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A man who stole a car with kids inside killed by crowd

14 July 2019

In an act of mob justice, a man has been beaten to death after he tried to steal a auto with three children inside, according to Philadelphia police.

The mother and her boyfriend are cooperating with police and are being questioned by homicide detectives.

A Philadelphia father assisted by bystanders allegedly fatally assaulted a suspect who stole his girlfriend's vehicle with their young children inside.

A 54-year-old man then got into the auto and took off with three children, aged 7 months, one and five, inside the vehicle. The man ran off but was caught by the father. The parents ran behind the auto and finally managed to catch Hood when the vehicle got stuck in traffic.

District Attorney Larry Krasner told local media it was too early to comment on any potential charges, but authorities are using footage from a nearby surveillance camera to search for the other men involved in the beating.

The boyfriend, also 25, pulled the suspect from the auto and a short foot chase ensued, Philadelphia Police Chief Inspector Scott Small told WPVI. "And the boyfriend caught up to him and there was some sort of physical struggle that ensued", Mr Small said. First responders arrived at the scene and took the vehicle thief to the hospital, but he was pronounced dead on arrival.

'The male assaulted the father and fled, but was stopped by a large crowd who physically assaulted him.

"The woman and her boyfriend were both taken into custody for questioning". Philadelphia Police Capt. Jason Smith said: "I'm not a fan of street justice".

A man who stole a car with kids inside killed by crowd