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Don't eat any Kellogg Honey Smacks of any size, date — CDC


The BEST if Used By Date can be found on the top of the cereal box, and the UPC code can be found on the bottom of the box. Kellogg's issued a voluntary recall of the brand's Honey Smacks cereal Wednesday. Ill people range in age from less than 1 year old to 87. It's unusual for packaged dry foods to pass along salmonella . No deaths have been reported. Read More »

Massachusetts Sues Purdue Pharma Executives over OxyContin Deaths


The lawsuit, brought by Massachusetts Attorney General Maura Healey , alleges that Purdue deceived doctors and patients by misrepresenting the risks of addiction and death associated with the prolonged use of its prescription opioids. Meantime, Purdue sales representatives tracked doctors' prescriptions and visited their offices, clinics and hospitals in MA, urging doctors to "commit" to prescribing their drugs, the complaint says. Read More »

An Idaho child gets diagnosed with plague


A child in Idaho has been diagnosed with the plague and people need to be on alert for the potentially fatal disease, state health officials said Tuesday. It can be spread by contact with an infected animal or through fleas. Keep your pets from roaming and hunting rodents. Don't feed rodents in campgrounds, picnic areas, or near your home. Read More »

Do Religious People Live Longer? New Study Says Yes


Ohio State University researchers looked at obituaries around the country and found people affiliated with a religion lived almost 4 years longer than those without ties. The study, published in the Social Psychological and Personality Science journal, analysed more than 1,500 obituaries from across the US. In the second study, "people whose obits mentioned a religious affiliation lived an average of 5.64 years longer than those whose obits did not". Read More »

Your brain on carbohydrates and fat? It's in love


Modern processed foods like pizza, burgers and pasta with creamy sauces trigger our brains in ways that naturally foraged foods never could, they report. In the course of the study, the team of German and US researchers invited 40 participants to play a computer simulation where they would bid money in order to secure a reward of food with different calorific qualities. Read More »

The sunshine vitamin protects you against bowel cancer


It's been clear for many years that vitamin D helps keep bones strong, but studies have been inconclusive and conflicting about the vitamin's value in protecting against certain cancers , including colorectal cancer. The new study addressed numerous gaps and problems of earlier studies, according to Smith-Warner. A single, widely accepted assay and laboratory was used for new vitamin D measurements and calibration of existing vitamin D measurements. Read More »

United Kingdom lifts immigration cap for medical workers amid shortages


NHE reported yesterday that a relaxation of the rules will mean that thousands more doctors and nurses will be able to join workforces around the UK- something which many campaigners have been calling for years. "The NHS, general practice included, has always been supported by the skills and hard work of doctors and other healthcare professionals from overseas". Read More »

David Spade Donates $100,000 for Mental Health in Honor of Sister-in-Law Kate


If you (or someone you know) feel hopeless and have been thinking of ending it all, call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at (800) 273-8255. " NAMI is grateful to David Spade for his generous contribution", the statement reads. Their mission is to build better lives for millions of people suffering or dealing with mental illness nationwide, via educational programs and support groups. Read More »

West Nile virus found in Grand Forks


The best way to prevent West Nile disease or any other mosquito-borne illness is to reduce the number of mosquitoes around your home and to take personal precautions to avoid mosquito bites. West Nile is picked up after mosquitos feed on a bird that is infected with the virus. In rare cases, severe illness including meningitis or encephalitis, or even death, can occur. Read More »

Half of colorectal cancers diagnosed too late for effective treatment


Leah Smith, says early detection is key to boosting survival rates but relatively few seem to be taking advantage of organized screening programs. "It can help detect cancer early, so at Stages 1 or 2, when it can be treated more effectively and the outcomes are better", Smith said of the screening tests. Read More »

Jada Pinkett Smith was shocked by daughter's self-harm revelation


The 17-year-old went on to clarify that she, luckily, didn't see everything. Jada , appearing stunned by the revelation, asked how her daughter felt in that moment, to which she responded, "I overstepped a boundary". In the years I spent towards my healing, many moons ago, I realized the mind and heart can be extremely delicate without the foundation of a formidable spirit. Read More »

AG sues opioid maker in deaths


The company is also being sued separately by more than 15 states , but this is the first that names individual members of the Sackler family , who are now or were formerly on the board of Purdue. "We will continue to work collaboratively with the states toward bringing meaningful solutions", it said. A few months ago, the company announced that it reduced its sales force and would stop promoting opioid use to doctors. Read More »

Middle-age hypertension raises dementia risk later


But, a study of more than 8,600 people revealed a systolic blood pressure of 130mmHg, at 50 years old, increases your dementia risk by 45 per cent. In our paper we were able to examine the association at age 50, 60 and 70, and we found different patterns of association. Read More »

Food and Beverages At Workplace are Not Healthy Options


Researchers found that a quarter of these employees, most of whom were college graduates, women and non-Hispanic whites, did get food and beverages at work. According to the latest research presented at the American Society for Nutrition annual meeting on Monday, workplaces in America offer their employees with food with high in refined grains and salt and low in fruits and whole grains. Read More »

Prescribed Drugs May Lead To Depression


Sometimes, the risk stems from taking several drugs at the same time. When people took three or more drugs without depression as a known side effect , however, they didn't appear to have an increased risk of depression. With the national suicide rate increasing, Qato said, "We need to think innovatively about depression as a public health issue, and this study provides evidence that patterns of medication use should be considered in strategies that seek to eliminate, reduce or minimize ... Read More »

Kitchen towels may host disease-causing bacteria

For the study, presented at the annual meeting of the American Society for Microbiology in Georgia, the team collected a total of 100 kitchen towels after one month of use. A recent study revealed that kitchen towels have the potential to cause food poisoning. The researchers cultured the bacteria and identified them by standard biochemical tests. Read More »

Hunger-Impelling Anger Makes You Hangry, Research shows


For the study, psychologists presented 400 people with images that evoked positive, neutral or negative feelings.Overall, the study found that people who were hungry more often saw the pictures in a negative light. In this case, the computer they were using was set to malfunction during the test and they were blamed for the crash. After some of the students were asked to complete a writing exercise created to direct their focus on their emotions , all participants were asked to participate ... Read More »

Is The Stock Risky? Boston Scientific Corporation (BSX)


California Employees Retirement Sys stated it has 0.11% of its portfolio in Boston Scientific Corporation (NYSE: BSX ). Campbell And Co Invest Adviser Lc holds 10,080 shares or 0.23% of its portfolio. Shares in medical-device maker Boston Scientific shot up almost 10 percent in midday trading Monday after a report that it has received a "takeover approach" by Michigan-based orthopedic device company Stryker Corp . Read More »

Don’t Be Afraid to Talk With Someone

But when at-risk individuals and those who know them reach out for help, the chance of suicide significantly decreases. Lack of support for people with mental disorders, coupled with a fear of stigma, prevent many from accessing the treatment they need to live healthy, productive lives. Read More »

Your medications could be causing depression

A new study shows that many Americans are unaware of the depressive side effects of many common medications. Anti-depressants are the only drug class that carries an explicit warning - called a black box warning - of suicide risk. Use of three or more drugs concurrently increased from 7 percent to 10 percent, approximately. Researchers at the University of IL at Chicago analyzed the use of medications of more than 26,000 adults from 2005 to 2014 who participated in a larger health ... Read More »

Polio reported in Venezuela decades after it was thought to be eradicated


The organisation said that the child infected with the disease had no history of getting vaccinated for Polio and lives in an impoverished eastern state of Delta Amacuro. Worldwide health regulations require it to do so within 24 hours. Of the 11 countries that reported cases, Venezuela had the overwhelming majority of cases, but also 35 deaths since mid-2017, the worldwide organization said. Read More »

Your toddler is nearly definitely consuming too much sugar


Seven teaspoons of added sugar , twice the amount in a cup of chocolate milk, was the average for toddlers between 19 and 23 months. Children between 6 to 11 months consumed 61 percent of added sugar but when these kids reached the age between 1 to 2 years, the amount of added sugar consumed increased between 98 to 99 percent. Read More »

American Red Cross launches 'Missing Types' campaign


Canadian Blood Services is getting ready to support patients this summer and is inviting Canadians to participate in the global Missing Type campaign from June 11 to 17. Eligible donors can enter the drawing a second time when they register for a second donation during the blood drive period. But for the past four years, new Red Cross donors have declined by about 80,000 each year. Read More »

Psychologists identify what makes you hangry - and how to cure it


Researchers found that when participants were primed with a negative image, they were more likely to rate ambiguous Chinese pictographs as negative. They were then tasked with completing a purposefully tedious exercise, where the computer was programed to crash before it was finished. After it would crash, a researcher would come into the room and blame the student for the crash. Read More »

Purchases 1,604,680 Shares of Envision Healthcare (EVHC)


The company's EPS growth rate for past five years was -29.50%. The stock of Envision Healthcare Corporation (NYSE: EVHC ) has "Outperform" rating given on Wednesday, January 31 by Credit Suisse. As such, current ratio can be used to make a rough estimate of a company's financial health. ROA ratio indicates how profitable a company is relative to its total assets. Read More »

American toddlers consume way too much added sugar, says study

The research titled "Consumption of added sugars among US infants aged 6-23 months, 2011-2014" was presented at the American Society for Nutrition annual meeting in Boston on June 10. Daily recommended limits for added sugar are 6 teaspoons or less a day for children 2 to 19 years old and for adult women, and 9 teaspoons or less a day for adult men. Read More »

Analysts Expect Envision Healthcare (EVHC) Will Post Quarterly Sales of $2.10 Billion


Envision Healthcare (NYSE: EVHC ) last announced its quarterly earnings data on Monday, May 7th. Finally, Alps Advisors Inc. purchased a new stake in Envision Healthcare in the fourth quarter worth about $235,000. Finally, ValuEngine lowered shares of Envision Healthcare from a "hold" rating to a "sell" rating in a research report on Monday, April 2nd. SG Americas Securities LLC now owns 22,455 shares of the company's stock worth $776,000 after buying an additional 17,286 shares during ... Read More »

Mom warns parents of tick dangers after daughter left paralyzed


After a female tick feeds for five to seven days, the toxin builds up in a person's system. "I was just thinking that her legs were asleep until I noticed that she couldn't hardly talk", writes Griffin. In Canada, tick paralysis is most commonly caused by the Rocky Mountain wood tick, with most cases in south-central B.C., he said. Showering when you get home can wash away ticks that haven't attached yet and putting your clothes in a hot dryer will help to kill any ticks that may be caught ... Read More »

PM Modi posts exercise video after Kohlis challenge, nominates Kumaraswamy


Earlier on June 13, Modi tweeted that he walks on a track "inspired by the Panchatatvas". In his tweet, Prime Minister wrote: "Here are moments from my morning exercises". Following a fractured verdict in the Karnataka Assembly Elections, Kumaraswamy was sworn in as Chief Minister of Karnataka on May 23, after his JD (S) allying with the Congress. Read More »

The life-threatening danger of erectile dysfunction

ED, defined as the inability to achieve or maintain an erection for satisfactory sexual intercourse, affects almost 20 per cent of men over age 20, according to research. A greater proportion of men who reported ED (6.3 per cent) suffered heart attacks, cardiac arrests or strokes than men who didn't report it (2.6 per cent). Read More »

K.K.R. Said to Be Near Deal to Acquire Envision Healthcare


KKR arranged financing equal to 7.25 times Envision's earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation and amortization (Ebitda) to finance the deal, a source close to the situation said. Reuters reported last month that KKR and USA hospital operator HCA Healthcare Inc (HCA.N) had joined forces to make an offer for Envision, with the move aimed at giving HCA and KKR an edge over buyout firms, which were also pursuing Envision. Read More »