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China Relations: US Will Retaliate If China Further Devalues Yuan

11 August 2019

Further into the bargain, a surprise surge in China's exports on July had overhauled currency traders' risk-appetite and eased frets of a currency war.

He also said the United States will not do business with Chinese tech titan Huawei, despite earlier pledges to allow American firms to file for waivers from national security restrictions on the company's operations. The whole set of events has renewed round of trade angst.

The countries have imposed tariffs on US$360 billion in two-way trade, and with the new round announced by Mr Trump all Chinese goods would be subject to punishing duties.

The US dollar (USD) wrapped up its after-hours session just a tad higher versus most of its counterparts late Thursday, but it was the Chinese yuan (CNY) that stole the show after China's central bank fixed the currency and elevated it on a stronger position.

But as September 1 nears, traders remain cautious about the possibility that the PBOC could continue to nudge the fix lower, especially if there is no reversal in Washington's tariff position, Innes said.

Meanwhile, China has also responded on the allegations of being a currency manipulator.

Chinese state-run media Xinhua Finance predicted August 9 that the exchange rate will fluctuate in the near future, but wouldn't continue sliding, due to the lack of downward market pressure.

Now when China's currency has reached on a lower level, the country's enterprises have stopped making a new purchase from the American companies as the USA things have become more costly now for China.

"No I wouldn't do that", Mr Trump said when asked if he wanted to devalue the dollar.

"I think there's a very real sense that the hardliners in Beijing have really taken control of these negotiation processes", he said. When this trade war started, no one thought that China would do something like that, but now the trade war has been turned into a currency war.

The trade war is weighing on the global economy.

"The Chinese government is trying to masquerade the impact that these tariffs are having on the Chinese economy".

China Relations: US Will Retaliate If China Further Devalues Yuan