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Blood moon: Longest lunar eclipse of the century is coming this week

It is safe to look at a lunar eclipse without any protective eyewear. The eclipse will end at 11.14, making it the longest eclipse of the moon this century. A super blue blood moon rises over Michmoret, Israel, Jan. 31, 2018. The Moon will start to turn red from about 5.30 am. A "blood moon", meanwhile, gets its name from the reddish hue it turns when the moon passes through the earth's shadow during a lunar eclipse. Read More »

New York Dismisses Mayor's Case Against Big Oil


U.S. District Judge John Keenan dismissed the city's claims against ExxonMobil Corp., Chevron Corp., BP Plc, Royal Dutch Shell Plc and ConocoPhillips . Judge John Keenan's decision said the claims in the lawsuits, filed under NY state law, are governed by federal common law. "To litigate such an action for injuries from foreign greenhouse gas emissions in federal court would severely infringe upon the foreign-policy decisions that are squarely within the purview of the political ... Read More »

Colonization is ‘certainly feasible’ on the moon — Apollo astronaut


Greg Rohan, president of Heritage Auctions , said it handles numerous categories of collectibles that appeal to various collectors, but items connected with space seem to have a universal appeal. EDT, while Collins remained in orbit aboard the command module Columbia, Armstrong and Aldrin aboard the lunar module Eagle landed on the surface of the Moon . Read More »

White House moves to roll back key parts of Endangered Species Act


The proposals are now open for a 60-day public comment period, and may become law by year's end. The Endangered Species Act, a landmark 1973 law credited with saving the bald eagle, humpback whale, and grizzly bear from extinction, is itself in danger thanks a new Trump administration proposal . Read More »

Scientists said the presence in the earth’s crust quadrillion tons of diamonds


Diamonds, despite their mesmerising sparkle, are made of the same stuff at the tip of your pencil: Carbon atoms. MIT explains that this vast supply of diamonds is likely buried between 90 and 150 miles beneath the Earth's surface. Sound waves helped experts to determine the composition of the Earth. The discovery that Earth contains 1,000 times more diamond than people thought started when scientists realized sound waves were rolling through the deepest section of Earth's crust faster ... Read More »

Archaeologists have discovered the remains of the world's oldest snakes


Paleontologist Michael Caldwell , a study co-author from the University of Alberta , said "this snake is linked to ancient snakes from Argentina, Africa, India and Australia". "And having this one be almost a hundred million (years) old is really quite fantastic", said coauthor Michael Caldwell, a fossil reptile expert at the University of Alberta, according to National Geographic . Read More »

Neptune looks extremely sharp and very blue in these new images


While the best photograph we have of the blue giant Neptune now remains the 1989 images captured by the Voyager 2 spacecraft from a distance of just 4.4 million miles - as compared with the approximately 2.7 billion miles between Earth and Neptune - during its pass almost 30 years ago, it remains extremely encouraging for the future of modern astronomy to see such progress in defeating the technical challenges of earthbound astral observation. Read More »

Latest Blue Origin Launch Tests Space Exploration Technologies


Wednesday's passenger was Mannequin Skywalker, an instrumented dummy in a blue flight suit that's flown before, plus science experiments. Unlike SpaceX, which thus far has largely focused on sending cargo into space as opposed to humans, Blue Origin is leading the charge on space tourism and crewed missions. Read More »

New phase in Earth’s history defined as ‘Meghalayan Age’..

Scientists have also questioned whether the changes denoted by the Greenlandian, Northgrippian and Meghalayan Ages were truly global, and therefore appropriate points to mark geologic time. "The isotopic shift reflects a 20 to 30 percent decrease in monsoon rainfall", geologist Mike Walker of the University of Wales explained to BBC News . Read More »

Blue Origin successfully tests escape system in latest New Shepard launch


Blue Origin is testing its New Shepard rocket for the ninth time . The high-altitude emergency abort test is created to figure out what may happen when there's a problem with the launch rocket, according to Engadget . "We haven't set a price". It's also not yet known how much Blue Origin plans to charge for rides in a New Shepard capsule. It's coming, but we've got our eye on the prize, and we've got to make sure we understand our system through and through. Read More »

Google Doodle honours Georges Lemaitres Big Bang theory

Born on July 17, 1894, the man whose theory would be held up as proof of non-existence of a higher being, was quite ironically, a Catholic priest. Lemaitre then set about achieving the second half of his dream, becoming an ordained Catholic priest in 1923. Read More »

Astronomers discover 10 new moons for Jupiter


Two of the newly discovered moons were found among these prograde moons , and take a little less than a year to go around in their orbit once. But the " oddball " moon has really excited the astronomers . Two of them are pretty straightforward. Scott Sheppard: "We believe these objects were probably captured by Jupiter a long time ago and they are grouped in their orbits". Read More »

Heat warnings issued for Edmonton, much of Alberta


Unless you have an airconditioned home, you probably already know that the heat warning for the City of Calgary remains in place by the stifling heat you woke up to. Make sure to check on your friends, family , children and the elderly regularly during these extreme heat conditions. "Slightly cooler weather is in store beginning mid-week as an onshore flow develops". Read More »

Adidas goes green; to use only recycled plastic by 2024


Recycled polyester is 10-20 percent more expensive than fresh material, but industry experts believe the price gap between recycled and new plastics will close as more companies shift to renewables and suppliers increase their ability to produce recycled materials in large quantities. Read More »

Blue Origin will perform a high-altitude abort test at 10AM ET

This was the third trip to space for both this New Shepherd rocket booster and the crew capsule , both created to be reusable like SpaceX's Falcon 9 booster and Dragon capsules. Eventually, up to six passengers at a time could get on board the New Shepard spaceship, which flies under autonomous control. Blue Origin has provided only vague schedules about when human flights would begin, with company officials saying recently they anticipated starting to fly humans on test flights by the end ... Read More »

Jupiter's Moon Total Hits 79

Nine of the newly discovered moons have retrograde orbits , meaning that they orbit in the opposite direction of the planet's spin. The team is calling one of the new moons an " oddball " because of its unusual orbit. Jupiter's moons range in size from shrimpy satellites to whopping space hulks. The team at the Carnegie Institution think that the oddball moon - potentially to be named Valetudo, after the Roman god Jupiter's great-granddaughter - may represent the leftovers of a former ... Read More »

The Hunt for 'Planet Nine' Discovers 12 New Moons Around Jupiter

Bringing the now known total to 79. Already, he and his team have discovered evidence of a potential planet beyond Pluto called Planet Nine. That's Scott Sheppard . Depending on what survives from any such collision, Jupiter may then have even more moons. "This is an unstable situation", continued Sheppard. "Head-on collisions would quickly break apart and grind the objects down to dust". Read More »

Eight rhinos die in Kenya after relocation


The Kenya Wildlife Service had originally planned to translocate 14 black rhinos from two of Kenya's national parks: Nairobi and Lake Nakuru. A preliminary report said the animals contracted salt poisoning when they tried to adapt to water with saline levels higher than the water to which they were accustomed, Kenyan wildlife minister Najib Balala said. Read More »

NASA Spots 'Spiders' Emerging From The Landscape On Mars


The probe development and launch would cost the USA space agency about $2.2 billion, making it cheaper than the ongoing Mars Curiosity Rover, for example. NASA has posted an incredible image of Mars spiders . This seasonal process doesn't happen on earth, but NASA likened the phenomenon to the properties of dry ice on our planet. Read More »

Sutherland site is United Kingdom spaceport frontrunner


UK Business Minister Greg Clark said the new site at Sutherland on the northerly-most tip of mainland Scotland would provide facilities for vertically-launched space rockets and satellites to take off into orbit. Low cost access to space is important for the UK's thriving space sector, which builds more small satellites than any other country. A detailed plan to support such launches from the spaceport, including licensing of the airport as a spaceport, will be developed after the agreement ... Read More »

Scientists trace back elusive neutrino to distant black hole


The observation campaign, in which research scientists from Germany played a key role, is a decisive step towards solving a riddle that has been puzzling scientists for over 100 years, namely that of the precise origins of so-called cosmic rays , high-energy subatomic particles that are constantly bombarding Earth's atmosphere. Read More »

Starbucks Vows To Ditch Plastic Straws by 2020


Chains and coffee shops all around already offer you discounts if you bring your own cup, eliminating the use of a plastic one, and companies like Simply Straws sell reusable metal, hard plastic and glass straws, which allows individuals to help the environment, but now hopefully more major companies will choose to respond. Read More »

Pakistan to experience its second solar eclipse of the year


It'll be visible from the south-eastern coast of Australia, Tasmania, New Zealand's Stewart Island and the northern coast of Antarctica. · Food eaten during an eclipse is not good for health as food does not get digested. There are many beliefs and myths associated with this date across the world. For which this eclipse will hardly be visible to people all over the world. Read More »

Astronomers have discovered a rare double asteroid


The near-Earth asteroid, 2017 YE5 , was first spotted with observations provided by the Morocco Oukaimeden Sky Survey on December 21, 2017, but no details about the asteroid " s physical properties were known until the end of June this year. Read More »

Greenland village watches looming iceberg, weather forecast


People who live close to the 11-million-ton berg were evacuated to higher ground in the remote village of Innaarsuit on Friday. "And there are cracks and holes that make us fear it can calve anytime". That's what researchers are comparing the 11-million-ton iceberg now looming over a tiny village in Greenland to. Innaarsuit is located about 1,000 kilometers (620 miles) north of Nuuk, Greenland's capital and largest city. Read More »

Astronomers trace cosmic ray neutrino back to remote blazar


HIGH-ENERGY NEUTRINOS . By identifying the source of a high-energy neutrino , these researchers may be ushering in an entirely new era in astronomy. Because neutrinos aren't affected by magnetic fields of objects, their path through space is more or less perfectly straight. Read More »

Solar Eclipse 2018, 5 ancient myths about the phenomenon

For the record, the total lunar eclipse that occurred on January 31, 2018, lasted for almost 1 hour and 16 minutes. The said eclipse happened around 7.18 am to 9.43 am (IST) and was visible in different regions of the world. This week's eclipse will be a partial one - when the Moon slips past, only partially obscuring the Sun. Most of the people these days do not follow these practises. Read More »

NASA needs backup plan as United States crew launches slip


A House report accompanying H.R. 5393 included a provision for GAO to review the progress of NASA's human exploration programs. "Additional delays could also disrupt USA access to the ISS". GAO is making five recommendations, including that NASA develop a contingency plan for ensuring a USA presence on the ISS and clarify how it will determine its risk tolerance for loss of crew. Read More »

Zoo in New Orleans closed after jaguar escapes, kills six animals


The zoo, originated from a bird habitat built in 1916, is a "58-acre jewel ranking among the nation's best zoos", according to the Audubon Nature Institute , which oversees the zoo and other properties. Authorities say the zoo was closed to the public at the time of the escape and no humans were injured. They're under the care of the zoo's vet team but are expected to be okay. Read More »