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Tropical Storm Beryl has formed in the Atlantic Ocean


Tropical storm watches are in effect for Barbados, St. Lucia, Martinique, Guadeloupe, St. Martin and St. Barthelemy. Two powerful storms threaten to turn into tropical cyclons in the Atlantic as hurricane season seems to have started hitting the Caribbean east coast this summer. Read More »

Beryl Becomes 'Very Tiny' First Hurricane Of Atlantic Season


Beryl quickly strengthened into a hurricane and has maximum sustained winds of 80 miles per hour with higher gusts and is moving to the west at 14 miles per hour. "Because of the small size of Beryl and anticipated weakening, widespread wind damage is not expected", said AccuWeather meteorologist Jake Sojda. Read More »

Longest Total Lunar Eclipse will be on July 27

Both the ESA's current Lunar Agenda and the agency's strategy regarding lunar exploration are robust, and it will be exciting to follow what they have in mind. Mars will appear about 10 times brighter than usual, with peak brightness occurring on July 31. Two partial solar eclipses will take place on 12 July and 11 August 2018. Read More »

Donald Trump Says North Korea Talks "Going Well", Lashes Critics


National Security Advisor John Bolton said in an interview Sunday that he believes denuclearization is possible within one year if Pyongyang agrees to the process soon. promised a security guarantee. Officials in Pyongyang are seeking to obfuscate the true number of their weapons facilities, and USA intelligence officials believe that more than just one hidden site exists. Read More »

Hawaii To Ban Sale Of Sunscreens With Coral-Harming Chemicals


Although the law will not take effect till 2021, it has already drawn opposition from various companies and business associations. Bans the sale, offer of sale, or distribution of any sunscreen that contains oxybenzone or octinoxate, or both, without a prescription issued by a licensed healthcare provider. Read More »

Scientists create embryos, hope to save near-extinct rhino


The team's work, using a recently-patented, two-metre (6.6-foot) egg extraction device, resulted in the first-ever test tube-produced rhino embryos. According to the New York Times' Steph Yin, the team of global scientists drew on samples from four northern males and two southern females, ultimately creating four hybrid embryos and three full southern white embryos. Read More »

Ford to officially wind down green programs funded through cap and trade


The leader of the progressive conservatives, who officially took the oath Friday, said that the abolition of quotas and restrictions for the market of hydrocarbons will be the first item in the list of his works. We'll give you an update when we hear back from the Premier's office. The NDP and the Greens have said Ford's rush to pull out of the cap-and-trade system could stick taxpayers with the tab for billions in legal fees, penalties and other costs. Read More »

U.S. Border Patrol says it won't stop checking Canadian fishing vessels


Spokesman John Babcock said the Canadian government is also talking with USA agencies, though he did not provide details about the fishermen's allegations or Ottawa's response. "Canada's sovereignty over the Machias Seal Island and the surrounding waters is long-standing and has a strong foundation in worldwide law", Global Affairs spokeswoman Elizabeth Reid told the CBC in an email. Read More »

Lions eat 'rhino poachers' on South African game reserve


One head and a number of bloodied body parts and limbs have been recovered from the area, along with three pairs of empty shoes. "It's still business as usual, it doesn't change anything we do", he said. A rifle and an ax were also found at the lion camp. "The firearm has been taken by police and will be sent to the ballistics laboratory to establish if it has been used in any other poaching or crimes". Read More »

First confirmed image of the birth of a planet


The footage in itself is incredible. That's depending on the name of the star in its orbit, PDS 70. It is located around 3 billion kilometres away from the star. According to the news, the finding would not have been possible without SPHERE instrument, which uses the technology of high contrast imaging. "The problem is that until now, most of these planet candidates could just have been features in the disc". Read More »

Century’s longest total lunar eclipse on July 27

On July 27, a lunar eclipse will be fully visible for 1 hour and 43 minutes. "Viewers in India are lucky since the eclipse, both partial and the total will be entirely visible from all parts of the country", he was quoted as saying. What is a total lunar eclipse? The full moon would plunge deeply into the Earth's shadow on the night of July 27-28 when the distance of the Moon from the Earth just before the eclipse would be around 406,223 kilometres, he said. Read More »

Dawn zooms in on Ceres' enigmatic Occator Crater


Automatic interplanetary station was recently discovered on Ceres, the existence of seasonal processes on the planet and confirm its geological activity. "The first views of Ceres obtained by Dawn beckoned us with a single, blinding bright spot", said Carol Raymond of JPL, Dawn's principal investigator. Read More »

Australian supermarket staff attacked in free bag ban anger


Woolworths says police have been contacted over the incident. The customer had been banned from the store. The European Union has proposed banning plastic products, like straws, to reduce litter spoiling beaches and oceans. This year, the UAE has geared its efforts towards raising awareness around the harmful effects of using plastics by focusing its efforts towards "Ending plastic pollution" during Earth Day, encouraging entities in the public and private sector to play a role in reducing ... Read More »

Australian supermarkets work to prevent 'bag rage' as plastics ban takes effect


According to the environmental protection of the United Nations, in the World's oceans each year there are more than 8 million tons of new plastic waste. Target tried to charge for bags in 2009. Consumer behaviour in developed countries including the UK, Europe and the U.S. is also a major factor in pushing plastic into the world's waters. Read More »

NASA Will Test Supersonic Flights Over Texas


It's a fluid dynamics thing: When an aircraft traveling through the air - the fluid - moves at increasingly fast speeds, the molecules of air at its nose get increasingly compressed. An initial test of the research methodology using the F/A-18 was conducted in 2011 with the help of the United States military community that lives on base at Edwards Air Force Base in California. Read More »

Million New Diabetes Cases got hitched to Air Pollution in 1 Year


They found that those who lived in areas with more pollution ( particulate matter , airborne microscopic pieces of dust, dirt, smoke, soot, etc.) ran a higher risk of developing the disease, likely because they had lower insulin levels and more inflammation, which left them unable to convert blood glucose into energy. Read More »

In Supreme Court pick, Trump can push conservative social agenda


There is no nominee yet, but Trump indicated on Friday he will likely pick from a short list of roughly five candidates, all of which have bona fides among conservatives and align ideologically with Justice Neil Gorsuch. "This appointment will have a significant effect on the availability of abortion", Carroll said. Trump said he would make his announcement on July 9 , the day before he is scheduled to leave on a presidential trip to Europe. Read More »

Longest lunar eclipse of the century happening in July

That means anyone who is on the side of the earth that is experiencing nighttime will be able to see the lunar eclipse whereas a solar eclipse can only be seen by the people who are where the moon's shadow falls. Amanda Bosh, a professor of astronomy at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), the moon will be at its furthest point from earth, called the apogee, during the eclipse. Read More »

Hot and humid weekend on the way


The Humidex values are expected to reach 40, Environment Canada states. Toronto has already had 11 days this year in which the temperature topped 30 C compared to nine such days up until Labour Day of last year. Tuesday's forecast is for sunshine, a high of 32 C - Monday was 36 C - with a humidex of 36, a UV index of 9 or very high and a low of 20 C. Lows in the 20s continue to provide "little or no relief from the heat", the agency said. Read More »

Astronomers capture first images of an exoplanet forming


But it has never been seen before - until now. The images were captured using the SPHERE instrument installed on Unit Telescope 3 of the European Southern Observatory (ESO's) Very Large Telescope (VTL) array in Chile. To that end, the SPHERE system incorporates a coronagraph, which obscures the blinding light of the central star and allows astronomers to detect the much fainter light bouncing off the planet and the spinning disk of coronal materials. Read More »

Democrats make abortion focus of Supreme Court fight


The White House on Monday announced key members of the team that will work to ensure President Donald Trump's next nominee to the Supreme Court is confirmed. "I think it's questionable we should be considering a nominee from a president who has a history of demanding these loyalty tests and we could be responsible for participating in something that could undermine that investigation", Booker told the committee. Read More »

Court opening puts pressure on Democrats in Trump country


Trump did not identify the finalists for the slot being vacated by retiring Justice Anthony Kennedy , and said he would interview "one or two" candidates during his weekend stay at his golf club in Bedminster, N.J. But now, with the news that Justice Anthony M. Kennedy is retiring, Trump has a chance to do something much bigger: He cannot only preserve but also expand the court's conservative majority. Read More »

Theoretical physicist Stephen Hawking has died at the age of 76


The British scientist contributed to the sum of human knowledge about the universe's greatest mysteries, from black holes to time travel and quantum mechanics. At one Royal Society meeting, the still unknown scientist interrupted a lecture by the renowned astrophysicist Sir Fred Hoyle to inform him he had made a mistake. Read More »

Planet being born photographed by astronomers for first time

They say it has a cloudy atmosphere and a surface temperature of 1000 degrees Celsius. Scientists have captured some unbelievable shots of a planet being born in space for the first time ever. A still-forming planet captured by the European Southern Observatory's SPHERE instrument . The bigger they get, the more gravity they have, and the more additional debris they attract - including other planets in the process of forming. Read More »

Democrats warn rights are 'on the line' in coming Supreme Court fight


Shortly after Justice Anthony Kennedy announced his retirement on Wednesday, White House officials said Trump had an opportunity to shape us justice for decades to come. Trump said he not will push the candidates to say whether they would overturn the 1973 Roe v. Wade decision, which established a woman's right to abortion. Read More »

This Is the First Ever Picture of a Newborn Planet

The analyses suggest that the new planet, known as PDS 70b, is two to three times bigger than Jupiter - about as far as Uranus is from the sun, reports. The discovery of PDS 70b is a significant event for astronomers, and subsequent teams of researchers are already following up on the initial research. Read More »

Donald Trump 'probably' won't question Supreme Court candidates on abortion

At one point, he said he would probably interview six or seven candidates, including possibly two this weekend. Though Trump is known for frequently breaking with tradition, making decisions on impulse, and ignoring the guidance of his advisors, he is reportedly listening closely to the advice of the White House counsel Don McGahn and his judicial adviser Leonard Leo, who serves as the executive vice president of the conservative Federalist Society. Read More »

Weather: Hazy and hot Monday, highs in the upper-80s


Heat index forecast for Sunday . High temperatures Thursday in Philly are expected to top out at 89 degrees, but there is a chance a few locations across the region could hit 90. During the heat wave drink plenty of fluids, stay in an air-conditioned room, stay out of the sun and check up on relatives and neighbors. In addition to the heat wave, the National Weather Service warned communities in drought-stricken parts of Colorado and northern California of prime wildfire ... Read More »

Canada Day to be a sizzler across southern Ontario


Daytime highs are forecasted to reach the low to mid thirties with humidex values into the mid forties. The forecast calls for a high of 36C in Ottawa on Sunday. Make sure to drink plenty of water, and take breaks from the heat when you can. The city and participating community agencies are responding to the heat by offering "cool places" to go during all stages of the heat event. Read More »

Flying Brain launched by Space X


The prime goal is to detect whether AI robots can cooperate with astronauts to help work life in space. Meanwhile, NASA said the CIMON pilot "aims to provide first insights into the effects of crew support from an artificial intelligence in terms of efficiency and acceptance during long-term missions in space". Read More »

Trump to announce Supreme Court pick on July 9


Hodges case. Trump vowed to appoint anti-abortion judges who would overturn Roe v. Wade while campaigning , and his list of nominees was assembled with the help of anti-abortion, conservative legal organization the Federalist Society . Read More »