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President Trump meets youngest survivor of El Paso shooting

11 August 2019

The featured picture together with her co-bylined report was the immediately notorious shot of the president and first woman Melania Trump posing with the 2-month-old boy whose mother and father died shielding him from the gunfire at Walmart in El Paso final weekend.

The image, which was published on the Twitter account of first lady Melania Trump, has been criticised as little more than a "publicity stunt". In it, the president is smiling broadly and giving the "thumbs up" signal.

"A baby who was taken from home and forced to serve as a prop at a photo-op for the very monster whose hate killed her/his parents", Democratic strategist Greg Pinelo wrote on Twitter in response to the photo.

Anchondo previously said he and his brother supported the president: "I want to see [Trump's] reaction", he said to NPR, in reference to the trip.

University Medical Center spokesman Ryan Mielke said the hospital had reached out to the Anchondo family and other discharged patients on Tuesday, the day before the president's visit, after it became clear that none of the hospitalized shooting victims would meet him.

However, Melania's post did not go down well on social media as only shortly after it had been posted, the backlash had been quick.

The Post concluded its report by using an anonymous White House source who said aides were anxious about Trump's thumbs-up photos and "have encouraged him to strike a more empathetic tone".

Three survivors were not in suitable condition to meet the Commander in Chief or do not speak English, while the remaining five declined the offer.

Mayor pro tempore of El Paso, O'Rourke, indicated, shortly before the Trump visit to his city, that he never wanted the President to come, believing that the latter's anti-immigrant stance had primarily fueled the shooting. Protesters Chant as Trump Visits Dayton, El Paso. It was a sentiment that figured largely in the manifesto, which the suspected shooter Patrick Crusius posted just a short time before the shooting began.

President Trump meets youngest survivor of El Paso shooting