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Hulu Adds Boy Meets World, Home Improvement & Dinosaurs to TGIF Lineup


This will mark the first time " Boy Meets World " and " Home Improvement " have been made available for streaming on demand, the company said in a release. Hulu also recently inked a deal with NBC Universal that will see the full run of 30 Rock head to the service on October 1. After premiering in the 1990s as part of ABC's " TGIF " lineup, Boy Meets World became a hit family series that went on to air for seven seasons. Read More »

Disney Is Remaking 'Hocus Pocus' - But There's A Catch


But as they say, "Be careful what you wish for", because although it is official that a remake will be made, it sadly won't include any of the original aforementioned cast members, even though all three actors have expressed an interest in reprising their respective roles. Read More »

A 'Men in Black' Spin-Off is Happening, Will Arrive in Summer 2019


The MiB spinoff film is being produced by Walter F. Parkes and Laurie MacDonald and executive produced by Steven Spielberg . Smith and Jones aren't expected to return to their respective roles of Agents J and K, members of a top-secret organization devoted to monitoring alien lifeforms on Earth. Read More »

Kristen Stewart Eyed for 'Charlie's Angels' Reboot


In 2000, Cameron Diaz , Drew Barrymore and Lucy Liu starred in " Charlie's Angels " the movies. Casting is already underway, and Sony is also interested in Nyong'o for the film, among other stars. So maybe fourth time's the charm for Charlie's Angels , which could now be seeing a very different take with indie grunge queen Kristen Stewart reportedly being courted as the lead. Read More »

Celebs share their most embarrassing teenage photos


The hurricane that hit Puerto Rico was like if a 50-mile wide tornado made a direct strike on the island. On this week's episode, we're joined by comedian Joanne McNally, blogger turned personal trainer Rosemary McCabe and recently retired MMA star Ais "The Bash" Daly. Read More »

The anime prequel to 'Blade Runner 2049' is simply stunning


No doubt, this topic will be a key part of director Denis Villeneuve's Blade Runner 2049 when it arrives in US theaters on October 6. "My God, what a handsome movie this is". " Fandango is seeing strong advance ticket sales for 'Blade Runner 2049' as the film continues to attract great buzz", said Fandango managing editor Erik Davis. Read More »

Blade Runner 2049 Interviews with Harrison Ford, Ryan Gosling and More!

But, despite everything that's so exquisite and impressive about " Blade Runner 2049", its third act problems (a worrying trait in Villeneuve's oeuvre) almost derail a film that is oh so close to being a masterpiece. "Do you have a story?' And it turned out he had a whole novella". In the new film from Time Warner Inc's Warner Bros , LAPD Officer K ( Ryan Gosling ) hunts illegal Replicants hiding on a decaying Earth and he stumbles across something that can disrupt the current strained ... Read More »

Harrison Ford Names His Favorite Blade Runner Cut

Much like in the original film, Black Out 2022 also touches on what it means to be human. Blade Runner 2049 director Denis Villeneuve tapped three of his filmmaker friends to create three different short films to help fill in the gaps between the original Blade Runner and his sci-fi sequel. Read More »

Harrison Ford can't remember Ryan Gosling's name - and it's hilarious

In Blade Runner 2049 , Harrison Ford passes the torch to someone whose name he thinks might be Ryan Gosling . Matt Singer at ScreenCrush said , "My God, what a handsome movie this is". Will any of these characters show up in Blade Runner 2049? "While watching Blade Runner 2049 , I kept thinking about the first time I saw the original Blade Runner ". Read More »

Is the Sequel a Sci-Fi Masterpiece?

He is tasked with finding Deckard ( Ford ) for answers. As director Denis Villeneuve gets Shinichiro Watanabe for the third prequel, the latter expressed his desire to make an anime version of the neo-noir 1980's sci-fi film. The veteran actor called the film an "experiential opportunity" for audiences to engage in the philosophical rhetoric. Advance ticket sales for " Blade Runner 2049" are significantly outselling those of " Mad Max: Fury Road ", " The Martian " and " Gravity " for the ... Read More »

'Blade Runner 2049' Outpacing 'Mad Max,' 'The Martian' in Advance Ticket Sales

They give us a spoiler-free look at making the film and what it means to be human. While promoting Blade Runner 2049 today, Harrison Ford revealed which version of the original Blade Runner it is that he personally prefers. She's a big movie star , a great actress. This short prequel " Blade Runner Black Out 2022 " will instead travel further back in the past, as it illustrates an ongoing public outrage and attacks on the replicants, but which eventually learns to fight back. Read More »

What critics are saying about Blade Runner 2049

Thirty years after the events of the first film, a new blade runner , LAPD Officer K ( Ryan Gosling ), unearths a long-buried secret that has the potential to plunge what's left of society into chaos. They give us a spoiler-free look at making the film and what it means to be human. The film, which stars Ryan Gosling and Harrison Ford , was voted one of fall's top three most anticipated films (along with "Thor: Ragnarok" and " Justice League ") in a recent Fandango survey of more ... Read More »

Blade Runner short films get a bloody anime from Cowboy Bebop director

Ryan Gosling portrays K, an LAPD officer/Blade Runner, who tracks down Harrison Ford's Rick Deckard when he learns of a world-altering secret. Blade Runner 2049 will hit theaters on October 6 and we got a chance to chat with director Denis Villeneuve and the cast of the film, including Harrison Ford , Ryan Gosling , Dave Bautista , Robin Wright , Ana de Armas , Sylvia Hoeks and Mackenzie Davis . Read More »

'Blade Runner 2049' Review Round-Up: What The Critics Are Saying

Matt Singer at ScreenCrush said , "My God, what a lovely movie this is". No doubt, this topic will be a key part of director Denis Villeneuve's Blade Runner 2049 when it arrives in USA theaters on October 6. In the new film from Time Warner Inc's Warner Bros , LAPD Officer K ( Ryan Gosling ) hunts illegal Replicants hiding on a decaying Earth and he stumbles across something that can disrupt the current strained co-existence between humans and Replicants. Read More »

'Blade Runner 2049' Director Denis Villeneuve in Early Talks for 'Cleopatra'

You could watch this movie with no sound (something I don't advocate you do, because the dialogue, music, and sound design are all incredible too) and still enjoy each of the film's 163 minutes. Before journalists including Reuters saw " Blade Runner 2049 " at advance press screenings, they were read a note from Villeneuve urging not give away any key plot points. Read More »

Blade Runner filmmaker Denis Villeneuve in talks to direct Cleopatra

While the trailer was made available to those attending the industry event, the site speculates that the new preview could be made available to the public during the worldwide release of Blade Runner 2049 on October 5. Story, script, score, characters, ideas, sound design, visuals-oh my stars , those visuals-all in flawless complement, sparking off showers of greatness to blind the sum of these parts. Read More »

Blade Runner 2049 is so close to being a masterpiece

On the top of the aforementioned, Hans Zimmer and Benjamin Wallfisch's score gives the film a rhythm that keeps you entranced, while the vastness and richness of its set-designs mean you're constantly moving your gaze to try and take in as much as possible. Read More »

Trump Tweets Video of McCain Speaking on Repealing and Replacing Obamacare


I recently wrote here that this bill is so bad that Sen. Lindsey Graham and Bill Cassidy, it would not have the votes to pass and would be the last Republican attempt to repeal former President Barack Obama's signature legislation before a September 30 procedural deadline that allows the GOP to pass health care legislation without the support of any Democrats or independents. Read More »

John McCain Says His Health Care Vote Wasn't Personal


Rejection became all but inevitable on Monday after Maine GOP Sen. A Republican congressman said Monday that Arizona should recall U.S. Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.) should be recalled by voters while he undergoes cancer treatment. Others challenged the value of shining a fresh spotlight on their inability to pass the bill. Unfortunately, it's narrowing or dropping the part of the bill that converts Obamacare spending into block grants to the states. Read More »

White House 'Planning' on Health Care Vote This Week


If Collins comes out against the bill, crafted by GOP Sens. Trump and every Senate Republican should thank McCain for doing the courageous thing in opposing this bill. "And I don't think they have Mike Lee's either", Cruz said of the Republican senator from Utah. US President Donald Trump has hit out at Republicans who are refusing to back the latest effort to repeal Obama-era healthcare legislation. Read More »

Queensland Bulls' Marnus Labuschagne penalised under new cricketing rules


During Australia's domestic cricket tournament, JLT cup, Queensland Bulls cricket team were charged with 5 runs as a penalty as one of its players (Marnus Labuschagne) was found violating the new law . The umpire spotted the mistake and immediately signalled the scorers to add five more runs to CA XI's total, despite Labuschagne's apology. The fielder failed to collect the ball but as the batsmen were scurrying for a run, he faked to have stopped it and gestured throwing it towards the ... Read More »

Twitter believes it was manipulated by Russian agents interfering in United States elections


Twitter has shut down hundreds of accounts that were tied to the same Russian operatives who posted thousands of political ads to Facebook during the 2016 United States election. News of the hearings comes among growing concern over the influence of Russian-operated fake accounts on social networks. After an extensive legal and policy review, the social media giant announced that it would share 3,000 Russian ads with Congressional investigators. Read More »

Hollywood shooting of rapper Young Dolph, suspect released from jail


After previously named as a person of interest in the case, Yo Gotti has been cleared and is no longer a suspect in the shooting. The Los Angeles Times reported that Captain Chris Harris said, "the rivalry, which exploded in recent months, may have played a role in several recent drive-by shootings in Memphis". Read More »

Future DC Universe Movies After 'Justice League' Will Be More Standalone


The DCEU is a cinematic universe in flux at the moment, and that hasn't gone unnoticed by the DC powers that be. DC and Warner Bros . achieved big success with this summer's Wonder Woman , which was largely disconnected from the shared universe, and Chief Creative Officer Geoff Johns noted that was part of why it worked so well. Read More »

Kaun Banega Crorepati season 9 gets its first crorepati


Before leaving, Sindhu also gifted Big B a racquet and he asked her to autograph it for him, promising to frame it for his living room, added the report. The grand episode with Anamika will air sometime next month. The 22-year-old badminton star was accompanied by gynecologist sister Divya while her mother P Vijaya sat among the audience. Read More »

Demi Lovato Was Banned From Seeing Her Sister Until She Got Sober


Fans speculated on social media this week after Lovato appeared to sing about her Camp Rock co-star in the songs "Ruin the Friendship" and "Only Forever ". The former Disney star sounds comfortable carrying a track, and her vocals contain an understated power that really sells the songs' ultimate message. Read More »

'Mona Lisa' posed nude for Da Vinci, experts hint: an early Hefner?


Deldicque said. 'The drawing has a quality in the way the face and hands are rendered that is truly remarkable , ' curator Mathieu Deldicque told French newspaper Le Figaro. Maybe Leonardo da Vinci knew and drew. "It is job that is going to take some time", he added. Found in France , the BBC reports that the portrait, called Monna Vanna, had previously been attributed to Leonardo da Vinci's studio, and was thought to have been drawn by one of his students. Read More »

'American Idol' finally signs two more judges; Who are they?


Say hello (is it me you're looking for?) to your new " American Idol " judges. Bryan is a two-time Academy of Country Music and Country Music Association Entertainer of the Year and a five-time host of the ACM Awards. Added Richie, 68, in his own Twitter announcement , "HELLO American Idol! ". And he broke another piece of news, as well: Lionel Richie will be the third judge. Read More »

Lynda Carter Hits Back At James Cameron's 'Thuggish' Wonder Woman Criticism!


It followed his saying in August that Wonder Woman was "an objectified icon ". He even singled out Gal Gadot for her form-fitting " Wonder Woman " costume which he said was not groundbreaking . I know, Mr. Cameron-because I have embodied this character for more than 40 years. So, Wonder Woman was so successful because it appealed to 18-year-old males? See her post in full below. Read More »

Miley Cyrus Explains Why She Didn't Leave United States After Trump Election


In the second verse, the singer-songwriter sings, "Feels like I've been living in a dream / But never make it to the end / My eyes open when they feel the light / It's always right before I'm about to scream". Cyrus's forthcoming album, " Younger Now ", strikes a political note. "It says, 'We are rainbows, me and you / Every color, every hue.' And it's about all these different races and genders and religions, if we all did come together to create and said, 'Hey, we're different; that's ... Read More »

Third 'Sex and the City' movie reportedly canceled over Kim Cattrall's demands


Sarah Jessica Parker has confirmed that there will not be another Sex & the City movie, seemingly putting an end to the adventures of Carrie Bradshaw and her friends . "It's over", she told Extra on Thursday. For seven years, there have been tons of buzz that a new movie was in the works and now the beloved HBO show's star Sarah reveals that there was indeed a script, a story and the filming was ready to start. Read More »

Seinfeld star, Julia Louis-Dreyfus announces cancer diagnosis


In a personal note shared with her 810,000 followers, she explained: "1 in 8 women get breast cancer . Today, I am one of them", revealed Dreyfus. " The good news is that I can count on the most wonderful circle of family and friends support and attention, as well as a fantastic health insurance through my union,"added the actress the most named of the history of the Emmy Awards". Read More »

She finished her report, then had a baby boy


She carried on the broadcast like a trooper and alerted her colleagues as soon as it ended. News 4 NY at 11's executive producer and others at 30 Rockefeller Plaza helped get her to a hospital. The report was confirmed Wednesday by the station, which shared exclusive photos of Pasquarella and her newly delivered baby boy. He weighed in at five pounds six ounces. Read More »