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A New Minecraft Earth

14 July 2019

If you're selected - presuming you've first signed up over here - you'll be invited via email, although only a limited number of people for each location will be invited at first to keep the server load light. The beta of Minecraft Earth is only available for phones with iOS 10, Android 7.0 or more current versions of these two operating systems.

It's also pretty much a collection game, where gamers tap to collect tappables (of course) to build up their inventory of blocks.

Go to the Minecraft Earth page right here to sign up. The game will offer the same set of rules of the original Minecraft game. "Share your masterpieces and delve into others' creations!" A video about the game released these days caught our attention and put us to see Minecraft Earth in a different light. Many details have yet to be revealed about the actual Minecraft Earth gameplay.

The Software giant, Microsoft has been interested in little more Action after the success of Augmented Reality games like Pokemon Go. If you want to try out how this game will work in real, you can register for its closed beta version from the above-mentioned link.

Microsoft has now opened up the beta registration process for Minecraft Earth. If you are a lover of personalization, know that the skin of the character can be changed in a very similar way to what has already been seen in the original title.

Microsoft announced its AR-powered Minecraft Earth game back in May. It promised a beta launch of the game would arrive this summer, and now, together with a new trailer, the company states it will launch on iOS within the next two weeks, with Android following "soon thereafter". You also need a Microsoft or Xbox Live account, and an app store log-in.

A New Minecraft Earth