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All new Toyotas will have automatic parking from 2020

17 June 2019

The second system is the Automatic Park. It will automatically stop the engine after a certain period of time to help those drivers who can Park the vehicle and leave, forgetting to turn off the motor. In the future, a Toyota smartphone app will have additional reminders.

The first one, called Automatic Engine Shut Off, will automatically shut off the engine after a pre-determined period of time in the event the vehicle is left running.

These latest features set to debut on most 2020 Toyota models may just be an indication of that. One is created to help reduce the risk of carbon monoxide poisoning, the other the chance of an accident arising from a auto moving when not properly placed in Park.

The company will provide "Auto Shut Off" feature with enhanced audible and visual warnings to its Smart Key System. Automatic Park identifies when the driver exits the vehicle without shifting into park, and will do so automatically.

Toyota vehicles come with audible and visual warnings if the vehicle isn't in park. This feature has been offered in the U.S. market since the early 2000s and is now very common on new cars. The reason has been identified as "keyless" proximity fobs and push-button start, where owners, perhaps older drivers more accustomed to a keyed ignition, overlooked the fact they didn't turn off the engine, which flooded their homes with exhaust fumes.

Automatic park is created to curtail rollaways and will only be available on models with electronic shifters or parking brakes. Ten years ago, some Toyota vehicles were the subject of recalls after certain all-weather floor mats tended to foul the brake and accelerator pedals.

All new Toyotas will have automatic parking from 2020