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No lights, big city: Power outage KOs Broadway, Times Square

14 July 2019

The outage also saw some Broadway shows cancel their Saturday evening performances, including Best Musical Tony victor Hadestown and King Kong.

With traffic lights out, cars and taxis jammed intersections as emergency vehicles and fire engines with sirens blaring tried to pass.

Some shows like Frozen were among the Broadway shows to announce it had cancelled performances.

The massive power outage also affected subway services in NY. Several cast members from the show put on an impromptu performance in the street outside the theater for disappointed audience members.

ConEd said on Twitter: 'We are responding to extensive outages on the Westside of Manhattan.

"People were having fun at first when the lights went out; it was something different", said the manager on duty at the Oxbow Tavern on Columbus Avenue and 71st Street, who declined to give his name.

The outage made its way to Madison Square Garden where Jennifer Lopez was performing Saturday night.

NBC News correspondent and anchor, Kate Snow, tweeted a picture of a dark hallway at the network's headquarters, and said staffers were forced to use backup generators to broadcast Saturday's edition of Nightly News.

But for one Broadway play, the show went on as the theater hosting the Tony-nominated show "Burn This", continued despite the power outage.

Most Broadway shows were cancelled Saturday night, but in true NY style, some of the performers exited the theaters and sang in the streets for disappointed ticket-holders. "They did the smartest thing for everybody's safety", she said. The Fire Department said the failures stretched from 72nd Street to the West 40s, and from Fifth Avenue to the Hudson River.

"It was still sunny and everyone just came out to the street because they lost power and air conditioning; it was super-crowded", she said.

No lights, big city: Power outage KOs Broadway, Times Square