Tuesday, 16 July 2019
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Google to update the News tab to emphasise on headlines

14 July 2019

The tech giant's treatment of news sometimes seems like an afterthought, with the company content to have its search and aggregation features scoop up content. According to the tweet, the new design of this News tab in Google Search will give the news item a preference for the publisher and branding. "While it's clear that the new design is a lot less busy than its predecessor, it'll be harder to get an idea of the breadth of coverage or read related news stories", Amrita Khalid wrote. Still, the redesigned News tab is going to impact publishers as it will feature limited number of links, unlike the current version, which highlights a significant chunk of stories. Also, the articles will be placed more clearsoly so that users can find it easier to search for any news. You'll understand what this News tab looked like and what it would look like later.

The Google News Initiative Twitter account teased the redesign earlier today, which uses a card-based layout with larger images. This will be followed by a description of the headline and news at the bottom.

You can also click on each card to see the preview of the story. Right now, the results are separated into different sections and it's frankly quite cluttered, but the new interface addresses that issues by introducing independent cards that allow News to emphasize the publisher name. A further stylistic change is that the user will see far fewer results on the screen before they need to scroll down the page.

Google to update the News tab to emphasise on headlines