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Meghan Markle sweetly kisses baby Archie during his first public outing

11 July 2019

Firstly it was spending over $4 million of taxpayer's money on their private home renovations. Therefore, it is no surprise Prince Harry, and Markle chose to keep Archie's christening a private affair. It looks like special considerations were made for Meghan and her attire that has not been given to long-standing members of the All England Club.

Meghan Markle made a surprise visit to Wimbledon on Thursday to watch her friend Serena Williams compete.

Well, as expected, this has not gone down well with many royal fans, and one of the loudest critics of all is United Kingdom television presenter Piers Morgan, who has had a lot to say on the "ridiculous" matter.

Some netizens, however, pointed the finger at Morgan for allegedly targeting Meghan because of her race.

She told Good Morning Britain: "I was a bit gobsmacked".

It was certainly a more casual affair than the wee royal's previous public outing, which was his christening at Windsor Castle. "It's a complete joke". "Meghan and Harry wanted to protect them from the inevitable onslaught: 'When did you meet them?"

Naturally, Piers Morgan, who often finds fault with Markle, weighed in with his perspective, saying: "If you go to Wimbledon... in the best seats in the house for nothing and you take your two bezzies... you're public people". But expecting people to go out of their way to respect her privacy at a public event is taking things a little too far. Stop your squealing about privacy.

Besides, we mean, if a woman doesn't want pics taken, shouldn't that be her decision?

The protection officer told her: "Would you not take photographs of the duchess".

"If you get the ring reset and you do a $400,000 renovation and you do the private jet to NY for the party; it's not Diana". It's pretty straight forward.

"They don't have to go back to America by the way", she said, while Morgan railed, "She does, she's American!"

Sally Jones, a media consultant and former BBC sports journalist, said she was trying to get a shot of Serena Williams on Centre Court when she was tapped on the shoulder and asked by a royal protection officer not to take pictures of Meghan because she was at the tournament in a "private capacity". "She's here in a private capacity".

Meghan Markle sweetly kisses baby Archie during his first public outing