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Amazon to launch 3 236 internet-beaming satellites with Project Kuiper

11 July 2019

Amazon submitted its application with the FCC for Project Kuiper on July 4.

The goal of launching more than 3,000 satellites into space is to provide broadband internet services to "millions of unserved and underserved consumers and businesses in the USA and around the globe".

They'd use Ka-band frequencies like those Iridium is utilizing for interlinks (not client associations) with its most recent satellites, and Amazon is requesting freedom to utilize hostile to impedance innovation to evade cerebral pains.

The report states, "Amazon didn't mention a timeline for putting the satellites into orbit".

Finally the company confirms that the satellites will be de-orbited 10 years after launching, to ensure that it will not be accused of further contributing to the debris floating around Earth.

Low earth orbit classification covers satellites which orbit at altitudes from 112 to 1,200 miles and they need to be powered to stay aloft. In the USA it is estimated that 21 million Americans lack fixed residential broadband and 33 million don't have fast mobile internet access.

Seeking Alpha reported that Amazon expects "to offer service to tens of millions of underserved customers around the world" via the network, which the company is developing under the code-name Project Kuiper. An array of such satellites, in numbers such as those proposed by Amazon will be able to offer continuous, widespread coverage - as when one satellite speeds off out of range there should be one or more to take its place with a stronger signal, and so on. In late June, the company announced that 57 of the first 60 satellites were working as intended and were in communication with the company's ground stations. Earlier this year, SpaceX CEO Elon Musk said that Starlink could earn $30 billion or more in revenues annually.

Others are attempting to serve the same need in the same way, including SpaceX, which is looking to launch a network of almost 12,000 broadband satellites for its "Starlink" network.

Amazon to launch 3 236 internet-beaming satellites with Project Kuiper