarussian journalist Pavel Sheremet by vehicle bomb in central Kiev in 2016. Babchenko served in the Russian army during the first separatist war in Chechnya in the 1990s and later started his journalism career, working as a military correspondent for several Russian media outlets. Read More »

Puerto Rico hurricane death toll 70 times higher than official government estimate

The number of deaths calculated in the new study is about 70 times the official count. Several independent investigations have concluded that deaths from the hurricane climbed higher than 1,000 in September and October. They talked to residents in 3,299 households. A third of those deaths after last September's hurricane were due to interruptions in medical care caused by power outages, and blocked or washed out roads, researchers said. Read More »

YouTube takes down 'violent' music videos

Met Commissioner Cressida Dick has linked drill videos to at least one attack, which she said describe stabbings with "great joy and excitement". While the violence often arises from "untreated social problems", Hancox said, "you can see connections between real-life trouble and music world battles-that's a case that judges have made and that's what the police believe is the case". Read More »

Journalists Die Covering Subtropical Storm Alberto In North Carolina


ET advisory that Subtropical Storm Alberto had top sustained winds of 45 miles per hour, and made landfall near Laguna Beach in the Florida panhandle. Smeltzer recently came on board the news station after previously working at WSPA, another local news station in the Charleston area, for several years. Read More »

Puerto Rico Hurricane Death Toll Over 70X Greater Than Official Count

The study, released Tuesday, calls the official government estimate a "substantial underestimate" while saying that an adjusted statistic could point to as many as 5,740 excess deaths. When President Donald Trump visited Puerto Rico on October 3, he noted the storm's relatively low death toll - then 16. They talked to residents in 3,299 households. Read More »

Donald Trump made Memorial Day all about him with 1 tweet


Trump also laid a wreath at the tomb during his second Memorial Day trip to Arlington as president. As of Memorial Day, roughly halfway through his second year in office, President Donald Trump has not visited US soldiers on the ground in the Middle East-something that his predecessor President Barack Obama did three months after his inauguration. Read More »

String of Hawaii Volcano Explosions Shoot Ash to 3,300 Meters

Magma has drained from Kilauea's summit lava lake and flowed around 40km east underground, bursting out of about two dozen giant cracks or fissures. The wells at the Puna Geothermal Venture site have been capped to prevent the release of toxic gas that can result from mixing with lava. Read More »

Facebook Shutting Down for a Month in Papua New Guinea


Facebook's CEO and founder Mark Zuckerberg . "The time will allow information to be collected to identify users that hide behind fake accounts, users that upload pornographic images, users that post false and misleading information on Facebook to be filtered and removed", he tells the Post-Courier. Read More »

Talks attempt to save summit for Trump-Kim


At the same time, a "pre-advance" team was travelling to Singapore to meet with North Koreans, the White House said. Shares of Shinwon Corp, which used to operate factories in the Kaesong industrial region near the Demilitarized Zone, jumped 22 percent, while Hyundai Engineering & Construction gained 24 percent. Read More »

Trump Honors Fallen Soldiers On Memorial Day With Self-Congratulatory Tweet

Bob Dole , a World War II veteran. He is buried at Arlington. "Each year, the grief renewed, the memories relived, those last attractive moments together, cherished and always remembered". Those who gave their lives in service to the nation represent the full tapestry of American life, he said. They came from different backgrounds, were of all military ranks, and were of all race, color and creeds, he said. Read More »

White House Moves Ahead With Tough Trade Measures on China

The announcement comes a week after Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin said the Trump administration would stand down on imposing tariffs while the two sides continued negotiations to avoid a trade war . In addition, the U.S. will continue efforts to protect domestic technology and intellectual property, stop noneconomic transfers of industrially significant technology and intellectual property to China, and enhance access to the Chinese market, the White House said. Read More »

Flash flood emergency in Ellicott City, Md., as thunderstorms unload excessive rainfall


Hired consultants studied the flood of July 30, 2016 and found that Ellicott City is flood prone mostly because of its topography, nestled in steep hills and at the intersection of multiple streams. - PM Breaking News (@PMBreakingNews) May 27, 2018Main Street #EllicottCity flooding . Some buildings had just finished final renovations from the 2016 flood when they were again gutted by floodwaters. Read More »

Doctors who treated Skripals uncertain about their long-term health

She said when the Skripals and Police Detective Sgt. Nick Bailey who was among the first responders to the scene of the poisoning, all presented with similar symptoms, "There was real concern as to how big this could get". "We were just told that there were two patients down in the emergency department who were critically unwell and they would be coming up to the unit", recalled ward sister Ms Clark. Read More »

TV journalists reporting on storm killed by falling tree in North Carolina

Sent to cover "rain impact" in Polk County, North Carolina, news anchor Mike McCormick and photographer Aaron Smeltzer were confirmed dead in a press conference on Monday. Monday's mudslide is near the same scene where a woman was killed in her home May 19 by a mudslide and also where people were trapped inside a restaurant. Read More »

New Lava Flow Threatens Parts Of Leilani Estates


Newly reactivated fissures were spewing molten rock and toxic gas, destroying buildings as the lava moves at a rate of some 90 feet every hour. Steve Brantley of the Hawaiian Volcano Observatory said the flow seemed to have halted Sunday morning after moving slowly into the proximity of the well overnight. Read More »

Donald Trump: Russia Investigation 'Meddling' with Midterm Elections


For the 12th time since Saturday, President Donald Trump tweeted this morning at length about Robert Mueller's investigation, or as he now calls it, the "Rigged Witch Hunt", before apologizing to his base that he would have to take a break from that topic to turn his attention to the upcoming North Korea summit. Read More »

Putin says 'all is not lost' to save Iran nuclear deal


Trending: Robert F. Kennedy Jr. Russian President Vladimir Putin has said the Russia-China comprehensive strategic partnership of coordination is developing at the best level in history and the prospect is very good. In the meeting with editors, Mr. Putin declined to assess relations between Mr. Trump and North Korea's Kim Jong-un, but said the United States should not try to take a hard line with the country. Read More »

Chelsea owner Roman Abramovich 'granted Israeli citizenship'


Mr. Johnson suggested last week that the British government might take further action "to crack down on people close to Putin who may have illicit or ill-gotten wealth". Putin. He will live in a mansion in Tel Aviv's neighborhood of Neve Tzedek, a former hotel he purchased from Israeli Hollywood actress Gal Gadot, Ynet reported. Read More »

Three killed in Belgium shooting


It was unclear, however, what lay behind the incident in which the man had also taken a woman hostage, according to RTBF . Belgian Interior Minister Jan Jambon said Belgium's Federal Crisis Centre was monitoring the situation. The pupils of the schools situated in the neighborhood are safe and sound and are in security. "We are now assessing what happened exactly". The gunman's third victim was a passenger in a auto driving by at the time. Read More »

Mamoudou Gassama: Mali 'Spiderman' to be made French citizen


In the meeting, live footage of which was carried on the president's Facebook page, Macron gave Gassama a medal for bravery and also proposed that Gassama join the French fire service. Massama, who arrived in France a few months ago, met President Emmanuel Macron at the presidential palace Monday and was told he would be made a French citizen, CNN reports. Read More »

Trump lays wreath at Tomb of Unknown Soldier, marking Memorial Day


He is buried at Arlington. "They died so that freedom could live", the president said. 'Those who died for our great country would be very happy and proud at how well our country is doing today. Trump stood by Gen. Joseph Dunford, the Joint Chiefs of Staff chairman, and Defense Secretary Jim Mattis before laying the wreath. He also honoured the families "they left behind and for whom every day is Memorial Day". Read More »

SC TV Journalists Die after tree falls on their vehicle in NC


WYFF anchors Mike Cogdill and Carol Goldsmith kept a stiff upper lip as they broke the sad news to viewers. The first named storm of the 2018 hurricane season made landfall late Monday on the Florida panhandle, bringing heavy rainfall and strong winds to the coastal area normally packed with Memorial Day crowds.The National Hurricane Center said in its 5 p.m. Read More »