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Jeffrey Epstein Death Provokes Anger, Outrage Across Social Media

11 August 2019

However, in a court filing last month, the government said it was pursuing an "ongoing investigation of uncharged individuals" connected to Epstein, and US Attorney Geoffrey Berman confirmed on Saturday that the investigation will continue despite Epstein's death.

Jennifer Araoz, who accused Epstein of raping her when she was 15, said his death would do little to heal the deep scars left by his actions.

An FBI investigation has also been opened, and Attorney General William Barr later announced a Justice Department probe into Epstein's death, which he also called an "apparent suicide". His attorney is calling for an investigation into his death. That's the day that New York's Child Victims Act takes effect, giving adult survivors of child sexual abuse one year to sue an abuser for offenses in NY, no matter how long ago the abuse allegedly occurred. The hundreds of names included Clinton and future President Donald Trump, who are among people known to have socialized with him.

This prompted Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-Fla.) to agree, saying "Chairman @RepJerryNadler should prioritize a Judiciary investigation into how Jeffrey Epstein died in federal custody (in Nadler's own neighborhood!) over the Kavanaugh confirmation (which already happened), and the Russian Federation hoax (which never happened)".

"To those fearless young women who have already come forward and to the many others who have yet to do so, let me reiterate that we remain committed to standing for you", Berman said in his statement.

Epstein, a well-connected money manager dogged for years by allegations that he sexually abused girls and young women, was found hanging by his neck, according to the source, who was not authorized to speak on the record.

At the time of his death, Epstein was awaiting trial on sex trafficking charges.

Sigrid McCawley, a lawyer for alleged victim Giuffre, said the timing of Epstein's apparent suicide was "no coincidence".

Fernich also said that reporters, plaintiffs' lawyers and court officials "should be ashamed of their behavior" following Epstein's indictment last month.

Others involved in the effort to bring Epstein to justice said his death would not end their efforts to secure financial damages.

"A guy who had information that would have destroyed rich and powerful men's lives ends up dead in his jail cell", he wrote on Twitter.

Two law enforcement sources told CNN that Epstein died by suicide.

Experts expect cases stemming from the unsealed documents to continue after Epstein's death. But Bureau of Prisons protocol (pdf) says that inmates should be removed from the Special Housing Unit if they exhibit "significant potential for suicide" and "placed on suicide watch". Last month, a judge refused Epstein's request to release him on bail and allow him to live under 24-hour guard in his opulent townhouse on Manhattan's Upper East Side. He said Epstein had "long since paid his debt to society" for his crimes.

Epstein's arrest drew national attention, particularly focusing on a deal that allowed him to plead guilty to soliciting a minor for prostitution in the southern state of Florida and avoid more serious charges.

Jeffrey Epstein Death Provokes Anger, Outrage Across Social Media