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Hong Kong police fire tear gas during another weekend of protests

11 August 2019

"On paper, the police in Hong Kong follow Carrie Lam's orders, but in reality, they listen to instructions from Beijing via the Liaison Office", Cabestan said in a translated excerpt from the article. Neither protest disrupted flights.

On Saturday, police fired volleys of teargas to disperse protesters after activists rallied across the city, with thousands occupying the airport arrivals hall. Earlier on Saturday, in two separate protests, small groups of elderly Hong Kongers and families marched near the financial centre's business district. "Today's march provides a good opportunity for us to bring our children to voice our demands and I hope more peaceful protesters will come out too".

They started peacefully marching through Tai Po, north of Hong Kong in the afternoon, but the situation quickly escalated as the crowd took their demonstration to Tai Wai. She said she was anxious about escalating violence, but added that "the protesters were just trying to protect themselves against police violence".

Ortagus' accusation is "defamation and slander" and reflects a "bandit logic", the Office of the Commissioner of China's Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Hong Kong said in a statement on Friday.

The airline told staff on Saturday it would bar any "overly radical" employees from crewing flights to the mainland and said it had removed a pilot who was arrested at protests last week from duty.

China has also targeted the city's corporate giants, demanding that the city's flagship carrier Cathay Pacific Airways suspend staff involved in the demonstrations.

Lam, Hong Kong's leader, said on Friday the economy - already buffeted by China's slowing economy and the U.S.

Young people have been at the forefront of the protests, anxious about the erosion of freedoms in Hong Kong by China but also concerned with issues such as wealth disparities in the city.

"I support them, though I don't agree with all their methods", Annie Chan, a 51-year-old accountant, said at a shopping plaza that protesters briefly occupied.

The family event, billed as a rally to "guard our children's future", received a permit from authorities, unlike several other protests that activists have organised for the weekend.

China's aviation regulator on Friday had ordered the airline to hand over identifying information for staff on mainland-bound flights starting Sunday.

Demonstrators across the city staged a show of public support for their movement, which began in opposition to a bill that would have allowed extradition to mainland China but has morphed into a call for greater democratic freedoms.

The protests have been condemned by the central government in Beijing.

China's global image has suffered as well from its mass incarceration of members of its Uighur Muslim minority and aggressive moves in the foreign policy sphere, including what professor Anne-Marie Brady of New Zealand's University of Canterbury described in a recent article as "uncharacteristically undiplomatic activity" by Chinese diplomats in Canada, Sweden, Britain, Australia and New Zealand.

A United Kingdom foreign office spokesperson said: "The foreign secretary underlined the strength of the relationship between the United Kingdom and Hong Kong, noting our support for Hong Kong's high degree of autonomy as provided for in the joint declaration and our commitment to the principle of "one country, two systems".

Hong Kong police fire tear gas during another weekend of protests