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Over 300000 US coastal homes at risk of flooding by 2045


The report estimates almost 175 communities could expect to see 10 percent or more of their homes at risk of chronic flooding by 2045, with almost 60 of those communities experiencing poverty levels above the national average. "About 280,000 people are estimated to live in these homes today; in this time frame many will need to either adapt to regular floods or relocate". According to the report, a "rapid decrease in carbon emissions and slower melting of land-based ice" could reduce the ... Read More »

Plant That Causes Third-Degree Burns, Blindness Found In Virginia


According to the DEC, the toxic plant grows in New York , Pennsylvania, Ohio, Maryland, Oregon, Washington, Michigan , Vermont, New Hampshire and Maine. Touching giant hogweed can also make you sensitive to sunlight and cause blindness if sap gets into a person's eye. "The phototoxic reaction can begin as soon as 15 minutes after contact, with sensitivity peak between 30 minutes and two hours after contact". Read More »

Hot stuff brings heat warning


The cause for the heat is a warm front that is expected to bring a southwesterly flow of hot and humid air over Southern Ontario. Environment Canada says a cold front will cross southern Ontario Monday night, which is expected to end the heat wave - including in the London area - that's hung over the region for several days. Read More »

Heat warning issued ahead of hot forecast

A heat warning has been issued for London and Middlesex County. Monday's high temperature is expected to be around 33 C. The weather agency said humidity levels will continue to plague the region with peak humidex levels reaching 40 C. Environment Canada is reminding everyone that extreme heat can have a particularly negative impact on young children, the elderly, pregnant women, people suffering from chronic conditions and those who must work outdoors for long periods of time. Read More »

Mars to come closest to Earth in 15 years next month

For much of that night it will be visible to the naked eye. Nasa added: 'During opposition, Mars and the sun are on directly opposite sides of Earth. The unusual event is due to a phenomenon known as perihelic opposition, in which the orbits of Earth and Mars align, bringing the two planets closer together. Read More »

NASA's record-breaking spacewoman retires as astronaut - 6/15/2018 11:21:05 AM


She also claimed the title for most spacewalks by a woman - 10 spacewalks totaling 60 hours and 21 minutes - and set the record for most time spent in space by a USA astronaut at 665 days - the equivalent of a round trip to Mars. But, not before shattering several records during her 22-year career. After her work with the space agency, she was admitted into the astronaut corps program in 1996. Read More »

Ford to make case for NAFTA to U.S. counterparts


President Donald Trump. The Progressive Conservative leader said his top priority is protecting jobs for Ontario workers, which he said he plans to achieve by making the province more globally competitive through lower hydro rates and the elimination of the cap-and-trade system. Read More »

Flying Spiders Test the Winds Before Sailing on Silk Kites


However, they also observed that sometimes the spiders cut the fibers and released them if the wind conditions weren't right. Through a process called ballooning, spiders (and other small invertebrates) move through the air by releasing one or more gossamer threads to catch the wind, causing them to become airborne. Read More »

NASA astronauts conduct spacewalk


During the six-hour, 49-minute outing, veteran NASA astronaut Drew Feustel rose to third place on the all-time cumulative spacewalking list. Feustel, making his ninth career spacewalk, now has logged 61 hours and 48 minutes of spacewalk time. Read More »

Prehistoric Frogs Preserved In Amber For 99 Million Years


In particular, they contribute to our understanding that frogs inhabited wet, tropical forests for at least 99 million years. "These frogs were part of a tropical ecosystem that, in some ways, might not have been that different to what we find today-minus the dinosaurs", he added. Read More »

Antarctica is melting at an alarming rate


Researchers from a U.S. university said that the major reason for the ice melting is due to warm conditions in the ocean near West Antarctica sufficient to melt the Antarctica ice and the same case is happening in Greenland too in the Northern Hemisphere. Read More »

Dust Storm: A threat to Opportunity Mars Rover


Opportunity's power levels had dropped significantly by June 6, requiring the rover to shift to minimal operations and later to temporarily suspend science operations. Astronauts living on Mars would not want to get caught outside in a fierce dust storm, where winds can reach 70mph - nearly hurricane force. Mars features a very thin atmosphere that is conducive to dust storms. Read More »

Ford to Scrap Ontario's Carbon System in Challenge to Trudeau

Ontario will also quit the Western Climate Initiative, Ford said Friday from Toronto. "And during the election I promised we would take immediate action to lower gas prices by scrapping the carbon tax and ending cap and trade". Ontario has made close to $3 billion in a series of cap-and-trade auctions since the system was introduced by the Liberals past year. The premier-designate said he will give notice of the province's withdrawal from the linked carbon pricing market with Quebec and ... Read More »

Fort Atkinson teacher, students witness Stephen Hawking burial


Designed by artist John Maine, the memorial stone is made from Caithness slate from the north of Scotland and was chosen to represent deep space. "Astronaut Tim Peak also gave a reading, as did Nobel-prize victor Kip Thorne who said: "[Hawking] absolutely refused to let his physical disability get in the way of doing great science or get in the way of having great fun". Read More »

Appeared impressive photo, like a black hole in space "eats" a star

The star is pulled apart, forming an accretion disc around the equator of the black hole. Scientists tracked the tidal disruption event (TDE) with radio and infrared telescopes in a pair of colliding galaxies called Arp 299 - some 150 million light-years from Earth - after they detected an infrared burst while searching for supernova explosions in 2005. Read More »

Mammals going nocturnal to avoid humans


The team, which included researchers from the University of California Berkeley and Boise State University, employed data from as many as 76 studies in which the daily activity of 62 mammal species spread across six continents was monitored with sophisticated observational techniques - cameras, GPS systems, and radio collars. Read More »

Infant protoplanets discovered in constellation of Sagittarius by ALMA


The scientists approximate that 3 worlds have a mass about that of Jupiter . The star is a scant 4 million years old, an infant by astronomical standards. To make their respective discoveries, each team analyzed the data from various ALMA observations of the young star HD 163296. Alien hunters have made terrific strides in the past decade: with the help of the Kepler Space Telescope, astronomers have discovered 2,342 confirmed exoplanets and revealed the possible existence of up to ... Read More »

Antarctica’s ice melt is increasing rapidly, study finds, threatening coastal communities worldwide


Based on these calculations, the five-year average rose from about 50 billion tons per year in the early 1990s to 220 billion tons per year in 2012-2017 (with uncertainty of 67 and 43 gt/year respectively). "With continued rise of what this type of study is pointing to, which is that the rise may substantially increase by the end of the century compared to historical rates, areas like Norfolk, Charleston, Miami, a lot of the southeast United States that's very flat, low terrain, particularly ... Read More »

Professor Stephen Hawking's ashes are buried in Westminster Abbey


After the service, Hawking's words, set to music by Greek composer Vangelis, were being beamed into space from a European Space Agency satellite dish in Spain. Internment inside Westminster Abbey is a rarely bestowed honour. The physicist's remains will be placed between those of Isaac Newton and Charles Darwin. Read More »

Antarctic ice melting faster


Most of the ice loss charted stems from rapid melting in West Antarctica , and especially its Pine Island and Thwaites Glaciers. "That doesn't mean we should be desperate", said University of California Irvine's Isabella Velicogna, one of 88 co-authors. Read More »

Was Albert Einstein A Racist? His Travel Diaries Suggest So

Einstein observes how "Chinese don't sit on benches while eating but squat like Europeans do when they relieve themselves out in the leafy woods". 'All this occurs quietly and demurely. He was a flawed person just like anyone else. "One has to love and admire this country", Einstein praised. "The disquieting comment that the Chinese may "supplant all other races" is also most revealing in this regard", Rosenkranz stated. Read More »

Antarctica's Ice Sheet Is Melting 3 Times Faster Than Before


This unthinkable vision can be avoided, but the researchers say the world's climate efforts in the next 10 years will be crucial to securing the mitigated benefits of a low emissions destiny - which would see Antarctica's ice shelves remain intact, only contributing about half a metre to sea level rise by 2070. Read More »

Woman sues Nasa over ownership of moon dust vial


Five years ago, after her parents had died, she found it while going through her parents' possessions. The alleged moon dust, which remains in the transparent glass beaker about the size of a small finger is being kept in a secure location in Kansas, according to McHugh. Read More »

20 million Saudis set to watch World Cup opening match

The United 2026 joint bid from the United States, Canada and Mexico has won the right to host the 2026 Fifa World Cup after Fifa's member associations met at the Fifa Congress in Moscow ahead of the kick-off of Russian Federation 2018. Read More »

Antarctica lost an unprecedented amount of ice in the last five years


Antarctica has lost trillion tonnes of ice to global warming over the past quarter of a century, according to a new study, and that loss has been accelerating in recent years, to triple the rate that was seen prior to 2012. "If we aren't already alert to the dangers posed by climate change , this should be an enormous wake-up call", he added. "These events and the sea-level rise they've triggered are an indicator of climate change and should be of concern for the governments we trust to ... Read More »

Study finds early interstellar dust that originated the planets


An worldwide team, led by Hope Ishii , a researcher at the University of Hawaii at Manoa (UH Manoa), studied the particles' chemical composition using infrared light at Berkeley Lab's Advanced Light Source (ALS). GEMS are glassy tiny particles that are less than a hundredth of the thickness of a human hair or only tens to hundreds of nanometers in diameter. Some GEMS underwent processes that later on gave birth to the solar system, while some remained as interstellar dust. Read More »

As Massive Storm Rages on Mars, Opportunity Rover Falls Silent


The storm quickly grew over the next few days and resulted in dust clouds that raised the atmosphere's opacity, which blocked out most of the sunlight from reaching the surface. 'This latest data transmission showed the rover's temperature to be about minus 20 degrees Fahrenheit (minus 29 degrees Celsius). The dust has blotted out the Sun in many regions, including Opportunity's current location at Perseverance Valley. Read More »

Signs of life on Mars ?


In a recent development, it was observed that a huge dust storm on Mars was forced to stop the NASA's opportunity rover science work. As the rover team prepared the contingency plan to deal with the situation, the storm grew more intense than expected. Read More »

Dem lawmakers seek criminal corruption probe of EPA's Pruitt


Connolly is a senior member of the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform and serves as the ranking Democrat on the Subcommittee on Government Operations. Some lawmakers have said Pruitt sought to use his official position to financially benefit his family. Pruitt, in a television interview Wednesday, didn't say whether he thought he had acted inappropriately. Read More »

French farmers block refineries, fuel depots over imports for biofuel plant


The company has said that no more than 50 percent of raw material used at the facility will be imported palm oil, and that all suppliers will be certified by the Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil. "It is not by blocking refineries that we are going to find adequate solutions ", Travert told French RTL radio. He also said there was no risk of a shortage of gasoline from the refinery blockades, though farmers have warned they are prepared for a long strike. Read More »

Another Gulf storm? Hurricane center says there's a low chance


According to the National Hurricane Center, it has a 10 percent chance of tropical development within the next 48 hours and a 20 percent chance of development in the next five days. The showers are associated with a tropical wave over northwestern Venezuela and a surface trough located just east of Nicaragua interacting with a large upper-level trough. Read More »

African fossils rewrite origins of life


At the time, Africa was part of the vast continent of Gondwana, made up of what are now South America, Australia, Antarctica , India and Madagascar. Tutusius is represented by a single bone from the shoulder girdle‚ whereas Umzantsia is known from a greater number of bones‚ but they both appear similar to previously known Devonian tetrapods. Read More »