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Bright skies tonight for what could be a spectacular lunar eclipse


The moon slips into Earth's dark umbral shadow during a total lunar eclipse over Angel de la Independencia in Mexico City on January 20, 2019. The eclipse, which began about 4.34pm Monday and reached totality at 5.41pm, occurred when the moon was at its closest point to Earth - making it a supermoon, so it appeared 14 per cent larger and 30 per cent brighter. Read More »

Saturn didn't have rings and its moon looks like the Death Star


The so-called " Grand Finale " signaled that the end was nigh for the probe and, on September 15, 2017, it burned up in the gas giant's atmosphere, bringing a spectacular 13 years of science in Saturn's orbit to a poignant close. The team calculated that the surface clouds at Saturn's equator rotate 4% faster than the layer 6,000 miles deep. Saturn's rings boast a mass equivalent to 40 percent of the mass of Saturn's moon Mimas , which is 2,000 times smaller than Earth's moon. Read More »

Japan successfully launches Epsilon-4 rocket with 7 satellites


Founded in 2011, Astro Live Experiences ( ALE ) launched its first test microsatellite into orbit on board an Epsilon rocket from the JAXA Uchinoura Space Center in Japan. ALE says the satellites will be programmed to release the pellets at the right location, direction and speed to provide a show for paying viewers on the ground. Read More »

Good chance to see the super blood wolf moon late Sunday night


The lunar eclipse is for everyone! And there is no need for special equipment like telescopes, the best views will be with the unaided eye and binoculars. when totality begins -- when Earth's shadow completely engulfs the lunar disk. "During totality, which will last 62 minutes, the moon will appear to glow like an eerie ball - which to the eye, and especially in binoculars and small telescopes - will appear nearly three dimensional", Joe Rao , an instructor at New York's Hayden ... Read More »

China Sprouts First-Ever Plants on the Moon's Surface


Dubbed a moon surface micro-ecological circle, the 18-centimeter high aluminum alloy cylinder contains silkworm eggs and seeds for potatoes and rockcress ( Arabidopsis thaliana , a flowering plant related to mustard and cabbage). Cotton seeds ferried to the far the side of the moon in a "mini biosphere" aboard China's Chang'e-4 spacecraft have sprouted, according to a report from the state-run Xinhua News Agency . Read More »

Heads-up for Sunday, a super 'blood moon' is on the way

Sunday night, skygazers in the Tampa Bay area will be front-row center for the first total eclipse of the moon in almost three years. Amateur astronomers can get a stellar view of this weekend's upcoming Super Blood Wolf Moon thanks to some help from the pros at the Rothney Observatory . Read More »

£21bn 'holy grail' particle collider splits the scientific community


The team at CERN is looking to the future with a much, much larger collider that is called the Futur Circular Collider (FCC) and has published the Conceptual Design Report (CDR ) that shows different options for the future device. Over the next few years, the 22-member states of CERN will examine the proposals and come to a decision on whether they should be put into action, The Associated Press reported. Read More »

After conquering dark side of the moon, China targets Mars in 2020


Shortly after the successful landing of the Chang'e-4 probe on the far side of the moon on January 3, China's spacecraft is going back at the end of this year to make its second of the four missions to the moon. Xie Gengxin, dean of Institute of Advanced Technology at Chongqing University, and the chief designer of the experiment, praised the achievement on the university's blog. Read More »

UK Government to tackle air pollution


The changes will also mean only the cleanest stoves will be available for sale by 2022 and councils will have more power to take action in areas of high pollution. In recent weeks, municipal workers have sprayed water on the roads and into the air in Bangkok to help clear the smog. In February 2018, the government was defeated for the third-time running in the High Court ClientEarth over its air pollution plans. Read More »

China's cotton plants sprout on moon


The Chang'e-4 probe had achieved the expected landing precision. The cotton along with potato seed, fruit-fly eggs, arabidopsis - a small, flowering plant of the mustard family - and yeast landed on the moon January 3 aboard the Chang'e 4 lander. Read More »

China and NASA Share Moon Landing Data


That image was taken prior to Chang'e 4's touchdown, explained LROC principal investigator Mark Robinson, who's based at Arizona State University in Tempe. Sun Zezhou, the chief designer of the Chang'e-4 probe from CAST, said the probe will get first-hand data by directly measuring the temperatures of the lunar soil, probe's surface, and its key interior equipment during the lunar night. Read More »

Giant leaf for mankind? China germinates first seed on moon


The plans underscore China's ambitions in space at a time when the U.S. is curtailing NASA's budget and increasingly handing over space exploration to commercial adventurers, the Washington Post reported on Monday. The lunar mini biosphere experiment on the Chang'e-4 lander is created to test photosynthesis and respiration - processes in living organisms that result in the production of energy. Read More »

Chinese lunar probe snaps breathtaking panoramic PHOTOS of Moon’s far side


China's National Space Administration ( CNSA ) has made public a batch of selected photos, inducing a 360-degree panorama taken by a camera installed atop the lander. Researchers hope that low-frequency observations of the cosmos from the far side of the moon, where radio signals from Earth are blocked, will help scientists learn more about the early days of the solar system and birth of the universe's first stars. Read More »

Oceans warming faster than expected, set heat record in 2018 - scientists


And today, researchers writing in the journal Science claim the warming of oceans worldwide since the 1970s has happened 40 per cent faster than previously estimated. Moreover, the revised and updated ocean heat content record is much more in step with the warming predicted by climate models, thereby providing much more confidence in expectations for the future. Read More »

Canadian astronomers detect mysterious repeating radio signal from far galaxy


Researchers from the Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics point out that FRBs can be used to study the structure and evolution of the universe whether or not their origin is fully understood. "CHIME is looking at the whole northern sky every day so there's plenty of possibilities to find more of these things", she said. 400 Mhz is the lower limit of the CHIME experiment at the moment, so other FRBs at lower frequencies could simply be going undetected. Read More »

Thousands of white dwarf stars are turning into crystals


White dwarf stars are probably the oldest stellar objects in the universe. Therefore, gaining a greater understanding of how crystallization can stave off the cooling process, essentially making the stars appear younger than they really are, would help astronomers improve the accuracy of the white dwarf dating technique. Read More »

Aliens could be behind mysterious radio waves from deep space

The fast radio bursts , named FRBs , were discovered by the Canadian Hydrogen Intensity Mapping Experiment (CHIME ) team in British Columbia, Canada . "Whatever the source of these radio waves is, it's interesting to see how wide a range of frequencies it can produce", said CHIME team member Dr. Read More »

British parliament orders May government to come up with Brexit plan B


Labour's shadow Brexit secretary Sir Keir Starmer said: "The government's decision to delay the meaningful vote has run down the clock and increased the risk of a no-deal Brexit. After heckles from the Tory benches, he added: "I'm trying to do the right thing and make the right judgments". "I would suggest to some of my honourable friends - the ones that are getting somewhat overexcited - that perhaps they should don a yellow jacket and go outside", he said. Read More »

Thousands of Queensland beachgoers stung — Bluebottle jellyfish


About 13,000 stings were recorded in the past week - three times more than in the corresponding period a year ago. Labelled an "invasion" by local media, the bluebottles have stung both swimmers in shallow water and those who accidentally trod on the creatures while walking on the sand. Read More »

China shares first Chang’e-4 Lunar far side images


At 10:26 am, January 3 Beijing time, China's Chang'e-4 spacecraft made a successful soft landing in the Von Kármán crater within the moon's South Pole-Aitken (SPA) basin. It communicates with Earth via the Queqiiao relay satellite, which launched in May to enable contact between ground controllers and Chang'e-4. The United States is the only country that has successfully sent a person to the moon, though China is considering a crewed mission too. Read More »

The best way to see the first meteor shower of 2019


Unlike other meteor showers, such as the Perseids or Geminids where the peak can last for a couple days, the Quadrantids peak is only for several hours, with the best time occurring between midnight and dawn. If you want to check your chances for seeing them, Time and Date has a helpful guide too. It will be visible throughout North America the night of january 20 and early morning of january 21. Read More »

Quadrantid shower: How to watch 2019's first meteors tonight

Though intense, the Quadrantids feature only a brief peak. Like the Geminid meteor shower , the Quadrantid comes from a mysterious asteroid or "rock comet", rather than an icy comet, which is unusual. He continues by saying that in 2003, an astronomer by the name of Peter Jenniskens "tentatively identified" the parent body of the Quadrantids as rocky-bodied asteroid 2003 EH1, as opposed to an icy comet. Read More »

New Horizons reveals Kuiper Belt object is a contact binary


Included in this will be a series of much higher-resolution images that will provide an even greater look at Ultima Thule , now the farthest object from Earth to ever be photographed by a spacecraft. But unlike those objects, which have encountered more space debris and endured the sun's heat, Ultima Thule is thought to be mostly unchanged since it formed. Read More »

Meteors come to Kingman skies

The Quadrantid meteor shower will peak at around 2am. Because this peak is so brief, some parts of the world may not be able to see the shower. Those in the Northern Hemisphere have the best chance of seeing them, especially if they're in a dark moonless area. Read More »

EPA targets Obama crackdown on mercury from coal plants


However, the administration estimated that these benefits swell to somewhere between $37 billion and $90 billion when you incorporate the effects of reductions in other particles-like soot and nitrogen oxide-that would coincide with mercury limitations, making the regulations monetarily beneficial. Read More »

Super blood wolf moon happening January 20


The super blood wolf moon eclipse is expected to happen on January 20 & 21, 2019, which is when the next total lunar eclipse is supposed to happen. In the past year, Super Blue Moon was featured with a red tinge which was caused through the shadow of Earth by the moon itself. Read More »

Fog disrupts air, rail traffic in Delhi; air quality 'severe'


To assess the impact of air pollution , the country's top medical institute has undertaken a study, along with five other state-based hospitals. "Traffic police to deploy special teams and ensure congestion-free traffic flow particularly in identified high traffic corridors". Read More »

Apollo 8: Around The Moon and Back


Across the country, Americans sat glued to their televisions, listening to voices beaming down from outer space. An investigation of transcripts later revealed that Borman, who was the first to recognise the importance of the moment, took a black-and-white photo before Anders snapped the iconic colour photograph. Read More »

Japan to resume commercial whaling, but not in Antarctic


Japan halted commercial whaling in line with a moratorium adopted in 1982 by the IWC . The decision was made at a cabinet meeting on Tuesday after the government decided it would be hard to resume commercial whaling while a member of the global body. Read More »

Musk's SpaceX successfully deploys US GPS satellite into orbit


Elon Musk's SpaceX scrapped Saturday's launch of a long-delayed navigation satellite for the US military due to strong upper level winds. Elon Musk's SpaceX capped a record-setting year on Sunday when it launched a rocket carrying a new GPS III satellite for the US Air Force, after delaying the mission several times because of a technical issue involving its rocket sensors and bad weather. Read More »