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Amazon shortlists 20 cities, including Toronto, for second headquarters


Certainly it's true that the state and the region will have to step up with the necessary incentives , but Amazon's arrival would be a monumental plus with long-term benefits. "There were a couple cities everyone thought would make that list, that ended up not making the cut". Boston's offer includes $75 million for affordable housing for Amazon employees and others. Read More »

One year later, Women's March returns

Greg Abbott in the 2014 gubernatorial election, gave a speech at the Texas Capitol. "I talked to her about the pay gap between women and men, how we do the same jobs as they do but we don't necessarily get the same pay that they do". With widespread criticism of the policies of the Trump Administration dominating the marches this Saturday across the country, the participants chanted one of their slogans, dedicated to the president on the anniversary of his arrival at the White House ... Read More »

Two parents from California accused of torturing 13 children


Louise Anna Turpin , 49, was arrested last Sunday, Jan. 14, with her husband, 57-year-old David Allen Turpin, after a 17-year-old girl escaped from their Perris, Calif ., home early Sunday morning and used a cellphone to call 911. Asked if she ever breaks down after leaving her patients, Kamalpour said , "Absolutely. You reflect when you leave". "She said that they had prayed about it and she had a bad dream and she didn't feel that she should make the trip". Read More »

Turkey shells Kurds in Syria as full military offensive looms


In response Syria says it is prepared to shoot down any planes which enter its airspace. The US state department has called on Turkey to focus on the fight against Isis and not send its troops into Afrin. More than 50 Turkish vehicles, including artillery, tanks, rocket launchers and heavy equipment transporters have been observed on the Turkish-Syrian border, according to another USA defense official. Read More »

Afrin is not an operational area for coalition: CENTCOM


In a statement , the Russian Ministry of Defense said that Russia was withdrawing its troops from Syria's Afrin, the target of the Turkish offensive . "Allegations that we have launched attacks across the border are false and a pretext for Turkey to bring its military forces and its extremist opposition groups onto Syrian soil". Read More »

Olympic gymnastics star Raisman demands probe of Nassar abuse


In a MI courtroom, she turned her rage on Nassar , accusing him of sexual abuse . Nassar has pleaded guilty to abusing seven girls. The criminal cases followed reports a year ago in The Indianapolis Star about how USA Gymnastics mishandled complaints about sexual misconduct involving him and coaches. Read More »

Several people wounded by Turkish airstrikes on Syrian Kurdish city of Afrin


However, officials earlier said Russian Federation would not involve itself in the conflict. Turkey is seeking to oust Kurdish fighters from Afrin, held by them since 2012. "The YPG and the civilians will defend Afrin to the last moment", he said. But the risks are huge - the offensive pits Turkey against its North Atlantic Treaty Organisation ally the USA, which backs the Kurdish militia against IS, infuriating Ankara . Read More »

Olympics 2018: North Korea to send 22 athletes


The International Olympics Committee (IOC) would still need to approve the countries' agreements, and those that affect competition like a joint hockey team, which could be more complicated than the ceremonial proposals, CNN noted. Critics of the unity deal believe that Kim Jong-un may try to leverage the Olympics to weaken US-led worldwide pressure and sanctions toughened due to North Korea's prolonged program of nuclear tests and missile launches. Read More »

Why Women's March Organizers Are Focused On Polls In Nevada This Year

The rallies took place exactly one year after Trump took office, and one day before the anniversary of the Women's March , a large-scale protest around the world for human rights. Though she could see people in the distance through a window at a party nearby, Murphy said no one could hear her screams. Afterward, a wave of women made a decision to run for elected office, and the #MeToo movement against sexual misconduct became a cultural phenomenon. Read More »

MEA Summons Pakistan High Commissioner Over Frequent Ceasefire Violations


As a result, four soldiers embraced martyrdom. The Rescue-1122 of Sialkot shifted the injured to Combined Military Hospital, Sialkot Cantt, where the condition of six injured was stated to be critical. According to the Foreign Office, India committed 70 ceasefire violations in the first 12 days of the year and 1,900 in 2017. "This unprecedented escalation in cease-fire violations by India is continuing" since 2017 despite calls for restraint from Islamabad, Pakistan's statement said. Read More »

Democrats want a government shutdown: US President Trump


The last U.S. shutdown lasted for 16 days in October 2013, with around 800,000 workers granted leave. Bernie Sanders - the independent Vermont senator aligned with Democrats - described the president's decision to end protections for " dreamers " as "Trump's self-made crisis". Read More »

Read South Africa's statement demanding an official explanation of Trump's "shithole" comment


He talked about the hot-button topic of DACA and said that "Democrats were not helping" and that they did not want to make a deal. Durbin , referencing the cantillating voices of protestors at the Capitol, said on Wednesday he believed his comments have caused people to feel more mobilized to stand up for the illegal immigrants previously protected by the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program. Read More »

White House insiders tussle over Donald Trump vulgarity

The South Carolina Republican had not yet arrived at the hearing. 'She didn't remember Lindsey Graham , who challenged the president on his vile words yesterday. Trump issued a fresh denial on Monday, saying: "Senator Dicky Durbin totally misrepresented what was said at the DACA meeting". Sen. Patrick Leahy, D-Vt., asked her specifically if she heard the vulgarity or a "substantially similar word" to describe certain countries. Read More »

Sioux City boil water advisory is over


The water system's precarious position is driven by multiple factors. Water pressure citywide, however, remains below normal average levels. While pressure in the water system is now at safe levels, residents should not consider the system back to normal, Landrieu Communications Director Tyronne Walker said. Read More »

What we learned about Trump's health today from his doctor


In order to make sure Trump sticks to a healthy regimen, Jackson half-jokingly said that he would get first lady Melania Trump on the president's case if needed. However, Republicans and Democrats have both said they either heard Trump say it, or heard directly from colleagues who did. The White House has said it backs a short-term spending measure by a Friday deadline to prevent a shutdown. Read More »

Democrats holding citizens hostage: Donald Trump administration on United States shutdown


House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi on Saturday rejected a fall-back plan by Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell to pass a continuing resolution lasting until February 8 and hold an open floor debate on an immigration bill. If an agreement isn't met this weekend, some offices will remain closed, but not as many as the 2013 shutdown, White House budget director Mick Mulvaney said. Read More »

Real Madrid stars pushing to sign Neymar


Real Madrid will host Deportivo La Coruna at the iconic Santiago Bernabeu in the Spanish Primera Division on Sunday afternoon. Lexta also suggest that despite a rocky working relationship between Jose Mourinho and Ronaldo from their time at Real Madrid , the Portuguese tactician wants the player to be signed if he is available. Read More »

Sen. Durbin Unbending: 'I Stand by Every Word I Said'

The official said that although this might enrage Washington , staffers predicted the comment would resonate with Trump's base, similarly to how Trump's attacks on NFL players kneeling during the National Anthem did. I don't dispute that the president was using tough language. DHS Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen is testifying before the Senate Judiciary Committee. Read More »

Turkey Strikes Kurds In Afrin


Various sources reported on exchange of gunfire and skirmishes at or points on Turkish-Syrian border. As the so-called Syrian revolution started in 2012, Kurdish political parties and milities held control of great parts in northern Syria and declared their autonomy from the central government. Read More »

Turkish jets bombard Kurdish-run city of Afrin in Syria


But Turkey is Washington's main Muslim ally within North Atlantic Treaty Organisation. It remains unclear whether Turkish forces would try to seize the town of Afrin itself - an assault that would be challenging and result in high civilian casualties, warn analysts, or be content with controlling all roads in and out. Read More »

President Trump Declares 'I Am Not A Racist'


Trump wasn't apologetic and denied he was racist, said the confidant, who spoke on condition of anonymity to discuss a private conversation. "I use the word ignorance - and I'd think I'd rather say uninformed because ignorance has more of a negative connotation", Farris said during his interview with Lemon Monday night. Read More »

Manbij Next, Says Erdogan as Turkey Warplanes Bomb Syria's Afrin


While the United States supports Turkey's concern about a safe and secure Turkish-Syrian border, military operations by Turkey into northeast Syria will not advance regional stability, the State Department said Friday. "We are closely monitoring the development of the situation", the statement said. "In keeping with past practice, both have agreed to keep the details of their conversations private". Read More »

Novak Djokovic into Australian Open third round after win over Gael Monfils


But the unseeded Frenchman returned for the second as a completely different player, clearly affected by the soaring temperatures under the summer sun. Tournament organizers have a tough call to make between delaying games and not giving advantages to some players . He asked: "What do you do?" But they were not deemed extreme enough for the tournament to implement its policy, which can see matches on open courts postponed and those on the show courts played with the roof closed. Read More »

North Korea to send 22 athletes to Pyeongchang Olympics


The last time, the two Koreas marched together was the 2007 Asian Winter Games in Changchun, China. The three sports in which North Korea will compete are ice skating and skiing, in addition to women's ice hockey, the International Olympic Committee said. Read More »

'Will Annihilate US Forces in Syria: Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan


Cavusoglu said despite their disagreements over Syria - including on the future of Moscow's ally President Bashar al-Assad - Turkey has been working with Russian Federation on the issue. Any operation would entail considerable military and political risk for Ankara . Although Afrin is at the moment autonomous and run by the Kurds , the Syrian government is hoping to bring the latter back under Damascus, and may be playing for a Baath-Kurdish alliance against Turkey and the remnants of ... Read More »

North Korean athletes will compete at Winter Olympics


Hyon's presence suggests Moranbong may be attending next month's Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang, South Korea .Pyongyang and Seoul are now discussing whether to field a joint ice hockey team for the games, . "There are many considerations with regard to the impact of these proposals on the other participating NOCs (national Olympic committees) and athletes". Read More »

Ivana Trump Says Donald's Not Racist, Just Confused


Trump has been accused of using the word "shithole" to describe African countries during an Oval Office meeting Thursday with a bipartisan group of six senators. The comment about other nations was reportedly made during a bipartisan meeting aimed at finding a compromise deal for Dreamers, young people without legal immigration status who were brought to the U.S. Read More »

Moscow urges Turkey, Kurds to show 'restraint' amid Afrin operation launch


U.S. Secretary of State Rex Tillerson told reporters on Wednesday that the United States owes Turkey an explanation for saying that it is supporting the creation of a border security force in northern Syria. It also threatens to turn into a humanitarian disaster. Cavusoglu said Turkey wasn't satisfied with the USA explanation, while adding that it has no interest in colliding with the US over the operation. Read More »

Instagram brings Activity Status for your friends


Instagram now lets users see when their friends last checked the app on their mobile device . For now, the activity status is visible only in direct messages. In the meantime, fans will have to make do with the new feature. Scroll down to " Show Activity Status ". This would be an interesting feature if it is in real. Read More »

Trump rejects 'horrible' bipartisan plan for immigration


The remarks leaked out, transforming a debate about saving from deportation some 700,000 young immigrants brought to the country illegally as children into another drama about Trump himself. "I'll just say, what Senator Durbin has portrayed is a misportrayal", the Arkansas senator told Little Rock radio station KARN on Tuesday. Trump ended the program in September, giving Congress six months to find a permanent solution. Read More »