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Herpes Virus May Play Role in Alzheimer's Disease


The study, headed by a team at the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai, found increased levels of the two Roseoloviruses , human herpesvirus 6A (HHV-6A) and human herpesvirus 7 (HHV7), interacting with gene networks in areas of the brain that are known to be affected in AD. Read More »

Laser pointer burns hole in 9-year-old boy's eye


The victim's father reportedly purchased the laser pointer as a toy from a street vendor. In a shocking incident, a nine-year-old boy has become partially blind after playing with a green laser pointer that burned a hole in his eye. Lee added, "That can leave scar tissue behind and can cause bleeding". The child came in for check up with his doctors in Volos, Greece, over a year after his injuries, complaining of sight issues. Read More »

From Shilpa Shetty To Malaika Arora, Bollywood Stars Stay Fit With Yoga


The actress needs no introduction to Yoga as her entire social media has her in various asanas , some that we can not believe were even possible to do. She was introduced to the lovely world of yoga by Kareena Kapoor and since then there is no looking back. A self-confessed yoga lover, Shilpa admits that yoga is the key to her fitness. Read More »

Oscar Health ramps up expansion to 14 markets for 2019


Introducing association health plans , or AHPs, has always been a goal for congressional Republicans. Proponents of AHPs think the new rule will be a boon for small business owners who can not afford traditional coverage. "One of the issues that we hear from small business owners routinely is that the cost of providing health insurance to their employees is one of the biggest drivers of their ability to be successful", Wilmington Chamber of Commerce President Natalie English said in ... Read More »

Irish 'breakthrough of the century' on Alzheimer's disease


That meant identifying interactions between the virus genes and other genes in brain cells. One of the primary questions is whether such pathogens play an active, causative role in the disease or enter the brain simply as opportunistic passengers, taking advantage of the neural deterioration characteristic of Alzheimer's disease. Read More »

Trudeau says Canada will legalize marijuana on October 17


The Senate passage of the bill was the final hurdle in the process. Business Insider reports that one of Canada's largest banks believes that the marijuana industry in the country will be a $6.5 billion one by 2020. Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau on Wednesday said that marijuana will be legal across the country starting October 17, according to The Associated Press . Read More »

Trump to sign decree to end migrant family separations

Until now, Trump and White House officials have instead been pushing GOP lawmakers this week to pass legislation that deals with immigration reform. He could have reversed the practice of splitting children from their parents with a phone call. "We want the heart", he said, "but we also want strong borders and we want no crime". Read More »

Tens of thousands join Indian leader for world yoga day


The practice emerged as a way of transcending this suffering. While many powers in the world divide us, yoga unites us. In India , the yoga day was celebrated with much fervour and excitement. Yoga has now become a bridge between India and China to bring the people of the two countries together, Indian envoy Gautam Bambawale said today as he along with large number of Chinese yoga enthusiasts participated in a colourful yoga event here on the fourth International Yoga Day. Read More »

WHO Classifies Video Game Addiction as Mental Health Disorder


Among the concerns of skeptics is the possibility that, by explicitly codifying gaming addiction, it could end up heaping further stigma on video games in general. In fact, she urinated on herself while sitting down playing the game. The gaming industry is also speaking out against the move. "A key principle in this revision was to simplify the coding structure and electronic tooling - this will allow health care professionals to more easily and completely record conditions", said Dr. Read More »

CDC: Smoking Rates Hit Record Lows


There hadn't been much change the previous two years, but it's been clear there's been a general decline and the new figures show it's continuing, said K. The campaigns included cigarette taxes, smoking bans in public places as well as educational drives. A public health statement issued by the ACS June 11 notes combustible cigarettes account for roughly, "98 percent of all tobacco-related deaths." . Read More »

Roundview Capital LLC Has $210,000 Holdings in CVS Health Corp (CVS)


Finally, Mission Wealth Management LP boosted its position in shares of CVS Health by 28.3% during the 4th quarter. This isn't the first time CVS has positioned itself in a competitive matter. In other news, Director C David Brown II acquired 10,000 shares of the company's stock in a transaction dated Friday, May 4th. The stock was purchased at an average price of $61.99 per share, with a total value of $619,900.00. Read More »

International Yoga Day 2018


People gathered at a sprawling forest research institute - snakes and monkeys were removed in advance - before dawn for the communal session involving the yoga-mad premier, an AFP reporter at the scene said. In a world of excess, yoga promises restraint and balance. President Ram Nath Kovind, who is on a three-day visit to Surinamese will perform yoga asanas along with his counterpart Desire Delano Bouterse in Paramaribo. Read More »

Bezos-Buffett-Dimon Health Care Company Names CEO


He said in a statement Wednesday that he has devoted his career in public health to building solutions for better care delivery, and that while the current system is broken, " better is possible". "He is the type of thoughtful and inspirational leader they need to attract great talent", Neupert said. Insurance premiums have soared 55% over the past decade, according to the Kaiser Family Foundation, contributing to the growing dissatisfaction voiced by employers. Read More »

Video Game Addiction Receives Official Recognition From WHO


The new ICD edition also includes chapters on traditional medicine, which never had been classified, as well as a new chapter on sexual health that brings together conditions previously categorized in other ways. He guessed that the percentage of video game players with a compulsive problem was likely to be extremely small - much less than 1% - and that many such people would likely have other underlying problems, like depression, bipolar disorder or autism. Read More »

NGOs Sensitise Students On Sickle Cell Disorder


As we commemorate this World Sickle Cell day , let us show some compassion to people living with sickle cell . The event which coincided with today's World Sickle Cell Day , was in line with the United Nations objectives, stressing that the body would create awareness, carryout the great vision towards the total prevention and eradication of sickle cell anaemia from the society. Read More »

Google's new type of AI algorithm could predict when you'll die


Yes. Google AI will not only predict whether the patient will live or die. "Deep learning models achieved high accuracy for tasks such as predicting: in-hospital mortality (area under the receiver operator curve [AUROC] across sites 0.93-0.94), 30-day unplanned readmission (AUROC 0.75-0.76), prolonged length of stay (AUROC 0.85-0.86), and all of a patient's final discharge diagnoses (frequency-weighted AUROC 0.90)". Read More »

What are your experiences of gaming addiction? Share your stories


It is characterised by impaired control over gaming , increasing priority to gaming over other activities including daily activities, and continuation or escalation of gaming despite negative consequences. That said, there are millions of gamers around the world, and we feel that it could be said that some of these gamers are actually addicted to gaming. Read More »

New Amazon-led health care company names surgeon Atul Gawande as CEO

He is also well known for his books and writing in the New Yorker about the US health-care system. The company - which still doesn't have a name - will be based in Boston. Gawande was not immediately available for an interview, according to the Brigham. "You have these enormous variances around the country". Munger thought the article was so socially useful that he blindly mailed Gawande a $20,000 check, Buffett told CNBC at the time. Read More »

Woman strangles bobcat to death in front yard in Georgia


Her home is in the middle of soybean fields, so she never expected to encounter a bobcat . As the large feline clawed her, the adrenaline kicked in and she made a decision to strangle it, she says. "I wasn't dying today", said Dede Phillips. She believes if she hadn't killed the rabid animal, it would have killed her. Unfortunately, bringing down the bobcat was only half the battle for Phillips. Read More »

Scientists: Diabetes may indicate pancreatic cancer


Type 2 diabetes onset after the age of 50 could be an early indicator of pancreatic cancer, a new study claims. Most people in the study who had diabetes and developed pancreatic cancer were diagnosed with diabetes less than three years before their cancer diagnosis. Read More »

Grandma strangles rabid bobcat to death outside her Georgia home


She grabbed the animal by the throat and throttled it until it went limp. Phillips says she grew up in the country, where her father-in-law was once a trapper of bobcats. Now, she must get a painful and expensive series of shots to keep her from contracting the disease. "And I strangled it to death", said Phillips. Read More »

Video game addiction is now being recognised as a mental health condition


On Monday, the agency added gaming disorder to its International Classification of Diseases , which was last updated in 1990. Impaired control over gaming (e.g. Studies suggest that gaming disorder affects only a small proportion of people who engage in digital- or video-gaming activities. "Recently, we treated a 14-year-old boy whose addiction has led to a marital discord between his parents who are blaming each other for his condition", said the doctor. Read More »

Gaming disorder recognized by World Health Organization


First proposed in December of 2017, the World Health Organization included " Gaming Disorder " in their 11th " Classification of Diseases " listing, which caused a stir throughout the gaming community. The WHO's latest reference bible of recognised and diagnosable diseases describes addiction to digital and video gaming as "a pattern of persistent or recurrent gaming behaviour". Read More »

'Gaming disorder' diagnosed as mental health condition

Jen MacLean, executive director of the International Game Developers Association, said in a blog post in January that the classification poses threats to game developers and it is "so broad as to cover nearly every person who's ever played "just one more turn" of an wonderful game, or who prioritizes games as their first choice of hobby or entertainment". Read More »

Study shows compulsive video-gaming qualifies as mental health issue

In fact, she urinated on herself while sitting down playing the game. Many of people on social media have said how stupid this is to have an addiction for gaming . The NHS (National Health Service) will treat people who have become "addicted" to video games after being declared a Mental Health problem. To be clear, the medical community isn't exactly rushing in to take everyone's video games away. Read More »

Brexit Bulletin: Riddle of the 'Brexit dividend'


A £20bn boost - £394m a week - promises to go further than the infamous Brexit bus slogan, which vowed to offer the NHS the £350m a week now being "sent" to the EU. The Foundation has called for inheritance tax to be replaced with a new system that can more fairly distribute wealth throughout the country. Unveiling the spending boost, Mrs May said: "Because the UK Government is increasing NHS spending in England, extra money will go to Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland under the Barnett ... Read More »

Toxic Giant Hogweed Plant Has Spread to Virginia

Specifically, about 30 specimens of the plant were found. The Massey Herbarium at Virginia Tech said in a Facebook post 30 giant hogweed plants had been discovered in Clarke County, located between Winchester and Leesburg. state, and people who come in contact with it could feel the pain. Scars from the burns can last for years, and this reaction can cause blindness if sap gets in a person's eye. Read More »