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Hong Kong airport shuts down amid pro-democracy protest

12 August 2019

"What kind of role model is [the Hong Kong leader] showing to our young ones?" Some protesters were seen walking toward the airport amid the stifling heat.

They have dominated a peaceful sit-in at the city's worldwide airport which entered its third day on Sunday, with about a thousand demonstrators singing songs and handing out flyers to arriving travellers amid a carnival atmosphere.

'There will still be citizens going out on the streets to protest, but we can not control them and we do not have the authority to control them, ' Yu said.

Luxury shops were caught up in the protests, with some shoppers even taking pictures of riot police, while other bystanders - at one stage hundreds - jeered the officers.

Police have also reported injuries among their ranks, including eye irritation from laser pointers, burns from petrol bombs and bruises and cuts from flying.

"The police's abuse of power is so out in the open", organizer Wai-ming Ng said in a speech at the rally.

Tear gas was sacked at the blackshirted crowds in districts on Hong Kong island, Kowloon and the New Territories, with one young female medic hospitalised after being shot in the right eye, triggering a protest by medical workers who wore bloodied patches over their eyes.

The long-term stability of the global financial hub is crucial to China's economic well-being, and images of Chinese troops or riot police on the streets would be broadcast and live-streamed around the world.

Protesters use traffic cones to cover the tear gas canisters fired by riot police.

Police stormed a number of underground train stations, firing tear gas and arresting protesters. Many wore face masks to shield their identities, and a few had helmets.

Hong Kong's Chief Executive Carrie Lam apologized for introducing the bill and declared it "dead", however protesters have continued to draw large crowds with demands for Lam's resignation and complete withdrawal of the bill. But in recent years, some have accused the Communist Party-ruled central government of steadily chipping away at their freedoms.

It has struggled to find middle ground after one of its pilots was arrested for rioting over his alleged participation in a Hong Kong protest.

Protesters surround banners that translate to "Those charge to the street on today is courageous!" and "Release all the detainees!" during a sit-in rally at the arrival section of Hong Kong's global airport.

The event was organized by Hong Kong Outlanders, the Taiwan Youth Association for Democracy, Taiwan Association for Human Rights, Taiwan Citizen Front, Covenants Watch, the Presbyterian Church in Taiwan and several human rights groups.

"I believe they have learned the lesson that the price of using the military is very high", he said from Taiwan, where he now lives.

Beijing and Washington traded insults over the release of the photo, with a US State Department spokeswoman accusing China of being "thuggish" and claiming that Eaden had just been doing her job.

The airline told staff on Saturday it would bar any "overly radical" employees from crewing flights to the mainland and said it had removed a pilot who was arrested at protests last week from active duty.

Hong Kong airport shuts down amid pro-democracy protest