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Aussie kids take stolen car on 1,000-kilometre road trip

15 July 2019

FOUR Queensland children aged 10 to 14 have been stopped outside Grafton in NSW in the Nissan Patrol 4WD they had driven from Rockhampton on a 1000km journey on Sunday.

The 14-year-old boy, two others aged 13, and a girl, 10, were later spotted just over the border, in Glen Innes, before finally being located at Grafton later on Sunday.

The group took fishing rods and cash, and one of the children left a note for his family indicating he was leaving.

Queensland police said the auto was spotted early on Sunday morning in the outback town of Banana, where the kids allegedly stole petrol, before travelling south.

Williams said they possibly shared the driving.

"They drove in like normal, you can see the bloke get out of the auto and start filling it up, " the attendant who asked not to be named said.

Police say it's believe the vehicle has since travelled across the border where it was sighted near Glen Innes early this afternoon.

"It's a long way, in excess of 1,000 kilometers (600 miles) from Rockhampton down to Grafton".

"There was a short pursuit up there with the Highway Patrol and due to the age of the driver and the road conditions, that was terminated by the Highway Patrol officers. and the general duties police that were involved", he said.

The second 13-year-old is described as 160cm tall with black hair and hazel eyes.

Schools are closed in New South Wales for the midyear vacation, while the school vacation ended in Queensland on Monday.

Anyone with information about the location of the children is urged to contact police.

Aussie kids take stolen car on 1,000-kilometre road trip