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Ninja has a million subscribers on Mixer

12 August 2019

The Fortnite streamer gained a viewership of over 10 million on Amazon-owned platform Twitch, before signing an exclusivity deal with Microsoft.

GameSpot is reporting that Ninja has officially surpassed one million subscribers on Mixer, announcing the achievement yesterday with an appreciative tweet.

It has been 5 days that Ninja Leaving the Twitch. This limited-time promotion helped Ninja reach 1 million subscribers and one million followers in just a couple of days, something that's really unprecedented for Mixer.

We can expect a fairly significant drop off, but even when that happens, it's nearly certain that Ninja will remain the most popular streamer on Mixer in terms of subs, followers, and viewers. Still, Users are following Blevins on Mixer. An argument with few streamers and some of them said that Mixer Needs the new big name to increase the popularity in the streaming game. At the time of this writing, Ninja has 824,798 followers on Mixer, so this is a rare instance where a streamer actually has more subscribers than followers.

They are correct at some point because the figure of viewers says lots of difference. Mixer (3 percent) also competes with YouTube Live (19.5 percent) and Facebook Gaming (5.3 percent).

To encourage audiences to subscribe to Blevins, Mixer are offering free subscribers to his new channel, though it is too soon to gauge what percentage of Blevins' subscribers will renew their subscription when the free month is over.

A channel was able to stream pornography on the platform for hours before it was taken care of, and to make matters worse it was advertised on Ninja's old page on the site.

Ninja has a million subscribers on Mixer