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Saguaro cactus impales auto in Arizona crash

13 July 2019

A driver had a lucky escape after his car's windscreen was pierced by the trunk of a giant cactus in a crash in Arizona.

Deputies in Pima County, Arizona said they responded on the morning of July 10 after a report that a driver had crossed the median and "struck a saguaro cactus".

While Jelineo says he's seen this type of cactus causing serious damage to cars when they fall on them, this was a first for him.

Police arrested 39-year-old Kai Scott after he was found with a large saguaro cactus lodged in the windshield of his auto early Wednesday morning.

A Facebook post from the Sheriff' Department said, "The driver, who appeared disoriented, sustained minor injuries, and was later detained after deputies observed possible signs and symptoms associated with impairment". The fact that the driver was not killed was a shock to Claudia Figueroa. "That one right there, it could be one ton or 1,000 pounds".

Saguaro cactus impales auto in Arizona crash