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Huawei Trademarks Its HongMeng Mobile OS In Malaysia

14 June 2019

It's supposed to serve as a universal operating system replacing both Android and Windows, albeit running Android apps has become a priority for the company. "Huawei said in March its three main business groups were likely to post double-digit growth this year", Reuters reports.

For better (Huawei reconciling with Google or launching its own, successful operating system) or worse (Huawei stops producing smartphones) the future of the company will be a lot more certain in September.

Even though Huawei is reportedly working on its own mobile OS, the company might be looking elsewhere for its Android alternative. Presumably if Huawei did pre-install devices with Aurora it would be for Huawei devices sold in Russian Federation and neighboring markets. China Daily also said Huawei is shipping 1 million test devices.

US State Department director for worldwide communications policy Jonathan Fritz said that only time would show if Huawei could diversify.

In the letter to the FCC, the company objected to being banned on the grounds of national security threats. Which would, of course, present a whole new series of concerns.

Williamson also confirmed that Huawei is filing for trademarks around the world in order to protect the name and use of its operating system, in addition to talking about financial forecasts.

Huawei is reported to be sending out invitation to some popular app developers to invite them to join the Huawei AppGallery platform. The agency has sought additional details from the company about its mobile operating system. Today, the Huawei Mate X foldable smartphone that has a model number of TAH-AN00 has bagged approval from 3C body. Samsung has yet to confirm when the Galaxy Fold will make its next appearance. Huawei accounted for about or 4% of the company's overall sales past year. The longer it takes for these devices to hit the market, the more robust the competition will get.

Now, if all the existing devices get a HongMeng update, it could take away a significant share from Android.

Huawei, for sure, will face a challenge to build an ecosystem once it launches its OS, as getting all global app developers on board to tweak their products for the new Chinese platform won't be too easy.

Huawei Trademarks Its HongMeng Mobile OS In Malaysia