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Google removes Chrome Apps from Web Store, pushes to PWAs


Well, almost a year-and-half later Google has completed the job and now, Chrome browser will not be able to access or install any apps from the store. This extension enables you to install, view, and modify the Chrome Remote Desktop native client from the web UI. The major difference between chrome web apps and PWAs are the Progressive web apps are cross-platform and cross-browser, while the Chrome apps are limited to Google's browser . Read More »

Some Destiny 2 activities now unavailable without DLC purchase


At least for their more exciting Prestige variants. Destiny 2 has a Gold trophy called " The Prestige " which requires players to "Complete the Leviathan Raid or a Nightfall Strike on Prestige difficulty". Since the release of " Curse of Osiris " yesterday, players have found that the Exotic Trace Rifle practically shreds anything in player versus player (PvP) play. Read More »

The next Huawei phone might pack a triple-lens 40MP camera


All of this mapping will be supplemented with machine learning and AI, which can now be found in the Huawei Mate 10 Pro.The basis of the smartphone Huawei P11 will be a proprietary 8-core processor Kirin 970 with neural unit NPU, which is created to work with photos and perform some other tasks without load on the main processor. Read More »

Xiaomi Redmi 5A First Sale Today At 12 PM - Price, Offers, Specifications


The Xiaomi Redmi 5 and Redmi 5 Plus feature 5.7-inch HD+ displays with no hardware capacitive buttons at the bottom. Ahead to the retailer's official announcement, the Xiaomi Redmi 5 with 16GB storage is priced at $199.99 approximately Rs 13,000 and the Xiaomi Redmi 5 Plus with 32GB storage is priced at $249.99 approximately Rs 16,000. Read More »

Earliest Black Hole Gives Rare Glimpse of Ancient Universe


Because of how the universe expands, this value directly relates to how distant the quasar is from us, which the scientists calculated to be 13 billion light years. The astronomer who found the unusual black hole said that there's no way of explaining how a black hole would be able to pick up such mass, and that it might challenge out current understandings of how black holes form. Read More »

Steam suspends Bitcoin support due to high fees


Unfortunately, Valve has no control over the amount of the fee. "These fees result in unreasonably high costs for purchasing games when paying with Bitcoin", Valve said in a statement . At the time of writing, the price of one Bitcoin was just shy of $14,000. But high fees and the roller coaster market value have convinced Valve to give it up as a viable alternative to traditional payment methods. Read More »

That new rumoured Portal game? It's a Bridge Constructor spin-off


A new Portal game was announced! Bridge Constructor Portal will be released on December 20 2017 for Windows, MacOS and Linux as well as for mobile devices. It's probably not where anybody expected Portal to go after Portal 2 and VR playground The Lab , but sometimes you've gotta build a few bridges to get where you're really going. Read More »

After updating to iOS iPhone X complain of problems with


At end October, 35.3 percent of Apple's installed base customers across Europe and the United States had owned their iPhones for more than two years, up from 30.1 percent the year before, signifying "considerable pent-up demand" within Apple's base, Kantar said. Read More »

Amazon launches Prime membership in Singapore to attract customers

Singapore Prime members are also entitled to unlimited free global shipping on orders above S$60 from Amazon US. Singapore will be the first country in Southeast Asia, and 16th globally, to launch Amazon Prime. "In addition, with the attractive loyalty program offerings and promotions that Amazon is offering, consumers will be willing to give Amazon another shot", said Wang. Read More »

Apple TV will finally get Amazon Prime Video


The best way to find it, notes 9 to 5 Mac , is to search Amazon in the tvOS store, select Amazon Shopping then scroll down in the "more by this developer" section. Either way, this means that we'll likely see the Amazon Prime Video app launch for Apple TV sometime this week, with tomorrow being the earliest. At WWDC 2017, Apple announced that Prime Video would roll out for Apple TV this year and many had presumed it would be during the summer. Read More »

RBI keeps repo rate unchanged at six per cent


The central bank said its repurchase rate, or the short-term lending rate for commercial banks, has been maintained at 6 per cent. Further, global policy rate cycle and commodity prices along with consolidated fiscal position will keep the RBI cautious. Read More »

Protecting Wildlife and Nature from Exploitation


An Instagram representative tells the Huffington Post that "hundreds of hashtag combinations" will now trigger a warning advising users about the problems of wildlife exploitation. "We're trying to do our part to educate them". "Wild animals are being taken from their mothers as babies and secretly kept in filthy, cramped conditions or repeatedly baited with food causing severe psychological trauma just so tourists can get photo". Read More »

Ford Sues Celebrity Wrestler For Breaking Contract

If you're familiar with new Ford GT sales, you'll know that any applicant chosen by Ford must sign a contract saying the buyer won't resell the auto for at least 24 months. Cena took delivery of his auto September 23, 2017, signing a contract that explicitly said he understood "being selected for the opportunity to purchase this vehicle is non-transferable and [that he agrees] not to sell the vehicle within the first 24 months of delivery". Read More »

Instagram Introduces Stories Highlights and Stories Archive Features


The company, although not completely abandoning the ephemeral content idea, is now adopting a Stories Archive - a section of the Instagram app that files away previous stories for your reminiscing. As mentioned above, Instagram is also getting a Stories Archive feature. From there, you can add it to your story, share it as a post or add it to a highlight on your profile. Read More »

The Division 1.8 update delivers huge Resistance patch


According to their blog post, West Side Pier is a new never seen area available to all players that own the Division . The new locale of the West Side Pier is home to two new game modes. You can start a skirmish match from the last stand gate in Camp Clinton. PvP progress is shared between the existing Last Stand mode and Skirmish, and the level cap has been raised from 40 to 99. Read More »

Bungie reveals size of upcoming Destiny 2 expansion


Lastly, you will be able to play Destiny 2 Curse of Osiris immediately after the servers are back online. It is expected that players will be able to start Curse of Osiris download after 8 AM PST i.e. While not as lengthy as Destiny 2's Leviathan raid, it will contain new puzzles and encounters that pose just as much of a challenge. That does it for how big the download size is for Destiny 2: Curse of Osiris . Read More »

Ubisoft Giving Away Two Free Games for PC This Holiday

While "World of Conflict" is celebrating its 10th anniversary since its release, " Assassin's Creed " is celebrating the first decade anniversary of the franchise. From December 4 (9AM PST) through on December 11 (2AM PST) you will be able to log on to UPlay, download it for free and keep it forever. Then, the user should follow the prominent banner on the front page. Read More »

Mega Man 11 Coming in Late 2018, Watch the Trailer


While the art style has changed, the game appears to retain the same run-and-gun action as previous entries in the series, so old fans of the blue bomber should feel at home with Mega Man 11 . Capcom's Koji Oda is directing the project, and it seems like Capcom is developing it all in house. Mega Man X was the first of those spinoff series. Read More »

Facebook opens new office off Oxford Street


As well as engineers, there will also be developers, marketing and sales teams. Facebook joins a number of large tech companies doubling down on their presence in London, despite the ongoing uncertainty about the UK's pending exit from the European Union. Read More »

December supermoon dazzles in the night sky


A supermoon phenomenon occurs when moon's orbit is closer than average to Earth. The supermoon tends to be brighter and appear to be larger than its usual size. on December 3, 2017. A supermoon occurs every 14 full moon which is just over a year. It can also be called a "frost moon, a cold moon, or a moon before yule"! The moon is usually about 238,000 miles away from Earth but when in perigee it is about 222, 135 miles away - that's a difference of 30,516 miles. Read More »

Updating macOS High Sierra Could Reactivate Root Password Vulnerability


Apple on Wednesday released an emergency patch that fixed an embarrassing login bug in its macOS 10.13.1 High Sierra operating system. The huge security flaw was disclosed in an Apple developer support forum by a user on Twitter. However, as Wired reports , Apple's fix for that problem has a serious glitch of its own. Developers can download the macOS Developer Beta Access Utility from the link below... Read More »

The SMS text message turns 25 today


But texting didn't take off over night. Ofcom statistics state that mobile phone users sent 102 billion texts in 2015, compared with 150 billion in 2011. So SMS can be considered the first step towards the modern smartphone. Rather than calling someone - interrupting them and demanding their attention right that moment - it let people choose when to reply. Read More »

Samsung Galaxy X Foldable Smartphone Set to Unveil in 2018


Samsung now only has one dual camera-equipped offering and that is the Note 8. Samsung is also planning to launch its flagship Galaxy S9 earlier than usual. The company also plans to implement 3D sensing facial recognition feature and rear-mounted fingerprint sensor for security. The next-generation Samsung Galaxy A7 is reportedly getting a new name with a brand-new design to boot, which might be the cause for the moniker change in the first place. Read More »

Ohtani won't sign with Yankees, BoSox


The Yankees were perceived to be the favorite by many because they had the second-most amount of global signing bonus money ($3.35M), the diversity of NY, the successful recent history with Japanese players, like Hideki Matsui and Masahiro Tanaka, and a chance to win immediately. Read More »

There's a limited edition OnePlus 5T for Star Wars: The Last Jedi


Those teasers showed a red-coloured OnePlus 5T . The OnePlus 5T sports Face Unlock feature which the company claims that it is based on advanced facial recognition system and also feature a fingerprint scanner at the back panel. The company is yet to announce the availability of the phone, but according to a report from TechPP claims that the device might be exclusive to the Indian market. Read More »

Former BSO Conductor Being Investigated for Sexual Abuse


A police report obtained by the New York Post reveals that famed Metropolitan Opera conductor James Levine is alleged to have molested an IL teenager over the course of several years, almost leading the victim to the point of suicide. Ex-Met Opera conductor James Levine is being investigated over sexual abuse claims. . The man told police he last spoke with Levine in 2014. In this case, the man asked that his name not be published and declined to be interviewed on the record. Read More »

Oregon Ducks Lose On Boise State Buzzer Beater


Oregon's Payton Pritchard appeared to force overtime when he hit a driving layup with four seconds left to tie the game at 70. After forcing a pair of turnovers with their press, the Ducks had a chance to take the lead in the final minute, but Roman Sorkin missed a three and Keith Smith missed several put-back attempts before Sorkin was called for a foul, sending the Broncos to the line. Read More »