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'Fortnite' Final Showdown Monster Event Destroys Loot Lake For Season 9

21 July 2019

Epic Games certainly pulled all the stops to shock and awe Fortnite's players, and looking at reactions online, it appears that they were certainly successful.

The event of the final battle will be live on Fortnite Battaglia Reale on Saturday 20 July 2019 at 20:00 and we will be present: we will let you know the outcome of the battle. After an intense battle fought over the entire surface of the island and lasting several minutes, the Robot was able to prevail over the Monster by delivering a lethal blow to the face with his sword.

The fight began with the Monster laying complete waste to key locations like Tomato Temple and Loot Lake, but it only took a few seconds for the robot to fight back and eventually tackle the monster back into the surrounding sea.

The fight didn't change the map too much, but it left the skull of the monster impaled to the earth near Salty Springs. To finish the fight, the Robot grabs the Neo Tilted power supply to disconnect it from the source. Gamers got their first look at the monster, called Cattus, after the end of season 8 when the volcano erupted and spewed rocks at Polar Peak that broke the iceberg and uncovered part of the monster.

Season 9's story has involved the potential emergence of a monster, and so the robot was essentially built in preparation.

Fortnite season 9 is nearly over - Season 10 will start on August 1.

Fortnite is currentlyavailable on PS4, Xbox One, NintendoSwitch and PC with mobileports for both Androidand iOS out on their respective platforms. The event will be taking place this afternoon (more on that below), but a big change has already happened: Epic just disabled the portals in Creative Mode and Playground, making it impossible to play either mode. Tell us in the comments section!

'Fortnite' Final Showdown Monster Event Destroys Loot Lake For Season 9