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Drivers stop traffic to grab cash that fell out of armored truck

13 July 2019

It was cloudy with a chance of cash Tuesday night on Interstate 285 west in Dunwoody, Georgia.

The incident happened around 8 p.m. on the westbound lanes of I-285 near the Ashford Dunwoody Road interchange in DeKalb County. According to CNN, police responded to 911 calls that over 15 vehicles had stopped on the interstate to pick up the money. Police said the money fell out of a moving armored vehicle when a door swung open. It felt like a movie or something out of a video game, not something you would see in real life.

"For those who do not return the money, we do have the videos, we have tag numbers", Sergeant Robert Parsons said.

"The news said that it's theft, it's stealing, it's a crime and you must turn it [in] so I have to", he told 11 Alive.

"I could have sworn the law was "finders keepers" " one woman wrote in response. "We understand it was a freakish occurrence, but do the right thing and return the money".

Many drivers said they were in disbelief. By the time police arrived, the opportunists had driven off with the money. Police are asking all who took advantage of the spill to return the cash.

Lewis told WXIA that while he thought about what the money could do for his family, he ultimately chose to return it because it wasn't worth the legal trouble.

There were no reported accidents Tuesday night, but Dunwoody police warned commuters who were stopping on Wednesday to scour the road for money that "THERE IS NO MORE MONEY!" But it wasn't exactly a display of public-spiritedness-they were grabbing cash that had fallen out of an armored truck.

"They were going into the woods, jumping over the walls, doing everything they can to find the money", Parsons said with a chuckle, adding there wasn't any left.

Drivers stop traffic to grab cash that fell out of armored truck