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Watch Game of Thrones Cast Speaking About Series Final at SDCC

22 July 2019

When thecast got on the stage, they obviously focused on the last season of HBO's epic fantasy series with star Nikolaj Coster-Waldau revealing that he liked his character's end, saying: "It was ideal for Jaime to die in the arms of Cersei".

Granted, the full Game of Thrones cast wasn't present, but Westeros still sent a solid showing to the annual fan convention.

So part of me was glad to see them reunited, interacting with each other and celebrating all the good a show like Game of Thrones has brought them and us fans.

I do want to be clear and say that of course, I love the actors.

"We and you, we're all on this journey together". All this culminated in the highly anticipated final season, which drew increasingly harsher criticism and whose series finale episode proved to be either highly divisive - if we're being kind - or deeply, maddeningly disappointing - if we're being honest. "So obviously when it comes to an end it's going to piss you off no matter what. just don't call people names", he added. The panel was billed as the show creators' first public outing following the backlash. Like HBO was going to change the whole thing. Every season we had controversies: Ned Stark's death.

As you may recall, the finale caused quite an uproar online with a petition soon surfacing to remake the ending with "competent writers".

But showrunners David Benioff and Dan Weiss quietly withdrew along with two cast members earlier in the week. However much I thought the writing did many of them a disservice in that final season, I still love them, their work and what they were able to bring to their characters.

In terms of character motivation, some of the actors chimed in about a few of the final season's biggest moments: Anderson clarified that Grey Worm definitely thought that Jon Snow (Hit Harington) needed to stand trial for murdering Daenerys (Emilia clarke), while Hill said Varys was absolutely trying to poison Daenerys before his execution.

"I've always been someone who's felt a lot of responsibility and blame for things", said Bradley.

The atmosphere quickly lightened as cast members joked about stealing props from the set.

They also indulged in some fan theories, cleared up some burning questions and speculated about what happens after the finale.

Watch Game of Thrones Cast Speaking About Series Final at SDCC