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Barry’s flood threat lingers as storm slowly sweeps inland

15 July 2019

"It is noteworthy that we're in our 260th day of a flood fight on the Mississippi River, the longest in history, and that this is the first time in history a hurricane will strike Louisiana while the Mississippi River has been at flood stage", said Louisiana Gov. John Bel Edwards in response to a question about climate change at a Friday news conference.

Heavy rains and strong winds brought flooding and storm surges to several parishes throughout the state, causing power outages and road closures Saturday. "Don't let your guard down". Tomorrow's forecast will likely be similar to today: hot with a slight chance of a PM shower or storm, mainly south of the Toll Road.

For a few hours, the storm had maximum sustained winds of 120 kph, just above the threshold to be a hurricane.

Still, the storm's first wave had not inundated New Orleans as feared, with the city experiencing moderate rain Saturday.

Though Barry will continue to dump rain throughout the weekend, forecasters downgraded rainfall estimates for the city through Sunday to between 2 to 4 inches.

Six to 12 inches of rain will be possible across south-central Louisiana, with isolated areas getting up to 15 inches (which is down from 20 inches), according to the hurricane center.

Although the outlook for New Orleans had improved significantly, weather service forecaster Robert Ricks said it was too early to declare that the city was in the clear.

US Army Corps of Engineers official Mark Wingate tried to calm residents, saying officials "see no concerns at all about [water] overtopping the Mississippi River levees".

Around 10 am, the storm was approximately 50 miles (80 km) away from the United States coast. Mayor LaToya Cantrell said New Orleans residents "are not out of the woods with this system". Highs in the mid 80s. The eye was about 50 miles miles southeast of Shreveport, La.

After briefly becoming a Category 1 hurricane, the system weakened to a tropical storm as it made landfall near Intracoastal City, about 160 miles west of New Orleans, the National Hurricane Center said.

'Downpours may also develop across the far southeastern corner of Texas, especially from around Beaumont to the eastern suburbs of Houston, later Sunday into Sunday night, ' AccuWeather Meteorologist Max Gawryla said.

At least 1 hurricane has hit the United States for 4 consecutive years and the MS river has reached the highest point it has ever been during a storm of this size, as reported by ABC. Dozens of people waded through knee-high water to take a look at the pounding surf. It wasn't in danger of going in the house, but she was anxious about her nearby business. She and her husband own The Candy Bank - a candy store a few blocks away in the lakefront community featuring homemade fudge, jars filled with gummy bears, chocolate-covered espresso beans and other sweets.

"The problem with slow-moving storms or even tropical storms around this area is that it's unpredictable", she said. "We have 100-year-old trees back here". The Mississippi River, which flows through the city, is forecast to rise to as high as 5.2 meters (17.1 feet) on Saturday - the highest level since 1950, and close to the top of the city's levees.

The issue over the next few days is that the water falling from the skies has to drain south, eventually to the Gulf of Mexico.

Barry’s flood threat lingers as storm slowly sweeps inland