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Kim Kardashian West speaks on prison reform at White House

14 June 2019

Speaking briefly and holding back tears, Sanders said that she would continue to be an "outspoken" and loyal supporter of the president.

1600 Pennsylvania Avenue got a dose of Kardashian glam when Kim Kardashian paid the president a visit today.

"I'm so happy to announce today that we have a ride-share partnership where formerly incarcerated people will be gifted gift cards so that they can get rides to and from job interview, to and from jobs, family members", Kardashian said.

Earlier, Ivanka Trump, who was at the White House event, had praised Kardashian West on Twitter for her "passionate advocacy" for criminal justice reform and the "Second Chance" program. I wanted to do the right thing.

The reality star, who has become a major advocate for criminal justice reform, visited Washington, D.C., on Thursday to speak at an event promoting the hiring of prisoners who will be released early and given a second chance thanks to the First Step Act.

"The one thing I realized that needed so much support, was the reentry of people coming home and seeing the lack of support that really existed", Kardashian said.

Kardashian touted her partnership with the ride sharing company Lyft which will help provide former inmates with transportation services.

More than 1,000 federal inmates have had their sentences reduced thanks to the legislation, according to a recent report by the U.S. Sentencing Commission this month.

Some of Kim's campaigns have been well-publicized, such as former sex slave Cyntoia Brown, Jeffrey Stringer and Johnson, who spent 21 years in prison for a non-violent drug offense.

"My whole journey with criminal justice reform started about a year ago when I came to see the president after speaking with Ivanka [Trump] and Jared [Kushner], who really fought for me to get here".

Johnson was sentenced to life in prison in 1997 for committing a first-time nonviolent drug crime in Memphis.

She next discussed visiting prisons, meeting with inmates and learning about their personal stories, which inspired her to pursue a law degree and work to help prisoners and newly released ex-cons find opportunities and jobs in communities.

Kim was joined by her teachers and "two favorite ladies" Erin and Jessica. And he marveled at the passage of the First Step Act, which he signed into law late previous year.

Kim Kardashian West speaks on prison reform at White House