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Tick Bites 5-Year-Old Girl’s Head; She Woke Up Paralyzed


A mother in MS is warning parents after her 5-year-old daughter's close call after a tick bite . "She would try to stand and walk but would continue to fall so I thought her legs were just asleep". These symptoms can include an unsteady gait, muscle weakness and eventually, breathing difficulties, according to the National Institutes of Health (NIH). Read More »

Do you know what’s growing on your kitchen towel?


Out of 100 towels collected for the study, the researchers found that 49 percent contained bacterial growth and the figure increased in the families that had more of members, presence of kids and increasing family size. Of these contaminated towels, 37 per cent grew the enterococcus bacteria (which can cause a variety of infections ), while 14 per cent grew the staphylococcus bacteria (a type of germ found on the skin). Read More »

Nipah spread checked; Kerala lifts high alert


After presiding over a review meeting, the Health Minister told media persons that the virus scare is finally over. A press release from health minister KK Shailaja said the monitoring of those who had close contact with Nipah virus infected patients will continue. Read More »

British mother pleads for return of son's seized cannabis oil

Charlotte Caldwell made the trip to Toronto and back with 12-year-old Billy to get a six-month supply to treat up to 100 seizures a day, but said border officials seized the oil on Monday. "So what Nick Hurd has just done is most likely signed my son's death warrant". Mother and son, who live in the British province of Northern Ireland, flew to Canada over the weekend to get some more of the medication, but it was seized when they arrived at London's Heathrow Airport on Monday morning. Read More »

The Fitbit Ace is now available for purchase online

Anxious your kid spends too much time staring at a screen? Unlike other fitness trackers, the Ace doesn't come with a heart rate sensor, so you won't get the more advanced metrics of Fitbit's "adult" trackers. Kids (and parents) can see their stats, badges earned, progress toward their goals, and more in the Fitbit app. Ace gives kids reminders throughout the day to keep moving, has a battery that's rated to last 5 days on a single charge, includes 10 clock faces to choose from, and is ... Read More »

Salmonella outbreak linked to pre-cut melon — CDC


The fruit was sold in clear, plastic containers at Costco, Jay C, Kroger, Payless, Owen's, Sprouts, Trader Joe's, Walgreens, Walmart, and Whole Foods/Amazon. Officials say people should throw away or return recalled products. If the UPC code is still on the product, consumers can check the number on the U.S. Read More »

Trump Administration Moves To Further Hobble Affordable Care Act


The decision, announced in a filing in a federal court in Texas, is a rare departure from the Justice Department's practice of defending federal laws in court. The government has essentially pivoted from defending the law to agreeing with the states that the court should demolish it. Nicholas Bagley, a professor at the University of Michigan Law School who had been a Justice Department lawyer, says DOJ's move is troubling. Read More »

As long as you don’t mind the flu


The university spent about $350,000 to convert 24 hotel rooms at the Salus Center into a quarantined medical unit, equipped with reading nooks and game tables for socializing. Researchers will observe the volunteers, conduct blood and lung tests and take nose swabs to see if they are infected with the flu . About 134,000 infections and 279 deaths were reported in Missouri . Read More »

Congo shows 'strong progress' in quelling Ebola outbreak


There had been no new cases since mid-May in two of the three areas hit by the disease - the initial outbreak zone of Bikoro and the city of Mbandaka , he said, describing the health response as showing "very strong progress". It is the capital of Equateur province, where the small town of Bikoro also is located. An AP report Friday quoted DRC's health ministry saying another Ebola case had been confirmed even as the pace of new cases slows down. Read More »

Living with a mental health condition


One in 5 American adults experiences some form of mental illness in any given year. In 2016 the Department of Justice claimed that the state of Louisiana was unnecessarily relying on nursing homes to serve people with a serious mental illness. Read More »

"Dancing Doctor" accused of malpractice, license suspended


Speaking with CNN's sister station, the Lilburn-based doctor said the patients requested the songs she would dance to and would use the finished product as an educational tool. "My daughter said it looked like a shark bit me", Gloria Slater told Inside Edition, showing the scars on her abdomen from what was supposed to be tummy tuck . Read More »

Venango Relay for Life raises more than $15,000 | Front Page


Beginning this afternoon at 4pm until 11pm, Local cancer survivors and their caregivers will take the celebratory first lap at the following American Cancer Society Relay For Life . Hundreds of supporters cheered as cancer survivors made their victory lap around the camping area at Colasanti's. "(Survivors are) the reason why we plan this event ", Zeller said. Read More »

Nurses get CASH TONIC: 6.5% pay boost for NHS workers


Head of analysis at NHS Providers, Philippa Hentsch, said the organisation was pleased to hear the deal has been so widely accepted by health trade unions, but argued that it is important staff are "rewarded fairly", and that the government honours its commitments to fully fund the pay rise to all Agenda for Change workers. Read More »

Port Burwell: tick positive for Lyme Disease


Lyme, caused by bites from certain kinds of ticks, can be hard to detect. Deer ticks thrive in tall grasses, woods and bushes, the health unit advised. For those who camp or hike often, it could be worthwhile to invest in tick repellent clothing. This makes it even more important to remain vigilant while spending time outdoors and keeping an eye out for symptoms of Lyme disease. Read More »

NCI Cancer Centers Unite to Get Rid of HPV Cancers


The HPV vaccine, Gardasil 4, is now on island and is created to provide immunity against low risk type HPV 6 and HPV 11 - which cause 90 percent of genital warts - and high-risk type HPV 16 and HPV 18 which cause 70 percent of HPV-related cancer in women and 90 percent of HPV-related cancer in men. Read More »

Social Security to tap reserves to cover 2018 benefits


That is three years earlier than projected last year, Marketwatch noted . General revenues will finance roughly three-quarters of SMI costs, and premiums paid by beneficiaries nearly all of the remaining quarter. The four top officials serve as the Social Security and Medicare trustees, along with two independent trustees who are supposed to represent the public. Read More »

Dolphins 'name' friends to recognise them


The 30-year study of male dolphins set out to understand the role of vocal communication in their social behaviour. The fact that the individual "names" are kept helps males to keep track of their many different relationships and distinguish between friends, friends of friends, and rivals. Read More »

This new blood test can predict due date and premature birth


The method, described today (June 7) in Science , also enabled the researchers to predict, in most cases, which of the high-risk pregnancies would end prematurely. The genetic activity reveals physiological changes in the tissues and organs of both the mother and the baby - and clues of distress that can precede premature delivery. Read More »

DOJ Won't Defend Obamacare in Lawsuit Brought by 20 States

That includes the requirement that people have health insurance and sections that guarantee access to coverage regardless of any medical conditions, the Associated Press reported. In the meantime, the existing law will likely remain. The chances for that argument succeeding are viewed with deep skepticism by legal experts, in part because Congress itself indicated that the rest of ObamaCare could still stand without the mandate when it moved to repeal the tax penalty past year. Read More »

Trump Approves VA Mission Act; Peter O'Rourke Comments


The Tallahassee hero says with the stroke of a pen, President Donald Trump better equipped the country to serve soldiers like him when they need care. The act establishes standards for veterans to consult with the private sector for "timely and effective care". Many veterans have moved from the Northeast to other parts of the country. Read More »

Massive salmonella outbreak linked to backyard chicken flocks


The people who took ill came from IL (6), IN (11), MI (32), Missouri (10), and OH (1), the agency said. Whole melons are not included. For now the agency is recommending that Missourians discard melon and fruit salads that contain it if it came from Walmart or if they don't remember where it came from. Read More »

Anthony Bourdain was working on Detroit documentary before his death


His love of great adventure, new friends, fine food and drink and the remarkable stories of the world made him a unique storyteller. He was found unresponsive on Friday morning local time by friend and chef Eric Ripert, CNN said. Bourdain was married to Nancy Putkoski for 20 years, until 2005. They separated in 2016. Bourdain was also very supportive when Argento came forward with her story to the New Yorker about allegedly being assaulted by Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein when ... Read More »

Jonathan Bush steps down as athenahealth CEO: 4 things to know


Ftb Advsrs owns 109 shs for 0% of their capital. (NASDAQ:ATHN) for 69,630 shares. Moreover, Avalon Global Asset Management Llc has 2.51% invested in the company for 50,780 shares. (NASDAQ:ATHN). Hbk Lp holds 2,670 shares. On Wednesday, June 6 the stock has "Hold" rating by Cantor Fitzgerald. Greenleaf Tru holds 0% of its capital in athenahealth, Inc . Read More »

Behind The Latest Breast Cancer Research


The results are sure to accelerate the decline in chemotherapy for the disease. The latest study results regarding chemotherapy and breast cancer treatment made national news and deserve a closer look. Dr. Rosenberg explained that results like this in patients with solid epithelial tumours are important because ACT has not been as successful with these kinds of cancers as with other types that have more mutations. Read More »

Syphilis and gonorrhoea on the rise


The PHE England published the figures and urged the local as well as national services to up their game in prevention and treatment of STIs. Across all STIs, the highest rates of diagnoses are seen in 16 to 24-year-olds. "There is no time for complacency", said Councillor Izzi Seccombe. 'Unless greater recognition and funding is given to councils to invest in prevention services, a reversal in the encouraging and continuing fall in STIs is now a real risk. Read More »

Scientists Hope That Broccoli Lattes Could Soon Be A Thing - But Why?


MELBOURNE, AUSTRALIA -If you want a quick way to get your veggies, you could have a V8 or you could have a broccoli latte. There is approximately one serve of broccoli in every two tablespoons of powder, and Hort Innovation Chief Executive John Lloyd said the powder would appeal to those seeking healthier lifestyles and parents who struggle with children who are fussy eaters. Read More »

Teetotallers are off sick more than regular drinkers, study finds

Or it could be because people who drink are seasoned pros at making it to the office with a hangover . Here's a different question: How many times in the past year have you called into work sick because you drank too much? In fact, a new study suggests that drinkers take fewer sick days than teetotallers. Read More »

Alert doctor spots cancer in TV contestant, tracks her down through Facebook

A woman is now in cancer treatments after a doctor, who happened to be watching her on an episode of HGTV's Beachfront Bargain Hunt , noticed an odd lump on her neck. McGuiness is now undergoing the treatment for thyroid cancer and has plans to stay in contact with Voigt. In addition to its asymmetrical look, he was alarmed by the lump's "manner of transferring underneath the pores and skin" when the 32-year-old spoke on the programme. Read More »

It shows the growing severity of the issue

Guns are still the most common means of suicide, accounting for about half of all suicide deaths in the US. Suicide is "a tragedy for families and communities across the country", said CDC principal deputy director Anne Schuchat . She and her colleagues collected data on suicides from every state. 'This kind of "perfectionism" not only affects women, but, in light of Spade's suicide, it is something we can highlight, ' she added'. Read More »

Virginia Apgar: Google Doodle celebrates doctor who PIONEERED life-saving treatment


Despite the U.S. infant mortality rate decreasing overall, a high number of infants were still dying within 24 hours of birth. Apgar was born on June 7, 1909 in Westfield, N.J., and died August 7, 1974. She did so and, at 29, she became the sole practicing anesthetist at Columbia until the mid-1940s. A score lower than 7 should warn caregivers that the baby needs medical attention. Read More »

Many Women With Early-Stage Breast Cancer Can Skip Chemo


Proceeds from the U.S. Postal Service's breast cancer stamp put researchers over the top when they were trying to get enough money to do the landmark study published on Sunday that showed genetic testing can reveal which women with early-stage breast cancer need chemo and which do not. Read More »

Maker of opioid overdose antidote Naloxone issues recall


The FDA and drug maker Pfizer have issued a recall on two lots of Naloxone, the opioid overdose reversal drug, due to potential particulate matter in the syringes. Hospira is asking distributors and retailers to discontinue using and distributing the recalled product and notify anyone who they have sent it to including stores, pharmacies and hospitals. Read More »