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Beatles Fans Celebrate 50 Years of Iconic Abbey Road Photo

11 August 2019

The Beatles will mark the 50th anniversary of "Abbey Road" this fall with a series of expanded releases.

Popular Drake fansite Word On Road points out that Drake has inked the Fab Four's iconic Abbey Road street crossing on his forearm, with one minor modification: he is positioned at the front of the line in front of John Lennon, and appears to be waving backwards at the band.

Abbey Road was released on September 26, 1969, and was the next-to-last studio effort issued by The Beatles.

Their "Abbey Road" LP will have been around for 50 years today and how best to celebrate a 50th anniversary than with a project beloved by fans 50 years ago.

Macmillan took six frames, of which the fifth one was used - the only one with the band stepping in unison.

In October of the same year, Drake landed 12 songs on the Hot 100's Top 10 in a calendar year, passing the Beatles' record of 11, also set in 1964.

The process is not exactly going to be an easy one but Giles has help from Beatles experts and said that: "I work with two Beatles experts who make a whole load of notes on the transfers".

The album contained 17 tracks, including Harrison's Something and Here Comes the Sun, Starr's Octopus's Garden, Lennon's Come Together, and the closing suite of scraps of unfinished songs largely by McCartney. Some people believed that McCartney having a cigarette in his right hand despite being left-handed proved he was an imposter, and saw hidden messages in him walking out of step with the others and being barefoot. Ever since, Beatles fans from across the globe have made the pilgrimage to stride across the most famous crosswalk in rock and roll. Naming the album after the nearby Abbey Road studio was an impromptu decision, Sir Paul McCartney previously told "60 Minutes".

The crossing is also continuously live-streamed on the studio's website.

Beatles Fans Celebrate 50 Years of Iconic Abbey Road Photo