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The Japanese billionaire who wants to fly to the moon


The mission is set to launch as soon as 2023, though Musk said he couldn't be sure about that timeline yet. Once the artists return to the Earth, they will compose a work inspired by their experience. SpaceX did not reveal how much money did Maezaw had to pay to realise his childhood dream. The 42 year billionaire will be the first traveler to the moon since the United States last manned mission back in 1972. Read More »

Spiders covered the 300-meter "network" coast of Greece


In a quiet lagoon in Greece , nearby residents were treated to their land wholly covered in arachnid silk. A beach has been transformed overnight into a huge spider web in Aitoliko, a city in western Greece. "Therefore, we would say that it is an opportunistic phenomenon in this case where exploiting the spiders all these conditions "decide" to give it to understand and grow, to reproduce", Chatzaki said. Read More »

North Carolina city cut off by Florence floodwaters


The storm has resulted in the deaths of at least 32 people, 26 in North Carolina , according to Gov. Roy Cooper. Many areas remained cut off by floodwaters and inundated roads. "That rain has to go somewhere, it flows from the basin upstream down into the Cape Fear river", Amy Cannon, County Manager for Cumberland County, told McCammon. Read More »

New evacuations ordered in SC as Florence rainfall raises river levels


The water has receded in some places but as it moves downstream, officials say, thousands of people could be in danger until next week. After talking to more residents in New Bern, Trump traveled nearly 15o miles southwest to Conway, South Carolina , a city of nearly 24,000 that has seen record flood levels that surpassed levels from Hurricane Matthew in 2016. Read More »

A Japanese billionaire is saying "Fly Me To The Moon"


The Japanese billionaire introduced his project DearMoon.Earth, in which he will choose six to eight artists to come along with him on the week-long mission. However, the space firm changed its plans and announced earlier this year that it would be focusing on the development of the BFR . The BFG, or Big Falcon Rocket , has yet to be built and is estimated to cost almost $5 billion Dollars. Read More »

Over 54,000 still without power in Carolinas after Florence


At least 43 people have died, included an elderly man whose body was found in a submerged pickup truck in SC, and hundreds were forced from their homes as rivers kept swelling higher. Forecasters said floodwaters in parts of coastal SC won't reach their highest levels until next week. Along the river, David Lloydand Benetta White and their four children were given short notice to evacuate overnight as floodwaters swept over their property. Read More »

Nissan reaches for the stars with Navara Dark Sky Concept


But the new Dark Sky is really unique. Developed in the United Kingdom with European Space Agency (ESA), the pick-up is equipped with a more advanced version of Nissan's ProPILOT driver assistance system, and the trailer on tow is actually a mobile astronomy laboratory. Read More »

300-metre long Spider-web covers beach in Western Greece

However, the odd occurrence is not unusual for scientists. Wildlife experts say it's not uncommon for spiders to build massive nests for mating, especially when it's hot and humid toward the end of summer. They mate, they reproduce and provide a whole new generation", Chatzaki told the Greek news site, according to a translation from the BBC . "The spiders will have their party and will soon die", explained Maria Chatzaki. Read More »

Huge spider web covers 1,000ft of land

Molecular biologist Maria Chatzaki told Greek news website "These spiders are not unsafe for humans and will not cause any damage to the area's flora". Giannakopoulos said it appeared the spiders were gathering on the eastern side of the beach, adding there was a "huge veil" of them covering palm trees and other vegetation. Read More »

SpaceX: Japanese billionaire first tourist to fly to moon


According to Musk's statement, the Japanese billionaire Yasaku Maezawa will be the first space tourist to fly with SpaceX BFR. Musk said the entrepreneur, founder of Japan's largest retail website and one of the country's richest people , will pay "a lot of money" for the trip but declined to disclose the exact amount. Read More »

Florence's Aftermath Disrupts North Carolina Port Operations


More than a dozen rivers in North and SC already have overflowed their banks and the water - particularly the Waccamaw River, which spans both states - is expected to swell putting additional residents in harm's way. "We will be there 100 percent", said Trump, wearing a wind breaker and khaki trousers, seated inside a hangar with federal and state officials. "There are communities that are under water right now", Wayne County spokesman Joel Gillie said Wednesday. Read More »

The TESS telescope has sent to earth the first official picture


The brightest stars within the image, Beta Gruis and R Doradus, saturated an entire column of camera detector pixels at the satellite's moment and fourth cameras. 'In a sea of stars brimming with new worlds, TESS is casting a wide net and will haul in a bounty of promising planets for further study, ' said Paul Hertz, astrophysics division director at NASA Headquarters in Washington. Read More »

SpaceX To Name Mystery Moon Traveler


Elon Musk/SpaceX via TwitterA Sept. 2018 rendering of SpaceX's Big Falcon Rocket launching through the cloud tops and toward space. That flight, set for 2020, was cancelled because the company didn't want to spend the resources certifying those rockets for human travel. Read More »

Elon Musk Tweets Prompt DOJ Fraud Investigation


The tweet sent Tesla's share price soaring, but the price collapsed after it emerged that funding had not been secured. But he later revealed that there was no concrete funding deal in place, and eventually announced he had decided it would be better for Tesla to remain a public company . Read More »

Michael Jordan Donates $2 Million To Hurricane Florence Relief


Vehicles are backed up along N.C. Highway 301 while attempting to navigate to Lumberton, N.C., Tuesday, Sept. 18, 2018 following flooding and road closures resulting from Hurricane Florence . The weather service has issued flash flood warnings and watches for more than a dozen counties. Typhoon Mangkhut had winds of 265 km/h, compared to Hurricane Florence , which only had winds of 145 km/h when it hit North Carolina's coast. Read More »

WNDU to raise funds for Hurricane Florence relief with Red Cross


Monetary donations are recommended in favor of items, because goods require storage and transportation, and they often go to waste. "It's somewhat self-fulfilling going out and helping people who are in great need". Photo Provided Two Red Cross volunteers load water and supplies into a response truck for relief efforts after Hurricane Florence. It'll still be a tropical depression as it moves through the northeast. Read More »

Rising flood waters from Florence menace Carolinas


The National Weather Service released rainfall totals as of 2pm (1800 GMT) for parts of North Carolina . All of that rain is swelling streams and rivers and creating what the National Hurricane Center called "prolonged significant river flooding". Read More »

How to help those affected by Hurricane Florence


Orange County will also receive heavy rain on Tuesday. I-40 from Wilmington to I-95 is also still closed. As the death toll from Florence grew and hundreds of people were pulled from flooded homes, North Carolina braced for catastrophic, widespread river flooding. Read More »

Florence causes near-record rain totals, river flooding in NC


Rescuers freed six dogs that were locked up in an outdoor cage in North Carolina during Hurricane Florence , as the water level was rapidly rising. US President Donald Trump - who may visit North Carolina in the coming days - has declared a disaster in several North Carolina counties, freeing up federal funding for recovery efforts. Read More »

SpaceX name FIRST PERSON it will take around the Moon


Mr Musk shelved a similar project to send two customers into. On Thursday, Musk tweeted a picture of a Japanese flag. It's worth remembering that even a rocket beginning integrated systems tests - expected to commence with BFR as early as late 2019 - can end up looking and being nearly nothing like the vehicle that ultimately rolls off the assembly line and launches real missions. Read More »

Elon Musk unveils first tourist for SpaceX 'Moon loop'


According to Forbes magazine's rich list, there are 34 Japanese-born billionaires in the world, though many of them may be too old to take the trip. Yusaka Maezawa has purchased every available seat aboard Musk's first BFR rocket that will travel to the moon as early as 2023. Read More »

Pictures show before and after flooding in North Carolina


In his 27 years with the state transportation department, Trogdon said he'd never seen roads flood so quickly. Two more people were killed in Lenoir County, NC. This analysis was offered by The Verge : " Hurricanes stalling like Florence over the Carolinas may get even more common". By Saturday morning, the situation was even more desperate, with descriptions becoming much stronger, and the situation along the Carolina coastal towns more unsafe. Read More »

Hong Kong moves into recovery mode after Mangkhut leaves trail of debris

Typhoon Mangkhut made landfall Sunday in mainland China , but not before deadly 100-plus miles per hour winds blew through the Philippines and Hong Kong . Motorists negotiate a flooded street following heavy rains and strong winds brought about by Typhoon Mangkhut, in Manila, Philippines, Sept. 15, 2018. Read More »

Wilmington cut off from North Carolina by Florence flooding


The sun appeared in some areas for the first time in days, allowing some people who had been forced to leave their homes to return home to assess damage. Nearby, a Waffle House restaurant limited breakfast customers to one biscuit and one drink, all takeout, with the price of $2 per item. Julie Lamb, with her 15-month-old twins, stepped off a Coast Guard boat after being rescued from her parents' house, where the yard was submerged and water was still rising at Lumberton . Read More »

Final Delta 2 Rocket Launches From Vandenberg Carrying $1B Ice Probe


There are no technical issues being worked at this time. "The precise and complete coverage afforded by ICESat-2 will enable researchers to track changes in land and sea ice with unparalleled detail, which will inform our understanding of what drives these changes", NASA said in a statement . Read More »

As floodwaters rise, Florence devastates North Carolina

He earlier said the storm system "is unloading epic amounts of rainfall: in some places, measured in feet, not inches". In Fayetteville, a North Carolina city of about 210,000 people about 90 miles inland, authorities told thousands of residents near the Cape Fear River and Little River to get out of their homes by Sunday afternoon because of the flood risk. Read More »

Five dead as Hurricane Florence downgraded to tropical storm


It is feared that more communities could become deluged as the storm crawls west at only 3km/h. The storm will dump rain in the Carolinas through the weekend before reaching the Ohio Valley. Mashable aptly notes that the real danger of the hurricane lies in the potential rainfall rather than the wind force. Some parts of North Carolina have already seen surges as high as 10ft in places. Read More »

Bracing for Hurricane Florence | Don't Miss This


Brock Long, the head of the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) in charge of disaster response, has come under investigation over his use of government vehicles. Weather Underground meteorology director Jeff Masters said Florence eventually could strike as a Category 1 with winds less than 100 miles per hour, but that's still enough to cause at least $1 billion in damage. Read More »

Flash flood fears as Florence grinds on


The father was taken to hospital, reportedly in a critical condition. MYRTLE BEACH, S.C. -Florence already has proven deadly with its almost nonstop rain, surging seawater and howling winds, and the threat is days from ending as remnants of the once major hurricane slowly creep inland across the Carolinas. Read More »

Donald Trump calls Mueller probe a political weapon aimed at Republicans


Manafort could eventually be sentenced to up to 10 years in prison as a part of the deal, and will forfeit four real estate properties worth millions of dollars, as well as bank accounts and a life insurance policy. Opinion: Paul Manafort plea is new proof that Mueller is Trump's worst nightmare. Only a few weeks ago President Donald Trump was praising Paul Manafort for his fortitude in standing up to special prosecutors. Read More »