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Keanu Reeves not touching women is a thing

14 June 2019

A clip of Keanu Reeves recording lines for "Toy Story 4" has delighted fans - including Captain America.

It also means that the internet has fallen in love with Reeves all over again and noticed his smart and respectful stance on posing with fan, especially women.

However, ever since John Wick: Chapter 3 - Parabellum rolled into theatres, the only thing that the internet has been talking about is Keanu Reeves.

A retired assassin may take his revenge at an elementary level, and the story of John wick is quite straightforward but when it comes to Keanu Reeves how can he take it thus the level of action is high and requires 4 parts to complete his revenge.

"Lol Keanu ain't taking no potentialities", the tweet read.

The actor informed People journal he had no thought that he was once now the internet's boyfriend. He also said Reeves discovered Duke's penchant for posing during a lunch break at Pixar. That's wacky. The positivity is great. Fans secretly dubbed him the King of Greatness, because he attentively treats women. But going by his uber-humble reaction to it, in my opinion, no amount of praise and love is going to throw him off-board and he's going to continue being. "Ali Wong and Randall Park (are) just really wonderful artists and people, and it was really cool to get a chance to play with them", he said.

Reeves has been on the scene for a minute, nonetheless along with his latest "John Wick" movie, his appearance within the Netflix rom-com "Repeatedly Be My Possibly" and his verbalize goal in "Toy Memoir 4", the admire has been ramped up. "And so to be here with 'Toy Story 4' is a lot of fun".

Keanu Reeves not touching women is a thing