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Police release new surveillance video of David Ortiz shooting

14 June 2019

In it, you can clearly see a baseball cap-wearing gunman walk up to Ortiz at the patio bar and shoot him in the back.

In early 2018, Clifton police were looking for a suspect identified as Rolfi Ferreira-Cruz of Reading, PA, in connection with two separate armed street robberies that took place on December 22, 2017, according to Valdes.

The statement also thanked the surgeons at the Abel Gonzalez Clinic where David, 43, was immediately rushed to after he was shot in the back at an amusement center in his hometown of Santo Domingo.

Prosecutors have charged eight men and one woman as accomplices.

Rolfi Ferreira Cruz, who was shouting to journalists in Spanish, said Ortiz's clothes confused him prior to pulling the trigger at the Santo Domingo nightclub.

Luis Rivas-Clase, a suspect in the David Ortiz shooting, is believed to be the same man wanted by Pennsylvania authorities on a charge of an attempted homicide.

Valdes said Ferreira-Cruz was charged but never apprehended.

Jose Eduardo Ciprian Lebron - Lebron has been jailed for two years on murder charges in an unrelated case.

Ortiz was seriously injured in the attack. Bella Brea, his lawyer, said Thursday that investigators told her they have evidence that Alvarez spoke with some of the other suspects.

Authorities in the Dominican Republic have said they have a Rolfy Ferreyra in custody and that he has confessed to the shooting.

Authorities in the Dominican Republic say Rivas-Clase is still at large.

Ortiz is one of the most beloved figures in sports history in the Dominican Republic and Boston, a fearsome power hitter with a ready smile.

Pennsylvania authorities have released a mug shot of Rivas-Clase that strongly resembles the suspect in an image provided by Dominican authorities, who provided the same name but without the hyphen listed in US court documents. Rivas-Clase is the only suspect that has yet to be apprehended.

The victim, who was shot in the groin but survived, told authorities that Rivas-Clase had threatened to kill him several days earlier if he did not leave town, said Reading's deputy police chief, Osborne Robinson.

Police release new surveillance video of David Ortiz shooting