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Huawei’s Android OS alternative 60% faster than Android

14 June 2019

Huawei has been since filing trademarks for the operating system and asking developers to publish apps on its own Play Store alternative.

Huawei has found itself in the crosshairs as Donald Trump's administration introduced a ban on the use of the Chinese company's technology, barring U.S. companies from trading with the company without government approval.

Apart from helping China show off its might, launching a self-developed OS will enable Huawei to guard against potential severe erosion in its smartphone share in overseas markets.

Huawei would obviously prefer to stick with Google's Android system, and would put the brakes on the Hongmeng roll-out if the US Government's decision is revoked, but its backup OS will be ready to launch "in months", according to Williamson. However, the latest report says that it won't come pre-installed in the flagship Mate 30 series.

In an ominous, but vague, warning China said earlier this month that it was drawing up a list of "unreliable" foreign companies, organisations and individuals in what could signal retaliation for the United States sanctions on Huawei.

The email suggests that AppGallery has 560,000 developers now in the community, and that the platform comes preloaded on every Huawei phone sold globally, reaching 270 million monthly active users. As per the report, this new OS seems to be compatible with all Android apps and is said to have "increased security functions to protect personal data". Some industry observers have warned that the Huawei system could have many more bugs than the Google offering, putting the devices at greater risk of getting hacked.

Do Androids dream of Hongmeng?

For the initial stages, Huawei is said to focus mainly on the budget smartphone segment with its own OS.

Andrew Williamson, vice-president of Huawei's public affairs and communications, said Hongmeng was moving forward.

Huawei representatives in Peru declined to provide immediate comment, while the Chinese embassy in Lima did not respond to requests for comment.

On top of all this, the Chinese communications giant has also filed an official complaint with the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) regarding the banning of its network technologies on the grounds of national security.

Huawei’s Android OS alternative 60% faster than Android