Wednesday, 24 July 2019
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Met Office issues yellow warning of thunderstorms

24 June 2019

However thunderstorms and "areas of thundery rain" could hit the county this evening.

Areas in the north-east are reportedly suffering a 60-hour blanket of bad weather and the lack of sunshine is hitting most of England.

A weather warning - of yellow rating - has been issued for the West of England, coming into effect midnight on Monday and ending at the end of Tuesday night.

The last time the Met Office put out such a warning, torrential downpours caused Worle High Street to flood and saw Ready, Steady, Go Nursery struck by lightning.

A warm humid day is expected, with temperatures reaching a high of 26 degrees in Sussex, according to the Met Office.

But, the United Kingdom will have to endure horrendous downpours before Brits feel the heat.

These areas are most likely to be "across central and southwest England, where temperatures could rise into the low 30s Celsius".

High humidity on Monday and Tuesday is being blamed for sparking the thunderstorms, and will result in muggy conditions for many, with overnight highs of 19C possible throughout the week.

But as we know, hot and humid atmospheres are usually a marker of heavy thunderstorms.

Flooding in Wentworth Close, Spalding, during recent heavy rains.

"Overall through much of England and Wales tomorrow generally speaking it's a reasonably dry day with some bright sunny spells but there's that risk of thundery showers which can break out anywhere in those areas".

"There is a small chance of fast flowing or deep floodwater causing danger to life".

Met Office issues yellow warning of thunderstorms