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Fortnite Season 9 Challenge Week 10

14 July 2019

The Fortnite Season 9, Week 10 challenges unlocked just over an hour ago with seven new challenges.

It calls in a missile strike in a set radius from the projectile's final landing spot. You have to deal 500 damage to your opponents.

Ammo boxes spawn pretty much everywhere in Fortnite, but have a high concentration in named locations.

However, heading to Junk Junction, south into Haunted Hills, and then down into Snobby Shores at the start of a match should offer up plenty of ammo boxes with little competition from other players. Once again, we will be providing you with detailed guides for all of the weekly challenges so without further ado, let's get into it. These PSA signs were leaked a couple of weeks before being added to the game on July 6th. Most of this week's challenges are fairly self-explanatory and shouldn't pose too much of a problem, but one that'll require a bit of legwork to complete asks you to visit public service announcement signs in Neo Tilted, Pressure Plant, or Mega Mall.

Simply walk on over to these signs and it'll be ticked off.

The map shown at the bottom shows the locations in which to find the signs with messages of public utility in Neo Titled, Pressure System or Department Stores.

Stage two wants you to collect 100 stone from a Fork Knife or Umbrella.

This is an already familiar challenge which we have been tasked with numerous times before and is relatively easy to complete.

Eliminate opponents in Pleasant Park or Paradise Palms This is the first elimination challenge which requires the players to eliminate a specific number of opponents at either a specific location or with a specific weapon. You need to deal 200 damage points to opponents with any pickaxe you like.

If the past seasons of Fortnite are any indicator, Season 10 will begin right as Season 9 ends, in the early hours of August 1. The week 10 loading screen hints at the location of Fortbyte 33 with its description, which reads: "You're a long way from Lonely Lodge..."

Fortnite Season 9 Challenge Week 10