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Whale Dies After Swallowing 80 Plastic Bags In Thai Waters


Experts believe the pilot whale, which would normally feed predominantly on squid, thought the floating plastic bags were food. The whale died Friday after a five-day fight, the country's Department of Marine and Coastal Resources said, becoming the latest high-profile incident of marine life forced to live in oceans littered with human trash. Read More »

Small asteroid, first spotted hours earlier, disintegrates over Africa

Small asteroids are hard to detect and impact Earth more often than many may realize, according to Peter Brown, a physics and astronomy professor at Western University who specializes in meteor science. The asteroid that exploded over Chelyabinsk, Russia in February 2013, for example, was estimated at around 20 metres wide, and the air blast produced by its explosion managed to shatter windows throughout the city. Read More »

Pre-Flown SpaceX Rocket Launches Commercial Communications Satellite


EDT (0445 GMT). The initial launch was scheduled for last Friday but was canceled for more testing. But the company announced the need for additional tests to the rocket's upper stage. Forecasters are predicting a 70 percent chance of "go" conditions, with winds being the main concern at liftoff. Its first stages are created to fly 10 times with inspections between landing and launch only, and 100 times or more with some refurbishment involved. Read More »

President Trump admin considers plan to bail out coal, nuclear plants


In contrast, in response to the draft memo , on behalf of the American Wind Energy Association, Amy Farrell, the group's senior vice president for government and public affairs, states, "Independent energy regulators, grid operators and other experts have gone on the record to declare that orderly power plant retirements do not constitute an emergency for our electric grid". Read More »

Trump administration floats plan to save coal plants


Democratic Senator Joe Manchin of West Virginia, a major coal-mining state, on Friday praised Trump for carrying out what he said was his idea: "I am glad President Trump and his Administration are considering my idea to use the Defense Production Act to save coal-fired power plants with emissions controls and protect our national security", Manchin said. Read More »

NASA’s Dawn probe moving to lowest-ever orbit around Ceres


NASA now wants to drop that altitude to less than 30 miles (50 kilometers) above Ceres' surface. The probe will collect the spectra of gamma radiation and neutrons, which will help scientists understand changes in the chemical composition of the uppermost layer of the Ceres. Read More »

BC judge expands pipeline injunction as protesters use 'calculated' defiance


Sure, there's the element of trying to save face. Unfortunately for the federal Liberals, those in BC who voted for them in the 2015 federal election are largely opposed to their decision to buy the pipeline, 49 per cent opposed vs. There's lots of blame to go around. After a series of speeches in front of the Visitor's Information Centre, hundreds of marchers made their way along Wharf Street to Centennial Square, where they met many more participants. Read More »

New Horizons data reveals dunes made of methane on Pluto


There's plenty of nitrogen ice adorning the glacier nearby from the dunes while methane is likely sourced from the snowcaps of nearby mountains like al-Idrisi Montes, which drifts down into the plane. This Pluto mosaic was made from New Horizons LORRI images taken on July 14, 2015, from a distance of 49,700 miles (80,000 km). Earth, obviously, has dunes of sand all across its surface, and Saturn's huge moon Titan plays host to dunes of methane and ethane on its icy surface as well. Read More »

China's Space Station Will Be Open to Science from All UN Nations


China's Manned Space Agency in collaboration with the United Nations Office for Outer Space Affairs (UNOOSA) has invited applications from UN member states to conduct experiments on China's space station (CSS). The space agency pumps around $3-4 billion per year into the program, but those funds may dry up sooner than anticipated. Less than two weeks after China launched a communications satellite that will help it land a robot on the far side of the Moon, the country released its ... Read More »

Pluto Methane Dunes Made of Tiny Frozen Grains of Gas


Within these highly detailed images , researchers noticed what looked to be an extensive system of unusual dunes stretching 75 miles along the boundary of Pluto's massive Al-Idrisi Montes mountain range and Sputnik Planitia - a nitrogen-ice plain that forms the left lobe of the planet's famous "heart". Read More »

Flash Flood Watch Tonight


But by about 7:30 p.m. Sunday, the newspaper reports, much of the water had subsided and rescue officials were walking around the downtown area while making sure people evacuated. FLASH FLOOD WATCH IN EFFECT UNTIL 10 PM EDT THIS EVENING.The National Weather Service in Sterling Virginia has expanded the* Flash Flood Watch to include portions of western Maryland and eastern West Virginia , including the following areas, in western Maryland , Central and Eastern Allegany. Read More »

Hundreds march in Trans Mountain pipeline protest in downtown Victoria


Kinder Morgan Canada estimates the pipeline deal is worth about $12 per restricted voting share, after capital gains tax - about three-quarters of its total share price. He said earlier this week the purchase has no bearing on B.C.'s case, which is before the B.C. Court of Appeal. Until then, the pipeline expansion will proceed under the ownership of a Crown corporation. Read More »

World's oldest lizard fossil discovered


Its new home? At the beginning of the squamate branch, single-handedly dragging the timeline for lizards back 75 million years. "That's more time than there is between us and the dinosaurs, and we had no clue what was going on", said Tiago Simões , a paleontologist at the University of Alberta. Read More »

Scientists pinpoint the 1st lizard

For the researchers, if a lizard was already on the Earth there are 240 million years, this implies that its origin is still more ancient, and that it could therefore date from before the extinction of the Permian-Triassic, there are some 252 million years ago. Read More »

Sex on Mars: The risk of creating a new human subspecies


As on the Earth, for the Mars' southern hemisphere, these dates will coincide with the coming of spring and summer, respectively. Sounds interesting, isn't it! The planet would be in opposition with the Sun as of July 27th, that indicates that Mars will be face-to-face with the Sun on Earth's sky, with only 51 days left before it travels past the perihelion, the point that is closest to the Sun in a planet's orbit. Read More »

The best places in NYC to see 'Manhattanhenge'

Every year, around the summer solstice, the setting sun in New York City aligns perfectly with the Manhattan street grid resulting in the sun being framed between the city's tall buildings. Eastern standard time, the next occurrence will be on Wednesday, May 30 at 8:12 p.m. That happens twice - first as the sun is climbing toward the solstice in late May, and then for a second time after the solstice, as the sun migrates back toward the south in early July. Read More »

Japanese fishermen slaughter 122 pregnant whales for 'scientific research'


Conservationists greeted the report's findings with fury, calling the statistics "shocking" and condemning the slaughter as "abhorrent". According to the report, the objective of the latest hunt was to obtain a variety of data about the whales, including their age, sexual maturity, stomach contents and nutritional condition. Read More »

Brussels prepares ban on plastic waste

EU Vice-President Frans Timmermans said that plastic cutlery would not be banned completely, but steps would be taken to have them made of sustainable materials when possible. "They can do so by setting national reduction targets, making alternative products available at the point of sale, or ensuring that single-use plastic products cannot be provided free of charge", suggests the EC proposal. Read More »

Great Barrier Reef on sixth life in 30,000 years

In addition, due to the sharp increase in the level of water in the sea about nine thousand years ago, BBR began its movement towards the land, as when the depth influenced the increase in the level of education of sedimentary rocks. But this time researchers aren't that sure that the reef is going to make it. The research team found that the reef survived all those calamities by moving laterally by up to 4.9 feet every year. Read More »

NASA explains how one of its cameras melted during rocket launch


The NASA photographer's Canon 5D DSLR camera simply caught fire even though the device was at about 400 meters away from the rocket's launching pad. The camera was later found completely charred. The camera was at the top of a moderately steep brushy slope that, depending on the weather and the amount of fuel available, may have resulted in a fairly hot fire as it reached the camera. Read More »

Canada Purchases Trans Mountain Pipeline from Kinder Morgan


To help attract a future buyer for the pipeline, Morneau said , the government plans to "extend the federal indemnity to protect any new owner from costs associated with politically motivated delays". "So the additional investments will be dealt with in that way", Morneau said. British Columbia's Premier John Horgan told broadcaster Global News on Wednesday that he "rejected" the idea that his relationship with the federal government has deteriorated over the dispute. Read More »

125 million-year-old dandruff reveals how dinosaurs shed skin


People who wear dark suits, have something in common with dinosaurs - their dandruff becomes noticeable. The microraptor's dandruff is significant because at 125 million years old, it is the earliest evidence of dandruff. The report was published in Nature Communications and shows that dinosaurs which were covered in feathers evolved skin in order to manage with their plumage from the middle of Jurassic. Read More »

More showers and storms today; flooding chances remain


Wind speeds were around 30 miles per hour Tuesday but were expected to become weaker over the following days. Flash flood watches are in effect for parts of several states from Alabama through Tennessee, Kentucky, Illinois, the Carolinas and Virginia and West Virginia. Read More »

Canada To Buy Kinder Morgan's Trans Mountain Expansion Project


The purchase marks a stunning development for Prime Minister Justin Trudeau's government - effectively nationalizing the country's highest-profile infrastructure project until an operator can be found. After the federal government's announcement, Kean said the work would be restarted soon, with the government funding construction. Morneau said in return, the company will move forward with its plan to twin the pipeline this summer, while the sale is finalized, which is expected to happen in ... Read More »

Air Quality Statement Ended For Region


In southwestern Ontartio, the alerts cover London-Middlesex, Chatham-Kent, Sarnia-Lambton, Windsor-Essex, Oxford, Elgin, Huron and Perth Counties. Residents are advised to beat the heat by drinking plenty of cool liquids (even before you feel thirsty), dressing appropriately for the weather, and staying in cool places whenever possible. Read More »

NASA camera melts while capturing SpaceX launch


It kept taking pictures until the very end. He had multiple cameras set up, and this one was actually the furthest from the launch pad. He quickly realized the camera was destroyed and forced open the camera to see if the memory card could be salvaged, according to Read More »

Federal government spending $4.5B to buy Trans Mountain pipeline, BC terminal


In a statement, Kinder Morgan said it was alerted to an operational disruption through its internal safety system in the early hours of Sunday morning. Morneau said. The Alberta government has agreed to cover any unexpected costs that arise during construction. "This move sets a awful precedent and signals to other prospective investors that large projects such as pipelines can not be built by private industry in Canada", said Aaron Wudrick, federal director of the Canadian Taxpayers ... Read More »

Canada purchases Trans Mountain pipeline project for $4.5B

It said the leaked product was a medium crude blend. It has set a May 31 deadline for getting assurances it can proceed without delays on the controversial project. Trans Mountain said it was alerted to the latest incident by its internal safety systems, describing it as an "operational disruption". The plan includes the existing pipeline that's been in operation since 1953. Read More »

Green party Leader Elizabeth May pleads guilty to contempt

Minor as the spill was, it could have major implications for the future of Kinder Morgan's plan to expand the Trans Mountain pipeline. The judge said May had exploited her office for media attention, so a stiffer penalty was warranted. Now a deadline set by Kinder Morgan is approaching that would determine what happens next. The B.C. government is a firm opponent of the project as are environmentalists, although some B.C. Read More »

NASA camera melts capturing SpaceX launch


It kept taking pictures until the very end. Interestingly enough, it was the furthest camera away from the site. On May 22, a SpaceX rocket launch left one poor, seemingly high-end camera horribly disfigured and forever ruined. It's not clearly exactly where the ruined camera is headed next, but Ingalls suggests it will probably be put on display at NASA's headquarters in Washington , D.C. Read More »

EU Proposes a Total Ban on Plastic Forks and Other Products

The draft rules would ban the 10 single-use plastic products that make up 70 percent of all marine litter, according to a news release . The ban would take in plastic straws, plates, cutlery, cotton buds, drink stirrers and sticks for balloons-as well as single-use drinks containers, unless their caps and lids remain attached. Read More »

Irish scientists discover 125 million year-old dinosaur dandruff Irish News


The fossil resembles the size of a crow. This transition experts have observed three feathered dinosaurs: microraptor , and sinornithosaurus beipiaosaurus . The recent study throws light on the fact that dinosaurs used to shed skin. Maria McNamara is engaged in the current studies on fossilized dandruff found on the Microraptor fossil. Read More »