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China decries U.S. ban on Chinese firms as 'abuse of state power'

12 August 2019

According to the same sources, India's ambassador in Beijing, Vikram Misri, was summoned to the Chinese Foreign Ministry on 10 July to hear concerns about United States attempts to force Chinese tech giant Huawei to withdraw from building 5G mobile infrastructure globally.

China on Tuesday hoped that India would make an "independent and objective" judgement on permitting its telecom giant Huawei in 5G trials and services in the country.

The Chinese Communist Party "moves to strong-arming countries into exposing themselves to surveillance and espionage", added Banks.

The Trump administration has banned USA federal agencies from buying equipment and obtaining services from Huawei and two other companies as part of the government's latest crackdown on Chinese technology amid national security fears. The US accused China of spying on America and its allies through the devices.

Huawei was the world's number two smartphone producer previous year, ahead of Apple and behind South Korea's Samsung, as well as the largest provider of telecom networking equipment, but the firm has emerged as a key bone of contention in the wider China-US trade war.

"We firmly support the relevant Chinese companies in taking up legal weapons to safeguard their legitimate rights and interests", she said in an online statement.

India will be conducting trials for the installation of the next-generation 5G cellular network in the next few months.

Early this week, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said that if a country adopts Huawei technology, the USA "won't be able to share" any information with them. He didn't identify the others, however companies akin to Sweden's Ericsson Finland's Nokia and South Korea's Samsung Electronics are anticipated to take part.

The telecoms minister had also stated that India plans to develop its own 5G network. Vikram Misri, India's ambassador to China, was then reportedly called to the Chinese foreign ministry in response to India's lack of a decision.

A excessive-degree group of officers, led by the Principal Scientific Adviser to the Indian authorities Ok Vijay Raghavan and together with representatives from the departments of telecoms, info expertise and the intelligence providers, has been wanting into whether or not to open the 5G trials to Huawei.

Beijing has warned India that its firms operating in China could face consequences if New Delhi moves to block Huawei Technologies from doing business in India, Reuters reported citing sources familiar with the matter.

China decries U.S. ban on Chinese firms as 'abuse of state power'